Advantages of Residential IP Telephony Service

Residential IP telephony services in home phone services use the internet to cross borders and reach your voice to your loved ones. However, before we list the advantages of this service, let us first understand how this works. 

Internet telephony refers to all of those telephony services where calls are made over the internet. 

When you speak through the microphone of your residential phone, your message travels with the help of the internet to the recipient. The data upon reaching your receipt is arranged in the correct order with the help of the internet. It is then converted into audio, and your recipient hears your message. 

The data does not reach your recipient through your phone in an order and always needs to be rearranged. 

IP Advantages in home phone service

Here are some reasons why phone service home can benefit you:

1. Scalability and Flexibility

Residential IP phones are connected to cloud services, so you do not need to purchase, install and invest in on-premise platforms. IP offers quick implementation. The features can be scaled up and down as per your liking. 

2. Affordable 

Residential IP telephony services are more cost-effective than traditional landlines. Owing to cloud telephony solutions, your internet calls are free of cost. 

3. Portability and seamless accessibility 

You can avail your telephony services from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. There are dedicated apps that allow services such as call forwarding to your mobile, voicemail and contact lists. This helps create a link between your home phone and your mobile. 

4. Good voice quality 

IP services have improved since they were first introduced in the 1990s. As long as you have a stable private internet connection and good bandwidth, you should make high-quality calls. Additionally, the latest IP phones come with noise-cancelling headphones, which make calling seamless. 

5. Additional superior features 

Residential IP telephony services offer additional services that traditional landlines do not provide. IP is inclusive of additional services which landlines otherwise charge for. 

These additional services include voice mail, 3-way calling, address book, virtual second line, choose your area code, and simultaneous ring. 

Residential IP telephony users owing to their internet reliability can make long-distance calls at high quality. 

Good companies like home phone service by Bravo Telecom provide such seamless facilities in home phone service.

6. International calling 

Making international calls from home is heavily expensive. It does not only burn a hole in your burn but instead your entire pocket. However, this is not the case with IP calls. 

Making international IP calls is free of cost since they depend upon the internet.

7. Senior-friendly 

Often seniors being from an older generation, are not comfortable using a mobile phone. The phone keypad interface seems much smaller to them compared to the numbers that a landline offers them. Additionally, they might also not be able to handle the touch screen successfully. 

Residential IP telephony services offer the advantage of a landline and a mobile phone. They work as a household phone, so they provide comfort for a landline. Additionally, the internet services that they thrive on offering the convenience of mobiles. This gives them a chance to connect with their loved ones long distances without any disturbances.

Final thoughts

We hope that this blog offers you the proper guidance to pick the best residential phone for your home.

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