Inventions That Will Change Our Reality


Technology is growing by each passing year – that is apparent to all of us. Bit by bit, gadgets and tools being created yearly seem to affect various parts of our lives. The question we all ask ourselves is what will the market bring next? What is the next gizmo that will take over our minds?

It’s hard to believe we have roughly only 2 more years before 2010’s are done. Despite what you think about the passing decade what is clear is that it has accustomed so many people to technology and its incorporation. This has happened because technology gives us the same thing as medicine – results. With the result, people strive for improvement and betterment, which is the hook that keeps us playing the game.

With emerging wearable technologies, vehicles and solutions for applicable usage of Virtual/Augmented reality, we are looking forward to products that were before only considered in science fiction. New experiences, perspectives, and possibilities are on the horizon – let’s dig into some of them.



Imagine yourself finally being able to travel without thinking about roads, barriers, and traffic. Hovercrafts are vehicles that have been prototyped for decades to no avail. Having a propeller or similar solution generating enough force to lift a craft with passengers in a reliable way has been an unachievable goal – until now.

Solutions like the Aero-X have crossed that barrier and delivered with a design that has the performances we were looking for. It can fit two passengers, carrying them with two large rotors powered by a 240 horsepower automotive gasoline engine. Despite being a gasoline engine, the sheer thought of riding this thing like something from Star Wars makes me swallow that fact.

Additional features within the vehicle include an intuitive pilot interface, control bars that can change positions. The shell is carbon fiber that makes it light-weight and secure from impacts. In addition to all that its carrying capacity is up to 310 pounds, which is not too shabby.


Sensing prosthetics

After suffering a loss of his left hand, Dennis Aabo Sørensen became the first person in the world to re-feel his lost hand. By experiencing this, I mean that he got a prosthetic that was enhanced with sensory wires that were connected to the remaining nerves in his upper arm.

The reward Dennis got for this effort was the ability to feel whether objects he held were soft or hard. He could also feel and interpret the form of objects he was holding – while being blindfolded of course. His experience gave us hope that we can soon ‘’cure’’ a lot of disabilities of this sort, who knows, we could even create limbs that are superior to ours soon enough.



Researchers have reported that finally, telepathy is here! They built the first human-to-human brain-to-brain interface allowing them to communicate on a long distance with connected by the internet. Researchers from India successfully sent his thoughts to a fellow researcher in France. One was connected to a brain-computer interface or a BCI and the second one was wearing a computer-to-brain interface or a CBI. BCI-s are getting more and more advanced even that much that now we can implement it directly into our head and the device is the size of a pacemaker.

The harder part is the receiving side or the CBI. It took some time but in the end, they did it with the TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation. TMS is a non-invasive brain stimulus which means that the stimuli are possible without the use of any sharp medical tools.

This technology in near future would allow for people with disability to drive by themselves. Also, it will provide healthy people with a more interesting and probably safer way to drive.


VR interior design

This one is probably here in the most concrete way. Applications made by companies like IKEA have made an impact on the mobile market. The solution for their app was implementing augmented reality in a way that people can arrange desirable items across their living space. This was great for testing various pieces of furniture and deciding to pick just the right one. Still, if you are having problems with choosing the right color for your room or need advice – experts at ASAP Sydney Painters deliver solutions.

The success following the app sparked question marks across tons of other industries on how this technology could attract engagement. What is to come is an avalanche of apps that will use this for practical and entertainment value. Soon enough, augmented reality will become the norm – with the rising quality of sensors and code that define the tech. It is only a matter of time before a must-have gadget emerges that embraces this solution.



Covering everything that is coming out would take countless hours and this is just a bite of what’s to come. Yearly we get more and we want more. You know your niche – ask around. If you’re a tech geek, connect that part with your other hobbies and you will most likely find a fresh gadget that is a definite must-have.


Ronald Wolf is a digital marketing freelancer, Australian outdoor boy and a strong believer in digital nomading and all of its benefits, but also is aware of the hardships and troubles you might find. As a kid his first love was computers so anything connected to tech is also in his circle of interest