Why Cyber Security Essentials is Important for Your Business

Cyber Security Definition

This term did not exist forty years ago, but today it is an essential part of society. Only what is cybersecurity exactly?

Cybersecurity stands for internet security. Internet security covers all measures that are taken to protect programs, computers and networks against digital crime. This way governments, companies and consumers are protected against cybercrime.

Why is it so Important?

This development offers many advantages regarding employment and economic growth, but new dangers also arise. Imagine that the care robots are hacked, or your details are put on the street. This digital society brings with it many vulnerabilities. That is why the cybersecurity branch has arisen.

Every day there are digital attacks and news articles about databases with personal data that have been leaked. These attacks are not carried out by hackers with a hobby, but by organisations, well trained and specialised in hacking.

That is why a particular approach is needed from governments, users and the business community. The vulnerabilities that digitalisation entails must be minimised. Experts in the field of digital security are therefore severely required.

Cybersecurity is the responsibility of every business. In the UK, there is a range of initiatives that serve as a basis for their cybersecurity agenda for various businesses.

The government-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials, was launched in 2014 by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. It is ideal for SMEs. The scheme predominantly aims to encourage organisations to adopt sound practices vis-à-vis their information security policy.

So, what exactly do Cyber Essentials do that benefits companies looking to get certified?

Provides an Opportunity to Audit Your Internal Security

There are some questions that every IT-reliant company should be asking itself; how long has it been since you last had your IT security policies audited? If you are not able to properly address this question, then I feel like you need to assess your situation more carefully. Improper security maintenance could cause irretrievable damage and may even lead to your business going under.

Through the scheme laid out by Cyber Essentials, you can effectively assess your security against an assessor company’s questionnaire and then have it verified by a senior executive. This way, you will be able to efficiently uncover all the weak spots of your company’s security policies.

Protects Against Common Threats

It is a sad fact that no such security strategy has been put in place that will guarantee a 100% protection against cybersecurity attacks, but Cyber Essentials aims to lessen the probability of risk as much as likely possible.

The majority of attacks can be very easy and straightforward to deal with as they exploit basic weak spots in IT systems and software. With Cyber Essentials, your business will have a sound foundation to fight off such unskilled cyber-attacks.

Portray Your Seriousness Toward Cybersecurity

By receiving a Cyber Essentials Certification badge, you can show your customers, investors, and both potential and existing business partners that you take cybersecurity very seriously.

This certification proves to be beneficial regarding storing personal information (such as medical records or financial information) or hosting other commercially sensitive data. This enables you to build and strengthen trust among your partners.

A Preparatory Step for GDPR

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations was enforced all across the EU. These regulations will make existing rules a lot stronger due to some stiff punishments.

Cyber Essentials provides your business with a great first step to prepare for GDPR. It is true that GDPR will require way more preparation than Cyber Essentials. However, in case there is a breach, your business can potentially avoid large fines simply by proving to the Information Commissioner’s Office your certification.

You Can Bid for Government Contracts

You can defend the integrity of government information by complying with the Cyber Essentials security scheme to bid for contracts that involve the exchange of sensitive data.

All in all, Cyber Essentials aims to make the UK a safe place to conduct business. You can visit their website for any further information and help that you might need.

Mudassar Ali is a tech lover, a tourist, a writer. Love to travel and write! I love to beat Google. My goal is to be a skilled part of current social media.