4 Points To Consider While Looking for Managed Service Provider

Are you one among those who like to do everything on own? Well, this is not the way how you can manage the businesses in the long run as it diverts your attention from your primary business activities. Managed service providers are assuming an even important role in managing the business operations. With cloud-based technologies taking the lead, more and more companies are eager to leverage virtual technologies for growth. More and more organizations are developing newer services and products that are built around cloud technology. They are analyzing the massive volume of data generated, stored and analyzed with the help of the cloud technology.

The business leaders realize the fact that they’ll have to leverage virtualization technologies to remain ahead and that they are not in the business of managing the applications or data center. So they are increasingly looking for managed service provider whose core competency is to manage the IT backbone. Thus selecting a managed service provider is a crucial decision that can significantly affect the business operations and thereby its success. So they have to ensure that the service provider is certified and is capable of meeting the SLAs without fail.

Here are some points that you must consider while choosing the right service provider that’s a part of Gartner magic quadrant cloud:

#1 Comprehensive Solutions

As the technologies are getting complex and their management is becoming challenging, more and more businesses are looking for a service provider that offers complete solutions with latest technologies. They have to ensure that service providers they select offer a broad set of solutions that not only meet the existing need but is also scalable to meet any future needs as well. A large scale service provider offers the complete range of solutions, and they also offer the services bound by a SLAs to comfort the customers about the quality of the services throughout their life.

#2 Customizations

While choosing the right solution provider, you have to ensure that they can customize the solutions on the best practices that meet the business goals and the technology requirements. As the customization start at the design phase, so the businesses are looking for a service provider, with the expertise to modify each architecture based on the requirements of the business. The provider must ensure easy migration of existing infrastructure and virtualize it. The service provider must have the right on boarding capability which involves high-end support for un-interrupted solutions. To this end, an advanced service provider should have the tool kits and implement managed capabilities to ensure a seamless migration.

#3 Customer Centric Orientation

When you are going to select a service provider, it must have a clear, customer-oriented mindset. You must ask for dedicated account managers, who serve as a single point of contact and escalation point for the customer. It must result in quick action from the clients and escalation to other service channels if necessary. When it comes to technical expertise most of the businesses will like to go with a service provider that is fast, responsive and offers effective trouble shooting capabilities.

#4 Better Security

A well-managed service provider must offer services, which have been tested in various conditions. To obtain a robust infrastructure the service providers must embed security in every aspect of the operation. The provider must also look into the compliance aspect of the business, as there may be many stringent conditions that have to be met.

Wrapping Up

With providers offering services in Gartner magic quadrant cloud you can be assured that you are getting best in class services.

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