Why Your FMCG Business Needs to Use Field Force Automation APP

BeatRoute’s new-age field force automation app can be used for your whole team including, field sales representatives, managers and members up on the hierarchy. BeatRoute mobile app for field force is a blend of excellent user interface as well as strong abilities to conduct field sales operations effectively.

Streamlined Sales Force Automation with GPS Intelligence

  • By using BeatRoute’s field force automation app, you are able to automatically track the GPS location of all the sales representatives or activities occurring on the ground.
  • This software makes sure that the attendance of representatives is registered on time, and also works as timely market coverage and commitment to the visit plan.
  • The field force automation app captures location as well as comprehensive profiling data of each store and customer in your sales network. 

Improve Face-Time with Retailers Through Territory and Route Optimization

  • You can also utilize our Orbit optimization algorithm in order to optimize routes as well as beat plans.
  • With this app, you can evaluate the viability of new territories along with travel cost estimations.
  • The field force automation software can improve customer relationship management through a sales representative.

Maximize sales with AI-powered SFA Order Taking App

  • Field force automation apps can ensure sales performance by boosting the skills of your sales executives.
  • You can get sales to your sales representative by suggesting SKUs as well as auto application of methods on our sales force automation app.
  • Field force automation software can allow sales teams to take stock, process returns, capture feedback, or raise tickets for problem solutions.
  • You are able to conduct an excellent market strategy on the complete Sales Force Automation Software in India.

Induce offtake with brilliant Visual Merchandising Audit App

  • With the usage of the field force automation app, you can comprehend your Retail Merchandising site better to evaluate the performance of your installation, campaigns, products display, and more sales processes through a sales rep.
  • This app will let your own sales teams or sales representatives gather VM feedback, including photos on our dedicated mobile app for the sales procedure.
  • The automation app can lessen the price of VM audits as well as can obtain more trustworthy data.

Understand Your retail Landscape for Segmented Action

  • This application works as automatically capturing Geo-Location as well as optimizing your coverage process.
  • With the help of a field force automation app, you can operate targeted tasks, Beat-plans as well as make appropriate display investments as per store segments.
  • You are able to utilize the most rapid as well as secure KYC identity assurance to enable immediate benefit transfer to stores with BeatRoute’s sales force automation app.

Each industry requires certain specifications that cannot be satisfied by generic sales force automation software abilities. At BeatRoute, we have prepared industry-specific workflows which you are able to pick, configure as well as adjust within a few days to start taking full advantage. 

Mandeep Singh, the founder of SEO Discovery, the leading digital marketing company is an experienced campaigner in the field of SEO marketing and the arena of digital selling.