20 Ideas for a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Today, more than 90 percent of the B2B marketers are relying on content marketing to generate more leads and engage the existing consumers. It shows how important content marketing has become in today’s date.

However, only 24 percent of B2B have received overwhelming results from content marketing. It shows that investing in content marketing does not always guarantee success.

Since the SEO requirements are changing continuously, the approach towards content marketing practices is also being influenced. To sustain in the market and to generate positive results from content marketing, you may need more than just a team of writers.

Here are 20 well-tested ideas that can help you conduct a successful content marketing campaign in 2018:

#1 Lend a helping hand to the audience:

The basic requirement of content marketing is having a better understanding of the audience and their needs. You need to create content that fulfills their needs and educates them as well. If you are an assignment solution provider, you need to prepare content for the students who often ask for “My assignment help” on the internet.

#2 Keep the audiences engaged through social media:

For a better reach among the audiences, you need to encourage social media shares. Post quality content and post often. Also, it is important to have a presence in all the popular social media platforms.

#3 Earn people’s trust with valuable content:

To have a successful content marketing campaign, it is also important to earn the trust of your target audience. Invest in good writers and produce quality content. This generates credibility.

#4 Publish strong opinion:

To get better engagement with your content, it is crucial to share your opinion. No matter how controversial that is, if it makes sense and you have enough evidence to support it, people will listen to it.

#5 Invest in videos:

Videos are more engaging. In fact, there has been a constant growth in digital video consumption over the last decade. Facebook videos are getting 135% more organic reach than images and texts.

#6 Create shorter, yet impactful content:

Since the average attention span of the audience is reducing day by day, it is better to create something that can make a significant impact on the audience in a shorter period.

#7 Devise a strategy as per the latest trends:

The trends in content marketing field are always changing. So it will be wiser to get stay updated with the latest trends and prepare a content strategy accordingly.

#8 Hire a team of efficient people:

Your efforts are as good as your team. Make sure you have a complete team where everyone does his or her job properly – be it the writer or be it the editor. You don’t want to publish posts that are filled with errors and typos. That will earn you a bad name.

#9 Answer the queries of your audience:

Interestingly, most people use search engines to know the answer to a few particular questions. Answer some of the most frequently asked questions in your content to engage more users. For instance, if you offer proofreading service, you will need to answer the questions like “Do you offer Turnitin report with my assignment help?” through your posts.

#10 Content optimization for mobile users:

According to the study done by Statista, more than 50 percent of the internet traffic comes from the mobile users. To engage the users on-the-go, it is crucial to prepare mobile-friendly content on your website.

#11 Don’t ignore the popular topics:

Some of the highly popular topics on the Google trends may not be related to your business, but in order to receive better engagement, you may need to work on the topic idea and prepare a piece of content.

#12 Always support your views with evidence:

Audiences are smart. They don’t just consume anything and everything that you share. So, ensure what you are sharing is well-researched. Made-up facts might have worked in the past, but not today.

#13 Consider backlinking:

Producing quality content for your website is crucial, but it is also a good idea to write for others. It improves visibility. The idea is to generate more number of quality backlinks so that it can allow your page to rank higher in the SERPs.

#14 Use keywords with caution:

Before you prepare a piece of content, keyword research is absolutely necessary. Also, stress more only the long-tail keywords which are gaining more popularity as the screenless searches become more common among the users.

#15 Consider user intent:

Keywords are crucial for your content, but search engines like Google are now stressing more on the user intent to improve the user experience on every search. So keyword research is not going to be enough to get better engagement. You may also need to analyze the user intent to get the desired results.

#16 Use Google Analytics to evaluate your strategy:

Google Analytics allows you to keep a close track of the performance of every individual post of yours.  See which one is performing well among the audience and which is not. This may help you to restructure your content strategy to get better outcomes.

#17 Rope in influencers:

One of the best ways to boost the traffic to your website is by involving a few influential people in your activity. Take an interview with an expert or ask them to write a column that revolves around your operations. It can bring more traffic than you expect.

#18 Create a schedule:

The audience appreciates more when they know about your schedule for the posts. If you have earned a certain level of credibility, it is better to maintain a schedule for posts, so that the audience can follow those posts accordingly.

#19 Focus on consumer journey:

The buyer’s journey, which comprises of three stages – awareness, consideration and decision, does help you prepare a winning content marketing strategy. Make sure you cover each stage of buyer’s journey in your content. Building brand awareness won’t help if you don’t educate them about the solution.

#20 Reuse and repurpose:

You need to make optimum use of the posts that are performing well on your page. You can reuse the post to gain more traffic, or make some valuable addition to the content to modify its original purpose. This often works as an effective strategy, when you don’t have too many posts at your disposal.

Well, most of the content marketers nowadays are using these content marketing tricks to improve their results, and for the most part, the tricks are working for them. So if you are also willing to conduct a successful content marketing strategy for your website, these aforementioned ideas may help you go the distance.

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