It is a non-deniable fact that Search Engine Optimization can benefit almost every business but small businesses will find more value in local SEO than the typical SEO campaign. Local SEO involves the process of optimizing websites with the focus of improving local search results. Before taking the deep insights, make the basics clear with this article-

What is local SEO?

Local SEO undertakes some specific practices within your typical search engine optimization strategies. In fact, many SEO tactics within local SEO used for national and global SEO, yet many global SEO strategies do not perform well for local and small businesses. In nutshell, Local SEO focuses mostly on search engines and online directories, whilst location specific keywords are often used for ranking.

Longtail keywords trafficHow can you localize website traffic through keywords?

Local SEO is important to small and local business but at times at seem quite tricky to execute the strategies and start on your own. Especially, when you are grounded with a lot of business work, you hardly find the time to think about the strategies and track the results coming from your local SEO campaign. A Portland SEO agency having knowledge and set of practices could drive local traffic easily in various ways and the entire thing start with keywords research. Find how it works:

  • Location based keywords:

As your SEO strategy is localized, so, your keywords should be. For example, “Best solicitor in Austin” or “Lawyers firms New York” etc. are some keywords having location. Search engines will know a webpage optimized with such location-included keywords and show it to people near Austin or New York and rank a page accordingly.

  • Long tail keywords:

The keywords mentioned above are some examples of long trail keywords. As long-tail keywords are more specific, they provide significant search volume and compete less with generic keywords.

How can you use local and long-tail keywords?

Soon you find long tail keywords relevant for your site, use them across your site to get ranking in search results. Here are some areas of your On-page content, where you can add your local keywords:

  • Landing page URLs

  • Tile tags and Meta description

  • On page content

  • Header tags

  • Image ALT tags

How local backlinks and online directories impact:

Bcaklinks are also known as inbound link from another website to your website and it benefits you a lot by listing your business in local directories. For example, Yelp has become the one-stop destination for consumers to find exactly what they look for. On the other hand, Google My Business Page help customers find you easily with a listing within Google map results.

Once you develop sound local SEO strategy, changes to your site will start taking. Next important thing that you would do is track how your strategy is performing and know how your site acquires traffic and users navigate through your site. Ask any Local SEO consultant in Portland to get into your business and drive local traffic for it.

The author is an established marketing honcho in a reputed SEO agency in London. He often writes on topics related to this field.