5 Top Medical Apps for Doctors That Have Taken the World by Storm

With the exponentially burgeoning popularity of mHealth, patients have taken to adopting state-of-the-art health tracking apps and fitness determining wearables and gears. Tech-savvy physicians are aware that they can now make the most of mobile health apps in effectively promoting and thriving their practices.

The mHealth market is bracing itself to clock a global estimate of $102.43 billion in 2018, as per survey reports and analysis from Zion Market Research. The categories include the whole lot from your calorie counting website to high-precision telemedicine apps that permit you to partake in online consultations with your doctor over video chats and text messaging.

Below is a list of the best medical apps for doctors and physicians hinging on reviews and number of download.

Image Source: epocrates.com


Available for both Android and iOS Epocrates is the ultimate yardstick of superior quality as far as medical apps are considered. The mHealth app boasts of nearly a million downloads. Doctors utilize this app to ferret around drug-related information and interactions, track down healthcare app ideas service providers for consultations and referrals and swiftly determine major patient measurements, for example, BMI.

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Pricing: Although the app comes for free and a majority of its content is gratuitous, access to supplemental information and usefulness like alternative medications, laboratory tracking guides and disease information calls for an in-app buy for $174.99 a year of Epocrates Essentials.

Image Source: pepid.com


It’s an oft-updated clinical decision support or reference app that mainly targets physicians involved in exigent situations. It can likewise be helpful to medical students, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and common users. The healthcare app development company has designed the application with a uniqueness to let you earn Continuing Medical Education Credits in the actual course of treating patients.

For the first time, users need to login to PEPID through Android or iOS. They remain signed in following the initial login. The app facilitates spontaneous uploading of all notes and data to its resident cloud.

The ingenious Symptom Checker feature capacitates speedy diagnosis by indicating potential ailments subject to the patient’s apparent symptoms, physical examination findings and laboratory test results. In likeness to other medical app development companies, PEPID also provides error-free information on several medical conditions, disease profiles and treatment options.

The app is also endowed with countless reference videos related to clinical methods and physical examinations. It invokes push notifications to provide up-to-the-minute details about new and ongoing researches, black box cautions and drug certifications and approvals.

Pricing: At no cost

Image Source: doximity.com


A much sought-after social networking community for doctors, Doximity asserts that roughly 70% of U.S. physicians and healthcare specialists are its members. Integrated with both Android and iOS versions, Doximity empowers you to locate doctors and communicate with them over the network, transmit HIPAA-secure facsimile messages via your phone, tread on the heels of news and trends in your areas of specialities, look for jobs and compare existing salary market benchmarks. Healthcare app developers vouch for its golden standard and frequent updates with comprehensive and pertinent information.

Pricing: You can download the app for nothing. It only needs you to register your membership in the community system which again is free of charge.

Image Source: MDCalc


MDCalc got underway in the year 2005 as an EM resident’s WordPress site. Today it’s regarded as a healthcare app par excellence for practising physicians to engage in the learning and application of medicine based on apropos evidence.

MHealth app developers have built the clinical decision and evaluation tools of MDCalc in compatibility with both Android and iOS. The app is a vast repository of invaluable contents written by doctors and healthcare experts that lend a helping hand to service providers to acquire knowledge of and put in over 350 decision-making tools amid the backdrop of certain scenarios involving patient care. MDCalc decision tools encompass upwards of 150 disease conditions throughout the expanse of 35 speciality areas.

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As stated by the MDCalc website, in excess of one million healthcare professionals across 190 countries put the app to use every month. In the U.S. itself, more than 50% of the physicians avail themselves of MDCalc.

Pricing: Free

Image Source: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/case-medical-research/id1049999731?mt=8


Case is looked on as a medical journal app intended for researchers and physicians. It has a built-in recommendation engine fuelled by machine learning algorithm. The app is available in both Android and iOS variants.

Case with a compelling healthcare application development framework makes an effortless and uninterrupted reading of medical journals and therapeutic articles on your smartphone. It also enables users to subscribe to a particular speciality or a library of journals.

Currently, Case renders all-inclusive information about 81 medical specialities. What makes Case a top-drawer is the fact that it grants you the choice to search over 100,000 keywords.

For instance, in case you’re an oncologist, you don’t really need to read carefully all digests related to malignancy. Possibly you need to follow details focusing on AML cancer, or an idiosyncratic malignant protein, gene or headway to cure AML. With Case, you can succeed in doing that.

Another interesting medical mobile app development aspect of Case is that it functions somewhat like Netflix. It publishes magazine articles based on your past reading history, the stuff that you enjoyed and appreciated perusing.

The intrinsic algorithm of Case has its origin from Google’s Tensorflow that coalesces your reading behaviour with extraneous determinants like journal impact, time devoted to reading to familiarize yourself with everything you enjoy browsing through and the number of views, likes and shares.

Pricing: It’s all the way free to use.

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