A Complete Guide to Use Infographic for Lead Generation

Generating leads has always been one of the more challenging tasks in marketing. Without an effective lead generation technique, it will be difficult for people to discover your business online and reach your website to learn more about your products and services. In turn, you won’t have as many website visitors that you can qualify as leads or convert into customers.

With that said, you need to pay serious attention to your lead generation tactics, starting with content creation. This is where you can benefit from using infographics for lead generation.

Infographics are a valuable content asset because people tend to engage more with data-based information presented in a visually appealing style. This quality of readability makes infographics a versatile piece of content that you can leverage in your marketing efforts.

For one, you can create a full blog post with infographics to increase your online visibility. As you optimize it for your target keywords, your business or brand will show up on the SERPs. If your website visitors find your infographics compelling enough, they may be encouraged to further check out a specific landing page, where you can then promote your sales offerings.

Infographics also have a high rate of shareability across online channels. In particular, social media can be one of the most powerful platforms to promote your infographics since consumers tend to choose companies that have a social media account compare with those who don’t.

You can even repurpose an infographic as a stand-alone content with shareable images and snippets of data. This approach can go a long way, too. Since your audience only gets to see a portion of the infographic, it’s possible that they’ll want to look for more content on the same topic, giving you additional opportunities to engage with your leads.

Indeed, you can successfully generate leads with infographics as long as you have useful topics and promote your infographics using different strategies.

Camille is a Digital Marketer based in the Philippines. Her passion for Marketing and Advertising drives her to help companies grow their businesses every day. When not wearing her career hat, you'll find her sharing her love for skin care and makeup.