5 Point Checklist to Build your Unique Selling Point (USP)

So, you want to run your own eCommerce business. A pretty perfect initiative for having an independent lifestyle. As the employment declined in a lot many industries, people find it easy to be their own bosses. A compelling idea it is, but a hard nut to crack and the entire process could be brutal that it should not be. To set up your business, you need to plan and validate the idea.

From the point of entering into your target industry to market your products and services and building a strong business network along with dedicated customers, the whole process depends on one thing – what makes your business unique and what value you can offer to the target consumers.

USP plays a key role in branding your products and services. the corporate branding relies of digital marketing that, in turn, is based on search engine optimization of your website. Even, in this scenario, if you ask an SEO Consultant in Dubai about the importance of unique selling point in the strategic planning of integrated marketing the primary response will be ‘USP tremendously aids in capturing the attention of the website visitors. If you do not want to get lost in the crowd, determine your USP in the first place.

Here’s the step to follow:

 – Enlist everything (features, benefits, etc.) that is unique about your brand (how your products and services differentiate from your direct competitors)

 – Figure out the rhetoric people need your products and services to accomplish. Think what can build an emotional connection between your brand and potential customers.

 – Identify the exclusive aspects of your offered products that your competitors cannot imitate (mark anything that cannot be easily copied or reproduced).

 – Build clear and concise phrases about your unique products and single out those that can be easily communicated to and comprehended by the customers.

Be responsive to consumer’s queries. From USP’s perspective, prepare the answer for ‘what’s unique in it for me?’

Now, as you have a pretty good idea about how your products and services differ from the rest of the pack, state it as a point of benefit to the consumers.


  • Alibaba (Service USP): Global trade starts here.
  • M&M’s (Product USP): First hard shell coated chocolates.
  • Cadbury’s Gems (Product USP): The taste of chocolate in the size of a toffee.
  • Carrefour (Service USP): Create memorable 360° shopping experiences for consumers.

See, be it service-oriented or product-centric, all aforementioned brands have their own unique selling point. When a brand come up with such kind of valuable substance the people feel a natural inclination toward them. With, one USP, you tell the nitty-gritty of your business.

This means as soon as you discover the right USP you can bet your branding success on it. For the reason that people adore the brands owning more strength than the weaknesses in the SWOT matrix along with exceptional branding parameters and digital marketing strategies.

Do not get trapped in the jargon that some brands don’t define their USPs, but still doing a wonderful job. Bear in mind that its only true for the well-established, big conglomerates operating in the corporate world since long such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

So, for a startup business, it is recommended to determine a unique selling point for your brand.

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