This Xnspy iPhone Spy App review will stop you from looking up to your iPhone again, ever!

If you have the world’s most popular phone then we would want you to get the most out of it. iPhone is capable of nearly everything these days from augmented reality apps to QR scanners. But some apps made for the iPhone rise above the rest. Xnspy iOS spying app is one such app made for the new iPhone X and iPhone 8.

The app is equipped with some handy features to monitor any iPhone. There are many aspects of this app that can be helpful including its enhanced compatibility and convenient interface. But it is actually its features that sets it apart from others, especially in India.

We have rounded up a list of its top features that can make monitoring simpler and easier.

Tracking Location

Tracking Location with XNSPY

Protecting your near ones is important but you cannot always be with them when you are at work or they are out. So how can you monitor anyone without physically being with them all the time? Xnspy has the key to this concern. You can use its location monitoring capabilities to have a detailed information about the locations your target person visited.

It gives you the location information in different ways. You can either monitor them live through your Xnspy account or you can choose to read the history of their location. Both ways you will be updated about their movements anywhere in India provided they have the internet on their phone. Even if they do not have the internet, the app keeps recording their location and uploads it to your account when the internet is enabled.

Installing without Accessing the Phone

Most of the apps in the market will ask you to either have the physical access to the concerned iPhone or have it jailbroken to install the app. But Xnspy does not demand any such requirement in either of the case. This app offers two different versions for the convenience of its users. Xnspy iPhone spy app’s latest version does not require physical access to the phone or manual installation. You just need the iCloud credentials to pair the app with the target iPhone. And for those who have older iPhone models can choose its Jailbreak version to install the app on the phone.

‘Watchlist’ iPhone activity

Do you want to find if your husband is visiting your favorite restaurant without informing you? Well, there is a solution for this in the Xnspy app. Its ‘Watchlist’ feature is for those who want to keep an eye on certain locations. This will not only save your time but will make monitoring much more effective for you. You can simply put the name of specific locations on the ‘Watchlist’ and get instantly notified when the person visits the locations.

This feature is not just limited to the location, you can do the same for a particular email address or specific contact numbers that you want to stay informed about. You would never feel the need to touch their phone again.

Remote Monitoring

How about controlling the phone without getting an inch near? Yes! It is not just about monitoring, you can actually control the phone without even touching it. Xnspy iPhone spy app’s remote monitoring feature gives you the authority to wipe the person’s phone if it lands in the hands of a snatcher. You can lock the iPhone remotely if your kid is on the YouTube all the time.

But above all, there is an ambient recording feature on the phone that can surprise any user. You can remotely listen to the surroundings of the phone even if the person is not on a call. The app records the surrounding of the phone and uploads to your account where you can listen to it.

Compatible with the Former and Latest iOS Versions

You will see many spying apps in India that are certainly not up to the mark when it is about iPhone. As I mentioned earlier, some would require you to jailbreak your device to install the app others require to jailbreak to avail the premium features. The biggest limitation, however, is that they are not compatible with the latest iOS.

Apple recently launched its iOS 11 with its new phone models. There are just a handful of apps that offer compatibility with it. Xnspy is seamlessly compatible with the new iOS 11.2.5 version. You can use it on the new iPhone X or iPhone 8. At the same time, it supports all the previous iOS versions.

Keep an Eye on the Web Chats

Social media apps are the heartbeat of any smartphone. People communicate and buy through them. But they are also exploited by the stalkers and strangers. This has led to many digital offenses like cyberstalking, sexual exploitation of teens, and harassment on the internet.

Xnspy iOS spying app can help you curb and control them by keeping an eye on the major social media messengers. You can monitor chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and many more.

The app also provides you the call information about the WhatsApp, its shared media besides monitoring chats. So whenever you feel insecure about the modern gadgets, you have a solution in Xnspy.

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