Benefits and Importance of Data Cleansing Tools

Data cleansing tool, as the name suggests, is a tool to clean the database and listing of the unwanted components. This is done by recognizing the irrelevant data and replacing or modifying them with pertinent information. It has several other vocabulary classifications such as data scrubbing, data cleansing, data cleaning, etc.

It is extremely beneficial software that helps procure maximum benefit from the set of data present in an organization. This software application accentuates the accuracy and integrity of the customer database globally which is highly constructive for any firm. Let’s understand this simple yet extremely powerful data cleaning tools that can be accessed by any individual.

Importance of the Data Cleaning Tools

An organization can’t run on its own and needs a team of efficient employees to support a seamless running. This process not only helps attract new clients but also contributes to the retention of the valuable customers. However, the proficient employees are also human, who are prone to making mistakes every now and then. In this case, their talents don’t get recognized and the fruitful outputs are not obtained.

Hence, in order to support their hard work, appropriate and unique database is highly required. This will help reach the goal with minimum effort, without wasting the valuable time. This is where data cleansing tools play its important role. It makes sure a company is filled with exclusive information that aids in the path of offering top-notch services.

Role of Relevant Data in an Organization

In an organization, various kinds of data are present, which jams the system with relevant as well as irrelevant data. The challenge is to filter the legitimate information and utilize it to procure outstanding outcome. The role of this tool is to identify the unwanted data present in the system to either modify or delete it.

This process has a dual function; one is identifying the significant data and other preventing the system from loading any irrelevant data. This is done by analyzing the data present in the system before storing information.

Benefits of the Software Application

The data cleansing tools have numerous benefits, which are listed below:

  1. Customer acquisition activities get boosted by cleansing data with this tool. The entire process of marketing can be accomplished with the support of clean and up-to-date data. eMail marketing gets positive responses from an error-free data as the dormant e-mail IDs get deleted. The management of multi-channel customer data can also be accomplished seamlessly. This aids in carrying the marketing campaigns without any hassle.
  2. The decision-making process improves in a great way with the relevant data. As per the analysis, it is found that data gets repeated every 12-18 months that leads to possibilities of error. The quality control and data management help procure accurate information that heads towards appropriate decision-making.
  3. The job descriptions, as well as the proper utilization of a position in an organization, can be identified. With appropriate sales information, the performance of a product can be recognized easily. This helps know the actual assessment of the product in the market.
  4. The customers won’t be contacted with outdated information, which leads to dissatisfaction. It also depletes fraudulent concerns drastically, as the obsolete information about the vendors gets erased.
  5. The revenue gets a pump as the targeted customers are contacted with information that is void of useless information.
  6. Repeated e-mails can easily irritate the clients. Hence, removing the reciprocated data resists from this incident. This makes sure the clients are converted in a positive direction and the productivity hikes.

Different Types of Data Cleaning Tools

The market has various data cleansing tools that help in accomplishing the aforementioned activities. Let’s have a look at a few which analyzes the data in an integrated manner.

#1 Open Refine

If you are amidst a messy data, then nothing can suit your needs better than the Open Refine. This was also known as Google Refine. It is a highly powerful tool that can easily sort data and give fruitful output. It can also transform the given set of data in any other desired format. It can even be extended to external data and web series. The data can be explored in a few seconds that saves time as well as effort. The repetitive data also gets sorted in a matter of seconds.

#2 Drake

It is one of the simplest tools that can easily sort the text-based data to initiate command execution. Drake automatically resolves the issues related to repetitive and irrelevant data. Data workflow management is the main purpose of this tool that allows multiple data input and output without making it messy.

#3 Data Cleaner

It is a very strong data refining tool that analyses the data minutely helping the organization obtain perfect data. The missing links, errors, and null values are identified and edited with useful and precise data.

#4 Winpure Data Cleansing Tool

An organization can never reach the peak of success if it is void of accurate data. Winpure helps procure precise data that assists in taking the company to the peak of success. The repetition leads to unnecessary jamming of the system that also contributes to dissatisfaction and fraud.

Employees tend to delete the data that gets repeated, which might also lead to an accidental removal of the relevant data. Hence, the chances of depleted loading time, contacting the same customer frequently, and blocking the system get eliminated completely.


With the expansion of an organization, the size of the database also increases its boundary in a great way. The existing data, as well as the newly introduced data, confuse the system, which in turn makes the employees puzzled. Amidst this bewilderment, many customers get dissatisfied and the scope of fraudulence enhance greatly.

The data cleansing tools take leadership of this situation and effectively removes the possibilities of all the confusion. This software application identifies and removes the unwanted as well as repetitive data from the system. This not only makes the system hassle-free but also offers enhanced services to the clients, boosting the business immensely.

Mohd Sohel Ather is a Senior Principal Software Engineer. Also a writer and enjoys exploring the latest software development technologies and taking on new challenges.