7 Effective Email Marketing Strategies In 2018

Here are there effective email marketing strategies which are purely backed by science and marketing professionals. We have now entered in an email marketing age and it is a high time that we should shift our focus towards these email marketing tactics.

No doubt that greatest developments are seen in this email marketing age and here we are going to share those effective plans which have stood and faced the test of time in this current rapidly-evolving field.

1. The Presence of A Dynamic Content

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While doing email marketing, make sure that it should have a dynamic content in it. Your website email-based content should be able to get change for every single user based on his past behavior and past interactions.

In your marketing email, you can easily manifest and induct a dynamic content in form of different media, offers and featured products. You can even manifest calls to action plan and the rest of the email elements in this marketing email.

It is an awesome strategy because by keeping your email marketing content as much relevant as possible, you can target a large number of audience easily. If you are going to personalize hundreds and thousands number of email templates individuals then the cost will eventually become higher. This manual approach is cost-ineffective.

In your email marketing mix, if there will be a high presence of dynamic content, then you can easily optimize a single template for every individual user. You can go through 80-inch tvs reviews content over here.

2. Squeezing Out The Subject Line


Try to make the subject line of your email marketing mix shorter one. If you want to craft the subject line of your email in a perfect way then make sure that it should not be more than 60 to 70 characters. This is the dead zone of your email subject length according to the professional marketers.

Subject line of 70 characters, that means you can quickly engage your readers in less time. Do you know that short email subjects usually respond back with huge success, it is true! So a helpful email marketing strategy is to squeeze out your subject line words and cut back it.

3. Prime Time To Send Any of Your Email


The prime time to send and deliver any of your emails, it is 8:00 pm sharp. it is true that quality emails are only build up and created during business and working hours. On the other hand, the high open rate of emails is 8:00 pm. If you are going to send marketing emails during 9 to 5 timings then chances of them to get open and read are quite less.

It is one of the top email marketing strategies to send them up at night. Readers are usually active after 8:00 pm and this is the best time to make your emails to be readable and go through by them. The chance of your email to get noticed is higher during this prime time.

4. Rewarding Your Loyal Customers


You need to reward your loyal customers if you want to make this email marketing strategy of yours a success. For most of the ecommerce websites, the portion of 80/20 relationship actually exist between your customers and revenue. Just keep in mind that fairly a large and heavy proportion of your business revenue comes from your loyal customers

You can reward your customers with some gift card incentives. The easy way to do that is to categorize and divide your customers on the basis of their loyalty and engagement level. Giving them with gift card incentives, the open rate of your email marketing will be a success for sure.

5. Reactivating All Your Dormant Customers


The important part of any email marketing strategy is to reactivate all of your dormant customers. You are going to get impressive results if you will activate this semi-dormant portion of your customer base. This strategy has few of the good lessons for us, the first is that by reactivating your dormant customers, you will able to segment your consumers easily. Through this strategy, you will know about the loyalty level of your customers and you can better target them with specific campaigns as relevant and in relation to their activeness level.

The second important lesson which this strategy gives us, it is actually more profitable to focus and concentrate on reactivating all dormant customers as compared to incentivizing the loyal active ones. This process can be automated on a whole note with the help of event-based triggers as well.

6. Optimizing Your Email Messages For Mobile Users


For future times, mobiles will be everything! So you should be optimizing your email messages for mobile users too. We are seeing the death of desktop in the near time, the sales of desktop stations are decreasing day by day and people prefer to read their emails on mobile phones.

So to make your email marketing strategy effective, focus on the optimization aspect. People are using smartphones and tablets and now 54% of the emails are opened up by using mobiles and just 19% of the emails are opened up by desktop stations. Your email messages have to be optimized for mobile so that people can read them. Optimizing email messages, that means there will be a high chance of converting your subscribers right into customers.

7. Personalizing Your Emails


The engagement level of your reader will get increased if you are going to personalize your emails. Make your emails more relevant and extremely useful for your customers. It is true that personalized emails actually deliver six times more and higher transaction rates.

You might miss a large number of sales opportunities if you are not going to personalize your marketing email messages. By personalization, it does not mean that you have to individually send an email to the customer. It also means that you have to often and regularly send him marketing emails.

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