5 mobile apps that bring fitness in easy reach of everybody

According report by MarketandMarkets, the global healthcare mobility solutions market is likely to cross nearly $84,818 million by the year 2020. As a result, both the industry and customers can expect a healthier, mobility solutions for improved patient care, active record maintenance, authoritative data security, upgraded social communications and an ingenious healthcare and fitness training and conception.

Such amendments have already been gradually transforming the working and improvements of the healthcare and fitness industry. You might be speculating that the term “Revolution” has been connected to the imminent hi-tech innovations too amply. But at the same time, it is important to see the technical progressions related to enhancing mobility and lastly transforming the way an everyday person gets hold of the information.

And such scientific advancements are progressively gaining momentum in the healthcare and fitness industry as smartphones ensure their customer market dispersion. A few years ago, almost 80% of the doctors and clinicians by employing mobile devices or tablets for their work-related actions. This obviously shows that the reliance of doctors or healthcare professionals on smartphones and these numbers are undoubtedly going to spectate a mounting projectile in the healthcare and fitness life cycle.

And the usefulness of mobile devices is just not limited to doctors and patients but also for preventive care.

fitness app

From the past many years, mobile apps have been started monitoring the healthcare and fitness industry to a great measure. Fitness freaks are now picking to stay fit by sustaining their typical life and receiving good conduct for trivial matters via influential wellness apps.

Mobile App Development Transforming the Healthcare & Fitness Industry

We can differentiate the healthcare apps into two major parts. One is health and the other is wellness. Nearly 15% of medical applications is exploited by doctors and the rest of the 85% is wellness apps which are made to help the customers or patients.

1.Medical apps

These applications are, particularly, made for doctors or surgeons. Applying the pioneering technology competences of mobile devices, they can monitor the vital health issues. The results can be geo-located, shared with a clinician or a doctor, and synchronised with the patient database.

2.Wellness apps

The class of wellness apps refuges numerous sub categories such as physical health and working out, self-measurement, and testing, etc. This kind of apps lets fitness freaks to take steps by witnessing their health on a recurrent basis. Some of the common fitness apps are Sports Tracker and Google fit.


It is all about amalgating iBeacon technology with Smartphone apps to bring location-based patron data via the geo targeting facility. iBeacon tells us position based information on the smartphone applications applying numerous methods such as push notifications. It aids the doctors and patients in getting correct information at the correct time based on their geolocation.

4.Customized mobile apps

These days, companies are making to personalize mobile app development and particularly pharmaceutical companies. Because they wish to provide their patrons and doctors with a high level personal and continuing experience. Adapted mobile health applications help its users’ mobile history and current actions so that the app can offer a modified health content to its users.

5.Client app

Taking an in-depth proficiency and experience of working with an assortment of business domains, fitness applications has aided various clients that fit in the healthcare sector. Keeping the customer gratification as the essential element of the vision and work towards building influential and excellent developed fitness mobile applications. This allows our clients deliver the best and unresolved services and actions to their patrons to obtain quality medical and fitness treatment on time.


Healthcare mobility includes the use of mobile devices, apps, and enterprise platforms to connect as well as strongly and capably exchange medical data among numerous users such as payers, suppliers, and patients. The use of mobile technologies and applications can help make this transition across healthcare facilities, which results in fewer hospitals re admissions and better patient results. Mobility solutions let employees and supervisors of the healthcare system to access all sorts of information while monitoring costs and mitigating risks. By leveraging the returns of an unified and security laden wireless policy in the organization, the workers can present patient care more carefully, improve reply time, and supplement patient output along with falling risks and expenditures.

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