E-commerce Web-design trends to look out for in 2018

The web has taken the world of buying and selling to a whole new level, the world which we know today as the “e-commerce”. If we look at the worldwide e-commerce sales of 2017 it has been reported to reach $2.290 trillion US dollars and has also been projected to reach 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021. Today, online shopping has become one of the most popular activities worldwide and is something that will only grow with time. And if we talk about the coming year i.e. 2018 then there are some e-commerce web design trends that can be adopted by the e-commerce web development companies for their E-Commerce Solutions in India in 2018:

Mobile Friendly Designs

When we compare the early e-commerce sites with the present ones you will see that the design practices differ considerably. The early e-commerce sites used to be crowded both in terms of design as well as content. Even the pages often used to load in stages (owing to the pre-broadband days) but the contemporary e-commerce sites are designed keeping the user experience in mind. As we have better internet connectivity today we have better possibilities of offering the customers more without comprising on their experience. And that’s why websites today are designed keeping the mobile platform in mind. Where people spend 2-4 hours of their daily time on mobile phones and that too on apps it becomes vital for the e-commerce store owners to adopt mobile commerce for their respective e-commerce businesses.


People have this general misconception about using templates that using them would mean negligence and lack of creativity. Well, truth be told, this is not necessarily true. Templates come handy in situations when you have don’t have enough time to design your site from scratch. And there are many apps out there that have the same layout and design with minor tweaks here and there. And there is nothing bad in that as these designs have proved out to be working quite well with the masses.

Moreover, developers can even use “Material Design” motif by Google which can be customized as per specific needs and requirements and hence, you can design your website without worrying about your design being identical to others.

Efficient Loading and Layout

Data usage has always been a major concern for mobile users and will probably stay one. Even though there are many cell service providers that have been providing great offers when it comes to data packs but still web designers can improve the site’s performance by loading only those pages that are necessary. For example, you can list your products in the series of 10s instead of listing them altogether (given that you have 100 products to list on a single page). In short, the sites that handle loading of pages more efficiently appeals more to the customers in comparison to the sites that are poor in performance.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus have kind of become a staple for most of the websites today as they are quite convenient in terms of hiding and displaying a menu making the sites more navigable (particularly on smaller screens).

Hamburger menus are generally indicated by three horizontal lines that have to be tapped or clicked upon to display the concealed menu where they save a substantial amount of space in comparison to the menu displayed inside a frame. Hamburger menu’s simplicity and convenience have what made them quite popular in the recent times.

Vibrant colors + Bold Fonts

The combination of both vibrant or bright colors and bold fonts will help you highlight your content on the website where the added whitespace would make it easier for the user to read and leaf through the site as well. As you literally get few minutes to hook your users to your website and hence, it becomes quite essential that you attract them through bold fonts and bright colors. Your site’s design should be such that you give your user an easy, enjoyable and memorable experience keeping them glued to your site and eventually converting them into your loyal customers.

Animated Scroll Effects

Scrolled animation triggers can help you a great deal in increasing user engagement. Yes, this animation triggers are not a novel thing but now they are being used in a different way. If you want to give your website a clean look and feel instead of the clustered buttons and menus you should definitely go for the scrolled animation triggers as this would help you deliver a truly interactive experience.

Sticky Elements

While viewing any website, a user generally reads from left to right and a new navigation pattern that has been observed in the users is that they have begun to click at the bottom of the website to navigate the rest of the site. And to counteract this new pattern the website developers have started to make a sticky menu that scrolls not from the top of the site but from the bottom of it. This defines the modern functionality and many modern web apps are being designed accordingly.

Scalable Vector Graphics

In 2018, Vector graphics will probably leave the conventional formats such as GIF, ING, and JPG behind. The vector images are not made up of pixels and this is what makes them more favorable and scalable. They won’t affect the speed of the page when turned into animated figures (as they don’t require any HTTP requests). If you want to provide your users with a quality multimedia experience then SVGs (scalable vector graphics) is what you need to integrate into your website.

Hence, as a web development company or an entrepreneur looking to kick-start their e-commerce store must keep these web design trends in mind as one needs to keep up with the current trends to stay ahead of their competition. As loyal customers are an essential element of a successful e-commerce business, e-commerce site owners should never leave a chance to integrate engaging designing elements in their site because it might help them to retain as well as attract new customers.

Kinjal patel is an internet marketing manager and also the co-founder of vrinsoft technology. She is an expert in SEO, SMO, PPC, App Store Optimization etc. She has attended many tech conferences and conducted the technical expos on latest search engine marketing updates. She shares her opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles.