5 Reasons to Upgrade to S4 HANA from ECC

What is so special about S4 HANA?

S4 HANA stands for SAP business suite 4 HANA. It has the same outline with some additional plugins. S4 HANA fulfils all the basic functions such as record management, database analysis, etc.

It runs on the HANA database and has a machine learning feature to understand the needs of the customer.

All about SAP ECC

The SAP ECC product of SAP Intelligent Enterprise was developed to manage retail management operations. It consists of several integrated modules that facilitate the transfer of data. If you want to compare the stock quantity with sales figures, then the ECC interface helps you to do so by combining the data of both the sets.  

Does the introduction of S4 HANA make SAP ECC less useful?

Both the suites are the products of the SAP Intelligent Enterprise. The launch of the latest upgrade does not make the former less useful. Instead, it aims to provide extra add-ons. When compared to the old times, SAP ECC had its own space in the market.

But, the competition in the present market may not support in the usage of the ECC suite. To maintain relevancy, you need to upgrade to the latest version i.e. S4 HANA. This lets you to cater numerous users.

Benefits of upgrading to S4 HANA from ECC

Efficient processing and latest interface of S4 HANA have made everyone habitual of itself. All the features and advantages associated with the S4 HANA suite are the reasons behind up-gradation. Before you upgrade to S4 HANA, let us take a look at its benefits:

1. In-memory database!

This enables the company to check the real-time status of all the business operations. Unlike the old version, you need not wait for the periodic report to understand the market. The data can be exchanged easily between one or more channels of operation.  

With the help of S4 HANA, the user makes use of both in-memory and disk storage. The data is well-organized and sorted.

2. Smart analytics!

The HANA suite is considered to be one of the smartest business suites of SAP Intelligent Enterprise. It has been made possible due to the presence of smart machine learning. The machine learning add-on of S4 HANA enables its users to perform predictive data analysis. It has in-built text mining features that perform smart text analysis.  

3. Ease of development!

This feature of S4 HANA has enabled many companies to set up their process of business. Companies can develop applications or tools as per their needs. It even has a built-in web server. This server lets companies manage the data collected from an app.  

S4 HANA supports a wide range of development environments such as:

  • Python
  • JSON
  • Node JS etc.

All these abilities in coordination with each other facilitate data managing, data modelling, etc.

4. Better integration!

S4 HANA supports the integration of multiple platforms such as:

This helps in the extraction of data from different platforms. The real-time processing and integration of data lead to the development of effective strategies.  

5. Data security!

SAP Intelligent Enterprise knows the importance of your data well. This has led them to develop a threat proof interface in form of S4 HANA. The security filters of S4 HANA have enormous circles of protection. It uses SAML (security assertion markup language) as the security protocol.

Our spectacular S4 HANA both protects and safeguards the data. Apart from protection, S4 HANA keeps it safe in terms of back up. Companies need not worry about their data in case of any system crash.  


The advanced features of S4 HANA compel the business corporations to implement it. The ECC product of SAP Intelligent Enterprise fades out in front of this latest product. For efficient business services, one must implement the HANA business suite in its management system.

I am a SAP professional with expertise in a wide range of SAP Solutions. With a knack for technology, i always loves to write on the latest SAP developments and share his knowledge with the readers.