7 things beginner SEO need to know

If you have just stepped in the world of SEO and are feeling hopeless because you think you should have started earlier, then you are wrong. You can still conquer the fight of ranking and authority, in spite of being low on pocket. You just need to become well familiar with, in fact a master in the steps and efforts required to bring your website up on the list of displayed results on entry of some keywords.

For beginners the idea of SEO seems very difficult and scary. This is because there is too much information on the internet related to it, often misguiding new users. It seems impossible to practically follow all steps to successfully master SEO techniques. There is no doubt in the fact that a person who is old to this field is acquainted with far more knowledge than you have at the moment and so there will be dramatic difference between his and your success paces.

But, if you lay down strong foundation and set up initial aims, you are not going to be left behind in the race even with limited means. If you are just a learner right now and want to triumph over the market quickly, these seven basic points are what you should begin your journey with.

  1. Basics of SEO

You should remember that you will not get through your task over one night. It is a proper method with proper requirements and each requirement needs to be fulfilled. Just learning one technique is not enough. To get your site ranked in the top three sites, you have to learn all the fundamental factors first that work hand in hand. There are both on-site and off-site factors. On-site factors include using correct keywords, right amount of linking, strengthening authority of your website through improved and relevant content, user-friendliness of website both on mobile small screen and desktop, interface and overall outlook, reliability of the content and off-site factors include marketing strategies using social media. Your initial to-do list should include all these factors to get you started.

  1. On-site factors

There are so many on-site ranking factors that volumes of books may be written on them. But, since you are a beginner, mastering a few basic skills would be enough for now. Make sure your website looks exactly the way you will want a website to look. Work on its presentation by either hiring a professional web designer or doing it yourself. Keep your target audience in mind and accordingly design the theme and colors and other interfaces. Optimize your website for mobile screen as it is an essential element in the world so full of smartphone technology. Furthermore, your website should be very speedy. Use keywords in paragraphs, in headings, in sub-headings, meta descriptions and title each page differently. Provide sitemaps.

  1. Quality over quantity

Learn how to make your content better. Visit the sites which are ranked amongst the top five sites according to Google™ and take a close look at their work. What is their routine of uploading posts? What is making their work so much in demand? Observe to learn and then work on those strategies. Do not depend completely on them though. If you think you can make a more optimized website with regards to content, then go on.

  1. Trick to build links

There are two ways to get links to your website. Either write a perfect piece which is worthy of going viral and get it shared or cited so often that your site becomes authorized, or, write for an already authorized website related to your discipline, where your readers are more bound to go.

  1. Increase your contacts

Get in contact with editors belonging to principal publications relevant to your site. If you get mentioned only once by a major media press, that will work wonders for you. Also, advertise your site on social media accounts including google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You will catch direct readers from there.

  1. Get ranked in local SEO

To get a rank in local SEO, give your location, name and contact details accurately. They should be easily accessible to the visitors. Since your competition narrows down in local SEO, it is very useful for your site.

  1. Track your website performance

This one is very important. Get Google Analytics script installed to track your site’s traffic amount. Aim to get this amount increased with time and work harder if it does not.


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