Competing With the Big Guys: Making Your Small Business Formidable in the Marketplace

It’s a fact that there are more small businesses than large corporations in America. These small companies must compete for consumers and attention on multiple platforms, including the Internet. You don’t need millions of dollars to look and act like a successful corporation. Small businesses can be formidable by altering a few key factors in their marketing campaign. The Internet is a huge place that has space for your product or service.

Changing up the Content

If you’re a small business that’s been up and running for at least a few months, you probably have a website set up for transactions. It may be a brand-new site, but consider an update on the content. You don’t have to rewrite every detail. Simply reword the main text so that search engines recognize the effort. Your customers will be able to find your information with ease as your online ranking rises higher on the pages. Ideally, add to or alter your content several times a year. It makes a difference with your reputation.

Choosing Social-Media Pathways

Viable businesses converse with their customers through social media posts. It’s almost a mandatory feature today. Consumers expect a business to have a strong, social-media presence so that questions and information flow. Small businesses tend to overlook this platform, however.

Compete with the big guys by posting helpful information every day. Your presence must be consistent. Posting one item every quarter won’t make a difference with your customers. In essence, you become a familiar name, face and brand to the public with consistent posts. Start out with one platform and slowly graduate to multiple accounts.

Adding a Chat Feature

If you really want to look like a big business, add a chat feature to your website. Site visitors click on the chat button, and they’re instantly connected to you. A complete conversation takes place. You can also speak to multiple people through this chat function at the same time. There’s no reason to put anyone on “hold” anymore.

Consider the assistance of a third party, such as Solid Cactus, to cover your chat function. Every customer has an experience with a reliable representative, but you aren’t necessarily performing all of the work. You have virtual assistance in this case.

Going Mobile

Your website may be a design dream, but it doesn’t convert well to a mobile device. Remind yourself that most people today will access your site through a tablet or smartphone. Save up a few funds for a mobile component to your website. It should have the basics, such as contact information, hours and popular products. These mobile sections pop up with incredible ease on small screens. If your customers want to see more information, they can always access the full site.

Trying Call-Center Services

Your small business is growing exponentially. Dealing with customers on your own is becoming difficult. Consider call-centre services for those everyday tasks. These highly skilled representatives can fill orders, answer questions and perform other duties that you deem acceptable. The calls can be ultimately forwarded to you if necessary. Every call, however, is completed with a high level of professionalism.

The implication of a representative answering your calls is big business. Your company seems like a major business when it’s really a small outfit. Gain more business with the perception that you’ll always be there to support your customers. Regardless of your size, you can rise to the occasion as a reliable product or service.

Invigorating Sales With Free Shipping

Make every transaction easier than before by advertising free shipping. It’s difficult for most companies to offer this perk to their customers. They don’t have the bulk sales that encourage discounts from the shipping companies. However, you can build the shipping cost into each product’s price. By charging the product’s price and applicable taxes, your customers feel like they’re receiving a deal. You might divide the shipment price across every product, which lowers the overall cost for every consumer.

Exploring Email Marketing

There’s no harm in trying email marketing. It’s still a viable pathway toward customer retention and new attention to your business. Offer informative emails along with the occasional coupon. By making the email a useful item, it won’t be relegated to the junk pile. Your customers will read and forward the information. This scenario is optimal as you grow your business.

Be a Guest Contributor

You might write a blog on your website but consider a guest post. Work with a colleague who has an associated website. Provide a guest blog, and advertise to your clients about the post. By showing that you’re active in the online community, your company appears large and established. You’ll reach more customers as a result too.

Always maintain your professionalism at any point during your interactions with customers. You never know who will be the next, big buyer of your product or service. By carefully crafting your online reputation, you’ll look like a major player. No one has to know that you’re a small outfit that might employ only one or two people.

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