8 Critical Points Your Google My Business Listing Should Highlight

Google My Business listing optimization can truly be a game-changer for managing your presence on the search engine bots and even Google maps. It’s an integral part of the local SEO that can do wonders for your sales.

To know more about how you can increase your digital presence and visibility with Google my Business optimization, give this piece a read.

Here are some steps that you’ll have to follow:

Customize it Accordingly

Some aspects of Google my Business listings may be necessary for one industry but might be irrelevant for your business.

For instance, if you own a coffee shop it’ll be essential to add pictures of the menu and the cozy seating area. However, if you’re a trip advisor, you’d want to post pictures of what packages you’re offering.

Make Sure it’s Up-to-Date

Outdated information will not only result in a loss of potential customers, but it’ll also frustrate them. Imagine this scenario: you change your contact number but forget to update it on Google’s business listing. The customers keep calling you, and you fail to respond simply because you haven’t added the latest contact! Thus, ensure that the customers can always find the latest address and contact to address any queries timely.

Add Interesting and Valuable Content

Most customers are very captivated by beneficial and engaging content. The trick to making your Google My Business listing appealing is to add relatable and inspiring stories in your Google post highlights.

A great story will boost your content marketing efforts. Clients will share and view profiles more often. Furthermore, you can also give the latest information, add a blog, post about job openings, and campaigns to keep your business on top of search results.

Add Relevant Category and Description

Your major Google My Business category determines where you rank for a certain search query in your location. It’s very useful if your business is providing additional services and different offerings.

It assists Google in understanding the core of your business so that your Google My Business page may rank high for the most relevant search phrases. Moreover, you can also test the primary category by making a list and posting it every week. While all of this may sound complicated, it’s actually pretty simple to implement.

Market Your Photos the Right Way

As a business person, you must know the right way to use the power of social media and appeal to clients through different social media channels. Clients sometimes do judge the product or service through pictures, especially in an online setup.

In Google My Business listings, you should post aesthetically pleasing pictures of the product and services that your business is providing. In addition, you can also request your customers to add photos of the product or services they’ve availed. It’ll attract more customers and make a good impression on them.

Write Engaging Posts

Using the Google post in a very effective and positive manner is a skill itself. However, while Google post has been available for quite some time now, not many people know how to take full advantage of it.

It’s an excellent way to advertise your company’s services and products to potential clients. You can work with a graphic design company to put your best marketing image forward to your customers.

Suggest an Edit

The important link in the Google My Business post is a suggestion of an edit link. It’s crucial to understand the importance of customers’ suggestions and their needs. Understanding the algorithm of Google My Business guidelines will help make your business more engaging and diverse.

Besides, if there’s an issue or problem in the post or the edit, you can ask Google service to help you out. They will not only resolve the issue but also help you avoid the mistake the next time. So it’s a great way to keep a check and balance.

Try to Communicate

For every business, reviews are a major element that attracts customers. The main reason is that many customers go through the business reviews before ordering or getting any service is to make sure they’re ordering from the right place that it’s not a scam.

You can add stars or review tables for every product, making it easier for customers to write reviews and go through them. Furthermore, it also helps the business know whether your product is satisfactory or not.

Readers might know the prime importance of the question and answer options to engage the customers. Many profile viewers leave their questions or suggestion for you.  Thus, contributing to your FAQ section by asking and answering key questions about your services and products.

Summing it Up!

In conclusion, your GMB Listing should aim to

  • Increase your traffic and online visibility by placing your business on top of search engine.
  • Take the lead in local SEO rankings.
  • Be able to attract more customers directly rather than relying on help or third-party websites.
  • Should make it convenient and easier for the customers to get information, rather than confusing them. 
  • While setting up, make sure it includes all the relevant categories for clients to browse through.

Joseph Dyson a digital marketing and SEO expert at Search Berg, an award-winning digital marketing firm. He specializes in on-page SEO, small business SEO and link building service .