7 Steps To A Successful Webinar App Promotion

Creating a standalone app is not an easy task. You simply cannot dream of becoming the next ‘Zomato’ or ‘Temple Run’. In order to reach the top, you need to cope up with several things. For that, you also need to devise the best ways of marketing your app. 

Choosing the webinar option for app promotion is the ultimate way to promote your app. Being an effective strategy for app promotion, webinars are highly utilized by smart entrepreneurs for marketing their products and services. Here, you need to catch the interest of the viewer along with educating them about your app.

Why Webinar?

A webinar is the only way where you can find a large number of the audience whom you can educate about your app. Here, you can specifically highlight on all the major aspects of your app by showing them how efficient your app is and how easy it is to use. 

Webinars are a great opportunity for app developers to boost their community outreach. Right from sending a notification to your existing users to maximizing your users’ list, webinar app promotion is the best tactic that you can ever apply.  

How Does Webinar Work?

A webinar is a type of one-to-many communication process where the presenter will reach to a specific group of audience or online viewers. If the webinars are effectively used, then the interactions during the ongoing process could prove to be very powerful and profitable. And for channeling a better interaction, you need to have smart tools. 

Currently, all the trending topics are discussed in webinars. Apart from simple oratory, presenters are now including video images of their products for showing their viewers. Through webinars, startups are now reaching new heights of success by making huge bucks. Also, they are following the trending app launch strategies which are getting them more app installs. 

Webinar App Promotion

7 Secrets To A Successful Webinar App Promotion

App promotion through a webinar is in the current trend because it is highly preferred by most of the smart startupreneurs. Even more interesting, the number of online participants in the webinar is consistently increasing, which is giving the entrepreneurs an opportunity to make the best use of it. 

Let’s check out the 7 secrets of promoting your app through webinars:

1. Plan Your Webinar Time And Date

When you have decided to organize a webinar, get all your scheduled planned at first. Plan your date and time of promotion. Promote your apps at least a few weeks in advance. 

The best days for hosting your webinar would be on weekdays and should not be done on weekends. 

An ideal webinar duration is generally within 45 minutes to 1 hour. It should not be more than an hour as people would get bored and leave the webinar midway. In the middle of the webinar, you can ask the audience to stick to the end for some bonus gifts. This trick may entice the viewers to glue themselves to the webinar. 

2. Come Up With An Evergreen Content

For the webinar presentation, you need content which is evergreen. It should be both unique and interesting. The content should highlight all the aspects of your app. Evergreen content is something that will never change or would change sometimes. 

One of the best ways to pull people towards webinar is to create enticing content on your social media sites and blogs. Start by announcing the news of your webinar on your blog. You can either post an article promoting your webinar. You can also write a topic directly linking to your upcoming website. 

Next, you need to discuss your webinar on your social media accounts. Make the best usage of your Facebook and Linkedin posts. In this way, you can bring in more people to your webinar session.

3. Send Invitation Mail To Your Users

One of the most powerful ways to reach your audience is through emails. You are required to target your emails and customize them accordingly, specifically to the groups you would be sending. 

Make use of engaging email titles like “save your spot” and “book your seat” for grabbing the maximum number of eyeballs to your webinar. 

4. Go For Community Outreach

Getting the word out of the internet could be one of the best ways to begin with your webinar app promotion. It is extremely essential to do some work ahead of time while you introduce your business to each community of users you want to target. 

For boosting your community outreach, you need to do these few things:

  • Send them a highly-polished newsletter
  • Contact the influencers
  • Spread the word of your webinar in different online communities
  • Tie up with other companies

5. Go For Paid Advertising 

If you have ever done events promotion, then you might be familiar with paid advertising. When it comes to promoting a webinar, then this is one of the best tools. It is a delocalize option which allows the registrants to join from anywhere. 

Collecting registrants’ information becomes easier with the paid ads system. Paid ads are more interesting for promoting your webinar than ads directly linking to your registration page. 

6. Keep Your Registrants Updated With Notifications 

At this stage, you will be done with all your initial webinar app promotion works and get people registered to your webinar session. However, do not hurry to celebrate as you are not over yet. 

Now, it is actually the right time to focus on your registrants and to ensure that they attend the live webinar. 

How’s that possible?

Start sending your participants reminders before they forget about the event. Enable an auto-set reminder soon after the webinar goes live. Also, apart from that, you need to constantly keep on sending reminders to registrants that they require to attend the webinar.

7. Enhance Your App’s Value After Your Webinar Is Over

All this while we have focussed on certain actions that you need to take for promoting your app via webinar. But there are several other tasks that you need to do a post-webinar session. 

You need to keep on pushing the webinar forward after it is over. Enable a replay option for your webinar, in case anybody wishes to see it again, or might have missed it. Make sure that the replay option is available to all registrants. 

Your reply part becomes your biggest asset after your webinar is done. You can even cut some video snaps from the live webinar and make promotional videos out of it. This will be indeed helpful for future app promotion. 

Final Thoughts

Your only goal in the webinar is to educate your audience about your app. You should not speak something inept due to which the audience might lose interest. By adhering to all the necessary steps for app promotion through the webinar, you can get more people engaged with your app

Swarnendu De is the Co-founder of Innofied Solution, an Award Winning Apps, and Game Development company. Founded in 2012, Innofied is one of the fastest growing Software Development companies headquartered at Kolkata, with an extended R&D center in Pune and a client proximity center in Sacramento, CA. With over 10 years of industry experience, has also authored Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices, published by Packt Publishing, UK. He regularly writes on his company blog, LinkedIn, and other popular platforms.