Best Identity Theft Protection Tools of 2018

While every one of us is on online platforms in one or another way, it increases the threat to our identity in some form. Here, you may find cyber threats arising in the form of malware, ransomware threats, phishing attempts, identity loss, financial scams and more.

In such situation where cybercriminals work proactively to cause you damage using loopholes in your digital security, it becomes important for us to place certain preventive measures for better security. Using best identity theft protection services is one such measure that helps you avoid threats to your identity in a seamless manner. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here.

Advanced Identity Protector

Use Advanced Identity Protector to prevent intruders from accessing your personal information. Using this best identity theft protection tool, you can ensure your confidential information remain safe from cyber threats. It helps you protect your passwords, email account details, credit card information, social security numbers and other sensitive information safe. Once you install & launch this program, it will scan your complete device storage to find all identity traces.

Here, it will help you move all these identity traces in the secured encrypted vault so that no one can access your sensitive and important information but you. It is also useful to organize your personal data in a better way.

This smart identity theft protection service helps you protect your web browsers, email clients, documents & files, Windows registry and more.

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IDShield offers abundant useful security features to keep your identity intact. It offers comprehensive security monitoring where it tracks your financial account details and landing services to ensure it is not used in fraudulent situations. Its privacy monitoring feature keeps track of your personal information from being stolen or misused.

While most of us are on social media platforms, this smart tool enables better security for you on online social media platforms. You can use this powerful solution to restore your information in case it is compromised by any means.

Using IDShield Vault Password Manager, you can easily protect & manage all your passwords in a secured vault. Further, it offers 24/7 assistance through IDShield licensed private investigators to give you tips & advice on better online security.

Using this one of the best identity theft protection tools, you can keep your identity secure from all online & cyber threats.

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LifeLock offers easy signup and enrollment process to help you keep your identity safe from cyber threats. It scans threats to your identity and alerts you about all suspicious identity threats by email, phone or text. It gives you complete coverage and defends you against cybercriminals from stealing personal information from your devices.

It not only defends but also resolve the situation where you have been attacked by cybercriminals. Here, it refunds you for your Norton subscription and offers you million-dollar protection against various cyber threats.

Thus, you get a reimbursement for any monetary loss due to identity theft up to the limit of your plan. Further, it offers personal expense compensation, coverage for lawyers and experts and more.

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Identity Guard

Identity Guard offers credit scores and reports from 3-Bureau including Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. It performs ongoing scanning for all credit applications that are submitted in your name using your personal information. It sends you regular updates about any change in your credit files recorded by different credit bureaus every day.

It works on patented Internet scanning technology to alert you about your information being found at non-secure locations online. It performs ongoing surveillance of all suspicious online black markets that are known to be identity thieves.

It also monitors changes to your publicly available information and offers you organized report for better monitoring.

In other features, it offers protection from keyloggers while connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots, lost wallet protection, dedicated identity theft recovery, $1 million reimbursement insurance, personal customer service and more.

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IdentityForce offers complete protection to you, your family, your employees and everyone around you. This smart identity, privacy and credit security solution works on advanced detection technology to keep you protected 24/7.

This powerful tool is trusted by millions of users around the world for advanced security. Its innovative & proactive identity theft protection technology performs continuous monitoring to avoid cybersecurity threats to your identity.

It sends you prompt alerts whenever it finds something suspicious and alerts you on phone, tablet or desktop. These alerts help you avoid the situation of possible damage or loss.

It gives you complete control over your identity and personal information to keep you safe. It offers continuous monitoring, 24/7 recovery services, $1-million insurance and more for complete protection.

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So, these are some of the best identity theft protection tools you should try in 2018 for better security and identity protection. If you know more such effective tools, then feel free to comment below.

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