4-Reasons-to-Reconsider-the-Value-of-SEO-In-2017You have heard it millions times that you need SEO and receive emails, solicitation, phone calls almost every day from SEO service providers. However, most SEO agencies do not even tell why your website needs to be optimised and why your business should spend dollars on internet marketing campaigns.  Even, you may have queries to know why it is important to be found in organic search results.

If you Google you the question, “why to choose SEO for your business”, you may find several explanations and different experiences according to several business cases. Well, here is list of 4 reasons for people like you, who are still on the search for benefits of SEO.

  • The way SEO works:

SEO plays a major role in online business, in terms of producing high rank in search results. Many companies use search engine optimisation to increase brand awareness. People, who do not want to spray their company message throughout the huge crowd online, may not need SEO service. Again, who do not want to generate revenue through online marketing or do not aim to make an ecommerce website, find no interest in SEO. However, these cases are rare; people are most likely to target their audience to land them on website, and this is where SEO works.

  • Delivers higher ROI:

There is no other form of online marketing that benefit as much as SEO services do. Upon searching, you can find people, who do not have success with search engine optimisation and it happens because of their insufficient knowledge in the field of SEO. When SEO is done correctly, it can deliver non-stop traffic that makes your site a lot productive through paid search campaign.


  • SEO works never fed away:

Whatever SEO initiative you take for your website, it never goes away. Rather it evolves with time and an organisation start adapting the methods and challenges to beat the competitors.  Over the past few years, the custom of trusted link building has increased and websites having mass link building spam have been penalised. Hence, you need to understand that SEO never changes, but you need to be a bit realistic according to the evolution in techniques.

  • Staying watchful while into the competition:

Most people are under assumption that SEO only needs to be done to achieve top rankings throughout the Search Engine Search Result Pages. However, this is not true and even not accurate at all. When your website reaches at a better rank, it needs more work to maintain that rank. If you aim to maintain a certain position on search result pages and drive traffic to website then SEO can give your business the edge to stand out from the crowd

Customers today tend to find business online. Mobile traffic continues to increase at rapid peace and it outpacing traffic from desktop computer. Hiring a SEO agency allows your business to come across the methods and techniques that ensure visibility of websites upon placing related search queries.

The author is an established marketing honcho in a reputed SEO agency in London. He often writes on topics related to this field.