8 Things You Must Remove From Your Facebook Page

Social media is a powerful tool for anyone. As a temporary means to take advantage of its infinite features, you cannot ignore the exposure your page can enjoy with the billions online. Among the social media giants, Facebook is the undisputed leader and there are billions of users taking all sorts of advantage from this platform.

Due to its quick advent and taking over the market by offering huge potential, Facebook is hard to pass for any individual or digital online marketer. It is considered the best social media platform to launch yourself, or your product, company, and brand as you can take advantage of the huge exposure and reach. This shows us the true potential for social media marketing, especially Facebook to increase revenue.

However, there is a great lack of understanding of how to understand the tools, and achieving the required results. For this reason, individuals and marketers alike, rush to the edge by providing even the unnecessary information about themselves or their companies, to launch their products and be successful.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook is a very powerful tool and you have to be extra careful when dealing with it. There is specific information which it can ask you to provide. For instance, it asks you to enter your home address, your school name, and even little details such as date of birth, contact number, relationship status and much more.

We are concerned, and so should you. And why not? Recently Cambridge Analytica outrage has caused people to question the Facebook over their privacy, and some of the users have also deleted their accounts. However, we won’t suggest you delete your account as there are decent memories related to it, along with a brand page in which you have invested your time and money if there is any.

But we do suggest you take care of few things for your own data protection and privacy. Following are 8 things you must remove from your Facebook account or page.

Personal Details

#1 Birthday

Your birthday is not just some celebratory date, made up of numbers. It is, in fact, a significant puzzle, which can include your address, name, and other important details about your personality. There are certain things that you shouldn’t let anything associated with, especially if it is going to a social media site’s database; and date of birth is one of them. Besides, people can easily gain access easily to your personal details and bank account.

#2 Contact Number

Uploading your personal phone number is a mistake not only on Facebook but also any other social media site. Facebook and other social media platforms ask for phone numbers, in order to register your account. It is important to verify that, due to an increase in spam accounts. However, we suggest you provide a number you barely use. You can also put some privacy over your number, which can be fruitful to protect your contact details from unwanted stalkers or even polite admirers.

#3 Your relationship status

Well everyone loves to boast about their relationship and partners, but trust us when we ask you not to give this information as most of the things end, including relationships. It can also get embarrassing if you change back your relationship status to single.

Travelling details

#4 Your location on photo tags

When you add any location to your photo even if it is for the ease of use, other people can easily see those snaps without even your consent. Imagine your pictures ending up with a completely unknown person. Isn’t that horrifying? Remove those location tags and avoid them in future.

#5 Location services

Although they are only available for iPhones and Android mobiles, you can easily broadcast your location online with it. If a person wants to harm you in any way, with location services they will know where exactly you are. Such features of social media may seem fancy and lucrative. However, they have more cons than benefits.

There are certain features in a smartphone that can synchronize your social media with different apps. For an instance, you have a travel aggregator’s app installed on your mobile phone and you wish to use your Facebook location services to determine outbound flights from your location or get online flight comparison. It will be an advantage to you as it saves time, but the downside is that your location can be published on the social media and everybody can learn about it.


#6 Photographs of young children and family members

Always avoid uploading photographs of young children and family members on any social media website. The world is filled with strange people, with abnormal desires. If they see your children’s pictures online, it can force them to do any harmful act to them, such as child abuse. As bad as it seems, social media is the reconnaissance platform for these devils in human form and they can prey on your children.

#7 Private photos

We hate to say this but it is a harsh reality of social media. Photo thefts is a cybercrime that is used to blackmail companies and individuals. If you have uploaded any personal image on Facebook, or any other social media site, permanently remove it as soon as possible as privacy theft is a common practice.

Financial details

#8 Credit/Debit card details

You should never ever share this information, not only on Facebook or any other social media site but also anywhere else. You should also avoid uploading certain details such as boarding pass pictures, as there are multiple fraudsters online to use that information for a scam.

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