6 Easy Tips to Achieve Success in Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing has been trendy channel for many companies over the last few years. If you have not tried this yet, it may be because you have the erroneous idea about SMS marketing. Used appropriately, it is a prospect for extremely specific targeting, and can be a useful tool to reach an elusive but rewarding demographic: the younger age bracket.

As we know SMS marketing, if properly done can yield huge benefits to any business, several companies are investing time and resources on such marketing tactics to see potential growth in their businesses. Here are 6 easy tips to achieve huge success in text message marketing:

Text Message


Sending text messages to the right contacts

Sending text messages to just anyone will not help you in business development. You have to find the right contacts that can help you get leads. The best way to do that is to do a comprehensive market survey to understand your customer choice and preference and prepare a database. Simply select the numbers and send the messages to make them aware of your business events or service updates.

Send brief and clear messages

When it comes to content of text messages, you have to make sure that it has to be brief, to the point and convey the exact message you want to share. Don’t send messages with more than 160 characters as in most cases the message will be broken into two different text messages. Confirm you include a call to action so readers know what is predictable of them and what steps they need to take next.

Perfect timing

It is quite obvious that you will not send text messages too early in the dawn or late night. Timing is really important and make sure that your messages are sent at a time when people are generally get time to read messages. Oh yes, don’t send messages to same group of people on a frequent basis. Most leading companies use SMS marketing by sending text messages once a week.

Offer variety

Always make sure you are updating your messages. Contrasting other tactics where you can send the similar message twice, you should never send someone the similar text message two times. Make sure you are always changing up your message and keeping things interesting.

Analyze your database

Mobile phone numbers get altered and deleted all the time, so it is important you verify regularly to make sure you are sending your messages to the exact people you would like to send. This happens more often than companies comprehend! If your database is insufficient on contacts, make sure you are advertising SMS on any and all promotional resources, both in print and online.

Get an opt-out option

There are many countries which allow mobile users to opt for services which allow them to opt out of any services. In good number cases, you can just put instructions in your message. Something like “text STOP to opt-out” works really great.

So, think smart and act wise to get instant result out of our SMS marketing campaign.

Author’s bio:

Allen has been associated with the SMS marketing for years and believes text message features some great characteristics which helps business promoting and selling their services through mobile.