Android App Development Trends 2018

As per the recent surveys, the most downloaded Android apps for 2017 does not include like Whatsapp or Facebook etc. But it included apps which we have never heard about. This list has encouraged ample of best android app developers to launch out of the box mobile apps with enhanced features and remarkable user interfaces. In order to create state of the art apps, developers need to adopt various emerging android app development trends so that they can achieve more downloads and maximum revenue. Every year, host of new cutting-edge techniques and methodologies are being introduced in the mobile industry.

Let’s get a better Insight android app development Trends 2018 that are changing their path from revolutionary to must-haves:

Android instant apps or on demand apps

Android instant apps have gained a lot of popularity these days as it offers people simplified ways to check the availability of nearby services, reservations, weather forecasting etc. It helps the users to view the content without actually installing the app and can be accessed from anywhere on your device. Such kind of apps has the ability to attract more users due to the ample of benefits it holds.

These on-demand apps are being used in diverse sectors like food, cleaning, laundry, taxi services and much more. Therefore it is very important for the developers to keep a vulture eye on the latest advancements in the mobile app development industry to stay abreast in the android industry.

AR & VR Android Apps

AR Technology was first introduced in 2014 and since then, it has gained a lot of popularity as it is taking the entertainment and gaming industry to greater levels. At present augmented reality and virtual reality are being used for the development of games and other entertainment apps because they create real-life situations and environment for the users.

Developers are exploring numerous ways to create outstanding apps with the help of AR and VR where they are using we are for the development of games and here for developing enterprise apps for diverse Industries like real estate, Healthcare and engineering etc. Snap chat is a very good example where AR is used perfectly. It helps the users to interact with AR Technology whereas VR is used in wearables.

The industries that are likely to adopt this Trend include health industry, retail Industry, the gaming industry and other technology-based companies. One of the main reasons behind its continued popularity in 2018 is its remarkable visual experience to the users that help the companies to present their products and services in an animated pending way offering the developers potential to explore more.

Artificial intelligence

Almost all the popular mobile applications have Incorporated AI technology into their apps. Companies are getting more benefit from this because it is increasing their productivity and lowering the operating expenses. This hottest topic will continue to expand its Horizon in business and science field.


IoT solution is helping our IoT android App developers to create mobile apps that will deliver integrated user experiences. IoT based mobile app is being used by ample of industries like real estate and physical retail stores etc. our IoT app development is helping the parents and teachers to connect with each other easily whereas android app development for Healthcare industry is using it to let the patients talk with doctors remotely. Therefore this android mobile app development Trend you to grow in 2018 and will integrate with automation Technology as well

Cloud Technologies-

Cloud Technology offers enhanced security features, easy download options, less consumption of storage etc. A steady hike has been seen in the number of Enterprises deploying their mobile apps into the cloud Technology making apps more interactive by overcoming the internal memory issues. We already have many cloud driven apps like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. As per The studies, this trend will continue to flourish by 90%.

Changes in the Mobile payments

Every user wants there personal credentials to be kept safe using powerful encryption mechanism. Developers are shifting to the advanced platforms like swift, kotlin etc. These modern programming languages are loaded with enhanced security features that will allow the users to make encrypted monetary transactions over the internet through their mobile phones. This android mobile app development Trend will continue to grow in 2018 because an immense increase has been seen in the internet bookings and purchase.

These were the android mobile app development trends that will Canon in 2018. So, make sure you have core knowledge about these so that you can stay on the top of the game.

Nikunj Shingala is a Co-founder of Webs Optimization Software Solution company, a leading web & mobile application Development Company specialized in Hybrid, Native, iOS and android app development.