10 Killer Advantages of Laravel PHP Framework

When it comes to developing a rich-featured website, PHP is the only programming language that comes first in our minds. However, PHP is a well-known language; developers don’t rely solely on the core PHP in this digital era. Various frameworks are popular nowadays in the developers’ community to develop the PHP website quickly.

There are plenty of PHP frameworks booming in the IT industry. Some of them are CodeIgniter, Laravel, WordPress, etc. Out of these popular frameworks, Laravel is the most loved framework. Nowadays, the demand for Laravel is at its peak, and that’s why it has been observed that every IT company works as a Laravel development company. Agree?

So, today we will discuss what makes Laravel so popular. Are you ready? If yes, let’s get started.

Advantages of Laravel Framework:

#1 Exceptionally Secured

Cyber attacks are the most common threat in this digital era. This is why one needs a secured framework for their website or web app. The level of security provided by the Laravel framework is completely matchless.

The reason is Laravel in itself is a fully secured framework that doesn’t entertain any malware activities. It prevents security threats from entering your web application and makes it fully secured.

The most popular malware activity, SQL injection, is the biggest enemy of the Laravel framework. Thus, if you choose Laravel as youre web app development framework, your code is 100% safe and risk-free.

#2 Outstanding Performance

Extraordinary performance is another reason that will not let you choose any other PHP-based framework for your web application. Yes, the web applications developed using the Laravel framework enjoy the tremendous performance.

There are various tools such as Memcached and many others that you can integrate within your framework while developing an application. It will assist you in making your web application the fastest one like no other!

#3 Powerful Authentication

How Laravel is unique from other frameworks is its exception data authentication and authorization features. Generally, user authentication is one of the most tedious and complex tasks every developer finds during web app development.

All thanks to the Laravel framework! It has overcome such complexity of user authentication by offering the simple logic that allows you to provide access to authenticate and authorized users.

#4 Free and Open-Source

Unlike WordPress and other frameworks, Laravel’s core framework is 100% free and open source. As Laravel is an open-source framework, it makes the web development process fast with ready-to-use tools and features.

#5 Blade Template Engine

Laravel’s in-built blade template engine lets you use the pre-designed templates for responsive web application development. These templates are fully responsive, lightweight, and dynamic, which makes your app development process faster than before. Thus, it lets you build a lightweight application without losing its high-end performance.

#6 Database Migration

However, database migration is one of the most crucial tasks in the development life-cycle; Laravel has made it as simple as pie. Laravel lets a developer easily share the entire database with another team member without losing the data. Moreover, it is also possible to undo the changes made in the database. Thanks to Laravel, that made such a complex task the easiest one for developers.

#7 MVC Architecture

Due to the MVC architecture, Laravel is said to be the most preferred framework, especially for developing enterprise-level applications. Laravel’s MVC structure offers outstanding in-built functionalities adopting which developers can easily make a stunning web app.

MVC is also the reason why Laravel’s applications give you the highest performance compared to others. Moreover, Laravel offers in-depth documentation compared to those of other PHP frameworks due to this MVC architecture.

MVC keeps the presentation and business logic completely separate that makes the work of developers and designers easy and fast. Ultimately, it increases the project delivery speed tremendously.

#8 Unit Testing

Unit testing is the best feature that Laravel offers to web developers. It tests every single module and component of Laravel based web app and makes sure not a single part is broken in the entire application.

Unit testing allows you to develop 100% bug-free web app and gives the end-users a smooth experience while using the app. This advantage will definitely not let you choose any framework other than Laravel.

#9 Developer-Friendly

Laravel is considered a developer-friendly framework due to its outstanding functionalities, features, tools, and templating engine. All of these make the life of a web developer very easy and smooth. 

We can say that Laravel makes the most complex tasks easy and enjoyable for the developers. Ultimately, the output of Laravel developers also evolves time and again compared to the other technologies.

#10 Healthy Community

There are various reasons why Laravel has been the preferred choice of web developers since its launch. A healthy and active community is one of such reasons. Yes, Laravel’s community is full of dedicated Laravel developers and the best Laravel development company.

So, whenever you are trapped in complex functionalities while developing a web application, you can directly go to such a community, ask your question, and get the best solutions 24/7. This will surely streamline your application development process.

Final Remarks

So far, we have seen the most remarkable advantages of the Laravel framework. We hope you got a clear picture of why you should prioritize Laravel technology compared to the others.

Now it’s your choice to hire freelancers or web design and development services providing the best Laravel solution. Only one thing matter that is to pick the right one.

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