Are arms a requirement for robots?

With the advancement of technology and with robot manufacturing companies creating very high tech robots, we expect and want robots to do everything. We want them to carry, touch, move, and wave and even shake hands where it is possible. We want robots to take over all the delicate and complicated tasks in industries, offices, and homes. Though we have inbuilt hands as humans that can do everything, we need the robots to help. Some companies like Universal Robots know exactly what people want and their robots have arms and grippers.

Having working robots that have hand and arm like graspers is not all it takes. You can have one with the right arms and grippers but without the capabilities required to make it carry out its tasks effectively. Even though grippers and graspers are not a match for human hands, giving a robot arms comes with many benefits. Many industries, especially the automotive industry today uses robots with arms for different tasks such as drilling, tightening bolts, painting, welding, assembling and many other tasks.

Benefits of robotic arms

#1 Performing autonomous tasks

Robots with arms can do much more than robots without arms. They add great value to industries, homes, and offices. The arms can see, hear and even speak. All these are activities that require autonomous movements, which the robotic arms can do with use by using the correct sensors. Some of the most popular autonomous tasks that robots with arms would do are opening doors, reaching out for items in retail shelves, packaging, picking and placing, observing temperature changes and many others.

#2 Multi-tasking

Today’s robots come with different arms that can carry out several tasks at a go. The arms can pack, load, and unload all at a go, bill several items in a retail shop at a go and many other tasks. The robotarms, which have axis, can open a drawer, take an object out, close the drawer, and carry out many complex tasks all at once.

#3 Surgeries

Hospitals are using robotic arms for some of the most delicate surgeries. The robotic arms can reach some parts of the body that normal human hands cannot. The arms are precise and cause less accidents and deaths. With robotic arms, patients have less bleeding time and faster healing times.

#4 Amputees

Though an expensive venture, some amputees benefit so much from robot hands. The arms are lightweight and small and can perform all the tasks that a normal hand can.

#5 Fast and accurate

Robotic arms are fast and accurate as compared to human arms. In picking and placing for example, most of the items are too tiny for the human hand to pick but easy for a robot arm to pick and place.

#6 Consistent

Robot arms have mechanical timing, which makes them consistent. They perform the same kind of tasks consistently without tiring which also makes it easier for an organisation to access the amount produced at certain periods. This helps in better decision making and reduction of shortfalls, rushes and overages.

#7 Safety

With less accidents and injuries at any workplace, productions levels rise. Robot arms take over some of the most risky hob in the workplace reducing the number of accidents. Accidents make workers lose time off work, which in turn costs the company money. Constantaccidents also lower the workers morale and any injury generally hurts. A robot arm is a machine and it will not bleed or hurt if anything drops on it.

#8 Cuts down on costs

Some of the jobs that robots with arms take on would require a large number of humans to do. One robot with several, arms or even o ear can carry out tasks that would take about 10 workers to finish which saves the company money on hiring extra staff. This also cuts down on many other overheads and downtimes caused by humans, with low production costs, the rate of production goes up and the returns on investments improve.

Wrapping it up

Majority of the robot arms resemble a basic human arm. They have a shoulder, an elbow, fingers, a wrist and the move from a base structure. The world needs them to make everything much easier. Even though they look like human arms, Robotic arms are much more efficient, faster, reliable and more precise than human workers are. They do the same things in controlled environments,whichmake them more consistent.

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