10 Home Automation Products That Are Best To Always Stay Connected!

Fortunately, we are living in a connected world where so many technology-based advancements are on our fingertips.

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is not something which you can hide from especially behind the sofas. The term itself is vague, sweeping or perhaps it is overused, but it is documenting the general shift of technology. Today everyone can take advantage of the constant internet connections including things inside the place where you love to spend your most of the time. Yes, it is your home!

Recently, significant strides are making our home bit more tech-savvy than ever before.

Have you ever experienced the stress over forgotten lights or other electric appliances at your home while you are in the meeting? Did you ever come home where there is no light? All these things can be the past with latest tech revolution known as home automation. Now lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, appliances or security control all are just one click away from you.

What is Home Automation?

What is the idea of home automation? It is merely an idea putting control of the primary home systems and appliances in the hands of the homeowner and provides him access from remote points.

Home automation is a technological solution that can automate the bulk of electronic, electrical and technology-based tasks in a home. It revolves around the use of systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human intervention in the making of goods and services.

Today, the emergence of innovative technologies has made our homes better, secure and safer than ever before. Most people are relatively unfamiliar with the idea of home automation. More and more products and technologies are becoming easily accessible, and homeowners all over the country are upgrading their homes as per their needs.

If the idea of home automation sounds “techy” for your tastes or it cost you an arm and a leg, then think for a minute, would you like to control everything in your home from the mobile device? Think about the home automation system and leverage a massive lot of benefits associated with home automation.

Home Automated Products

Everyday devices are increasingly finding their ways online. The plethora of things around us is becoming smarter and mainly owing to a newfound ability to connect to the internet. We have come far away from relying on the home security provided by large corporations operating from remote locations.

Today, home automation products are capable enough to determine whether you are at home, send you notifications about what is going on? Even, if you are distant from your home, it can make you feel secure and enjoy the peace of mind without any efforts on your part.

Here is the list of some most intuitive and innovative home automation software and products I have compiled to make life more comfortable for you than ever before.


Now you have a chance to remotely manage the temperature of your home and energy by just making your smartphone or iPhone. The new wave of IoT production has brought us a wide range of home thermostats which you can call the next generation for thermostats.

These WiFi-enabled thermostats are the future of tech revolution and valuable addition to the smartness of your houses. Geofencing, energy post and remote sensor and integration with smart vents for standard control are some of the most significant advantages of thermostats.

Geofencing is the ability of the thermostat to adjust the temperature as per the person needs who is in a home. Thermostats being an IoT product make it possible to manage the energy efficiently and effectively as they give reports on tabs for monthly usage.

1.      Honeywell’s Z-Wave®

It can automatically adjust the temperature and energy as your arm or disarm the security system of your house. To increase your comfort, strength, saving and to better control your home you can customize the scenes or schedules. You can operate this thermostat on the go via your smartphone.

If the temperature is controlled precisely, it will provide you better comfort and fewer temperature swings which can save you from massive losses. It also allows you to create lockouts so you would be able to keep the temperature limited to the minimum or maximum setting.

Honeywell’s Z-Wave is an ideal thermostat for those who are looking for the home automation solution. It is the best thermostat, and most suitable for all even children can attempt to adjust the thermostat as per the house requirements.

2.      ecobee4

Another smart, wifi and sound enabled thermostat which can provide you the all-around comfort. Room sensors integrated into the devices will allow you to manage hot and cold spots. Built-in Amazon Alexa voice services are something which makes it apart from the other thermostats available in the market.

Most of the time thermostat can read the temperature of one place which makes other rooms uncomfortable, but ecobee4 comes with room sensor technology which enables the users to control the hot and cold spots all over the house. You can place the sensor in your favorite room, so the thermostat would be able to read the temperature and detect occupancy to ensure comfort in all rooms.

Build in Alexa voice service allow ecobee4 to perform many skills they come with Alexa. You can ask Alexa to do something, and it will blink blue light pipe at the top in response. It provides you a hands-free control as you can instruct Alexa across the room. Either it is a last minute dinner party or something else you can ask ecobee4 to find recipes or an ideal music playlist it can do all for you.

Ecobee with embedded microphones and far-field voice recognition and speakers is engineered for precise voice and full sounds. You can place this smart thermostat on the wall of your house to speak across rooms, or you can download an ecobee mobile on Androids or iOs devices.


Better lighting and better light control is another smart home automation area. Now you have a chance to on or off lights automatically whenever you arm or disarm your security system. You can tell you system to on lights before 30 minutes when you come to home from work, or you can turn them off an hour after you leave your house in the morning going to work or going to bed after reaching your home.

You can program scene schedules for the ambiance, security and you can control lights of your house from any remote location because of home automated products.

3.      Philips – Hue White A19 LED Starter Kit

Either it is a dinner gathering or the game session you can create a fantastic party atmosphere Philips – Hue White A19 LED Starter Kit is here for you. These lights can intimate your parties with this customizable glow, or you can make your gaming sessions more enjoyable with the lights synced to music.

You can control these lights through your mobile. You can also work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assitant to operate with these views. Philips – Hue is a personal, customizable, wireless lighting system which can enhance your home with soft white lighting.

You can control it remotely wherever you are, or you can set timers and schedules to automate the lighting system. Now dark and bright feature of your lights is at your fingertips because you can use your Smartphone to turn lights on off, low or bright.

4.      Philips – Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 LED Starter Kit

Wireless lightning with sophisticated style in different color configuration promises to brighten up the entire house. It guaranteed to complement the beauty of your home. Customizable buttons allow you to control movies, music and much more with a simple single press of your hand along with lights. Philips – Hue is one of those smart lights which promise to transform your home.

The accompanying app with this Smart lightning solution allows you to sync lights to music to create an energizing party atmosphere. You can quickly adjust the shade and color ambiance and enjoy the soft glow of meals in the evening or natural brightness to focus on your studies.


Do you want to avoid a headache for losing a key? Or do you always forget to bring your keys with you? Is keeping a key in your pocket just a hassle for you? If your answer is a ‘yes’ in all cases, then you must have to look at some smart security options available to you because door lock is an essential part of home security.

Today intelligent locks not only transform the way you can make your house safe and secure, but it is also bringing the concept of home security to the next level. Smart locks are revolutionizing the lock management system and bringing revolution in this industry. Now you can automatically lock or unlock the doors remotely with more safety and convenience.

5.      Kwikset Kevo Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This smart lock is best for versatility. It allows you to unlock the door using a standard key, a key fob or your Smartphone. This is certainly one of the most versatile options available in the market in case of smart locks. Kwikset Kevo Single Cylinder Deadbolt is compatible with Alexa.

6.      August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen)

Take a step forward and make sure that your home is secure with the August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen). This lock management system can turn your Smartphone to be a key to your home. Z-wave and Bluetooth technology through your Smartphone you can unlock this lock from the main door or any other door of your house.

You can fit this smart lock inside your door and work with existing deadbolts and turnkeys by making installation easy and quick. You can control smart lock Pro with the free August App installed on your Android and iOS and Z-wave network. You can lock or unlock automatically with August Smart Lock Pro (3rd Gen) when you approach or leave your home.

You can control people who can enter your home by sending those keys and scheduled access permission. You can check the status of the lock, and you can track the activity with August App. Z-Wave compatibility allows you to integrate with automation hubs and cloud servers. You can manage the lock with Siri, Alexa or Google assistant because of voice compatibility feature of the device.


You can view camera on the touch screen, TV, tablet or Smartphone. Now if you want to keep an eye on your kids, you want to see the pets, or you wish to screen visitors at the entrance door of your house you can make the use of these smart cameras. Either it is an activity occurring around the interior or exterior of your home you can watch it whenever or wherever you want to do it.

7.      Nest Family

Nest, Google own home automation firm which is known for announcing a host of minor updates in the family of IoT. From renowned thermostat, security camera to smoke detector they are known for building on popularity they want to enjoy since hitting the UK in 2014. Nest Cam is considered to be one of the primary and most significant updates in IoT family.

This camera features 1080p video quality for high definition playback of the home recording and a fancy stand with magnetic base allow it to flex in different directions for more surreptitious spaying in less familiar locations. Improved night vision is another most significant feature of the device which improves the chance of catching pesky thieves overnight.

Slim, more compact design features a split spectrum sensor can accurately tell the difference between burning toast and burning skin. It also alerts the user to Smartphone more quickly if it senses that something is wrong.

8.      LG Smart Security Camera LHC5200WI

It is an indoor Wi-Fi security camera which is known for offering a cost-effective smart solution to ensure home security. It allows you to keep watching on your home even when you are far away from your house. This technology is paired in with the comprehensive security system, and it is up to you to monitor activities or call authorities in case of the break-in.

LG smart security wireless camera is an indoor Wi-Fi camera which offers to watch for the whole day through ADT’s canopy service. It is an ideal home security solution for renters, apartment dwellers and homeowners who want professional monitoring of their houses without contract commitment or without paying for professional security installation.

Home Entertainment Options

Entertainment in your home can be high quality, cinematic experience for you if you integrate the best home automation solutions available for enjoyment. Now you can transform your living room into a home theater with a single touch of a button, or you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

9.      Raumfeld Wifi Speaker System

German audio manufacturer introduced multi-room audio solution which is manufactured by the German audio manufacturer Raumfeld. This 120-watt One M Wireless Speaker is easy to configure the wireless audio streaming system, which you can plan in any room of your house. This multi-room streaming system lets you play music, audio files, online services and internet radio through the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Raumfeld product line includes a range of streaming speakers that vary in size depending on your needs. The high quality, clean and minimal design make it the great addition to your home automation. You can connect with many speakers you like and control these systems through a Raumfeld app.

The sound of the system is the best quality which you can hear from multi-room speaker system with a stable bass level and a beautiful creamy tone, and it will not feel overpowering for you. Raumfeld is offering great sound streaming speaker without splashing out too much.

10.  Amazon Echo- Alexa-Enabled Devices

Now small gadget has brought voice control technology in our houses. We can play music, get the answers to our questions and ask weather updates through the small wireless device known as Amazon Eco. Amazon Eco is the category of products which are designed around your voice. These products are hands-free and always on.

These methods enable customers to interact with Alexa, a voice service Amazon and ask for the music, news, weather updates and much more by just making the use of voice. Amazon Eco devices build an engaging voice experience using Alexa skill kit and reach customers though Alexa enabled devices.

Allowing third party manufacturers to add Alexa to their devices has led to an explosion to voice-enabled devices in the home. Amazon recently announced they have sold 100 million alexa-enabled devices. A significant percentage of US homes have Alexa in everything from the best carbon monoxide detector to light switches and even the sprinkler systems.

The first Echo is a Bluetooth enabled speaker powered by Alexa. Alexa is a handy voice assistant who can work with some smart home device, either directly or with the ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) approach. You can control plenty of tasks by creating recipes in Alexa.

Although it will take some work, you can use it to control most of the gadget in your house by just making the use of sound. You can connect Echo Dot if you already have a speaker. Echo Dot is inexpensive which you can connect with the speaker to add Alexa functionality.

Echo show is another smart device ion Amazon echo family which you can use to see search results and to make video calls on a touchscreen. Amazon also introduced a slew of new Echo devices which can add more automation in your routine tasks and a valuable addition to your smart home.


Enter in your home and get the temperature perfect as per your needs? Enjoy the benefit of having lights on when the sun goes down? Now door locking is hassle-free than ever before. Smart home automation products can help you to live a better life with customized solutions that can cope with the lifestyle and budget.

The products mentioned above and a lot more other products coming our way as a result of home automation technology can make your life easier than ever before. Now enjoy the greatest peace of mind, convenience, and comfort with the full range of these products available to you. You can make the use of one, or you can grow the number of electronic products in your home as per your needs. Home automation bringing home security and convenience to the next level promised you to keep your home in your control.

Cassandra Worthy is a female motivational speaker, business trainer, and a passionate blogger!