5 Simple Steps that Guarantee a Faster Internet!

The importance of the internet in our lives is always increasing. To ask someone to survive without an internet connection in the modern age is nothing short of asking that someone to live without electricity. The internet is as integral a part in our lives as any utility.

Its impact is not restricted to a certain sphere of our lives. Rather, it affects any and all aspects of our livelihood. Be it entertainment, business, health, individuality, love, or aspirations, the presence of the internet is a necessity, as well as a privilege. There are certain times where your internet service might fail to live up to the expectations, and this might have an adverse effect on some or all of the aforementioned aspects of your life. You might be experiencing such a problem with your internet as we speak! Well you don’t need to be worried about it any further.

We will highlight some simple, yet effective steps that will help you to identify the problem and then increase the speed of your internet connection

Step 1: Inspect for Background Activities:

Whenever we boot up the computer, it automatically loads a number of resources to the computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory), which start functioning in the background. Sometimes we notice these programs running silently, and sometimes we don’t. If your broadband connection is causing you trouble, be sure to check if you have any background applications open that might be consuming the bandwidth.

There are plenty of software packages, especially in the most recent installments of Windows that have automatic updates enabled. Plus, a number of programs need to be updated continuously, and they might be absorbing a major chunk of your internet’s capability.

Gadgets have evolved, and a majority of them are able to allow seamless multitasking capabilities. Even then, a number of tasks running in the background can slow the overall processing of a device, which will in turn slow all the processes the device performs, including internet connectivity. So you need to be aware if there is any power-hungry software running in the background, and close it before moving on to a new task or wait for the previous task to finish.

Step 2: Keep Your Software Updated:

It is incredibly important that all the software that helps you keep connected to the internet and stay safe while browsing is updated continuously. Your internet browsers should be up-to-date to avoid any sort of inconveniences. Newer web pages and websites have improved and advanced content displayed on them and used in their interfaces as well.

In order to be familiar with these updated elements, browsers need to be updated accordingly. Otherwise, they will fail to load the content entirely, or take a lot of time doing so. The other major software that needs your attention are the various antivirus and protection software packages you might have installed on your device.

The viruses evolve with the changing times, and hackers keep on updating their programs to improve their hack-ability. In order to effectively deter these advanced viruses, malware, and adware, you need to make sure that your security software is always up-to-date.

Step 3: Get Rid of Malware:

A number of harmful viruses might enter your computer while you are using the internet. It could happen while you’re surfing the web, while you are downloading a certain file off of it, or even if you receive an email. Malware is designed by hackers in such a way so as to either go undetected or pose as files which are imperative for your systems to function. As soon as these files enter your computer, they are executed, which is the hacker’s original intent, and thus you lose out on major confidential data.

Not only that, these files multiply and replicate themselves within your computer countless times and, drastically slow the processing of your devices.In light of these issues, it is of the utmost importance that you have the necessary software installed on your devices to counter such malware. If you are a Windows user, keep your Windows firewall enabled whenever you are using the internet, since that is your first line of defense.

While getting a security system, it isn’t a necessity to go for the most expensive system available. A number of companies such as Avast or AVG offer free security software, along with limited features which might be sufficient enough for a number of internet users. Run these security programs as soon as you have them for a complete eradication of infected elements.

Step 4: Replace Outdated Hardware:

Sometimes the software isn’t the issue behind your internet being slow and laggy. Your old equipment might just not be up to the task of handling the updated software and settings. A relatively newer modem attached to an outdated router would most definitely result in an equipment mismatch.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) expect the customers to change their hardware over time to adapt to the changing settings as well. So you need to change your hardware elements as well over time. It isn’t necessary to buy new equipment every time a hardware upgrade is needed.

Some ISPs offer contractual agreements during which you get to have free hardware equipment upgrades during the course of service. Some internet providers might also be able to give you cheaper prices on equipment if you have used their services in the past. So be sure to keep a track of these things before buying something new.

Step 5: Use a Wire If You Need To:

Often enough, wireless networks might get distorted due to atmospheric interference, as well as the improper placement of devices connected to the routers. In such scenarios where you need constant bandwidth without any lag for example, you should go for a wired connection. Wires may lack the flexibility of being carried around everywhere, but they can be quite dependable in tense situations.

So if your internet in slowing you down and you have already tried the rest of the methods, be sure to try this one before giving up on your internet connection.

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