Which is the best choice for your online shop – Magento or WooCommerce?


Whether it is about Magento or WooCommerce, they both are a bunch of packed features and they both are literally widely popular among the industries these.

Although it depends upon some circumstances and requirements that company is preferring which platform to achieve the best ever web page functions, but a few are still confused about what the two are serving and what the differentiation is.

Scratching your head for this confusion is going to resolve in this article as you can find your way to achieve the one best-suited platform for your online shop.

Make the right choice for your unique needs, you will never regret but first of all this article will comprehend the details about the both to embrace your final decision –

Cracking the differences between the two platforms, start with the understanding of both and then explore them individually –

What are Magento – Features, and Usage?

This is an open source e-commerce platform that is tailored to web development professionals and allows medium to large businesses to create online stores, accept payments, and manage products.

Magento offers the most robust feature sets in the field, as it has a community edition available for free download and the paid solutions too which come with additional features, cloud hosting, and support. This further leads the platform an ideal one for high aspirations.

Magento E-commerce Development Services are having the great features that enhance the usage of this –

Magento is geared towards the companies and industries. There are some key features mentioned below

  • It supports the unlimited number of products, like a respecting self-hosted platform.
  • The platform comes with its own themes and layout system.
  • This includes the efficient APIs that can connect with any third-party solution.
  • It has intuitive admin interfaces and product creation tools.

What is WooCommerce – Features, and Usage?

WooCommerce is an open source eCommerce platform; this is actually a powerful plugin for the WordPress platform. WordPress stands as the world’s most popular website builder as it allows easy creation of online store, accepting payments and many more.

It offers the features that one need from an e-commerce solution while retaining and acquiring the easy use of its parent platform.

WooCommerce Development Services are having the great features that enhance the usage of this –

WooCommerce is the common name to the most users of WordPress. This popular e-commerce platform comes with all the functionalities that one needs to create an online shop or store.

Below are the key features that are representing the same –

  • This supports the n number of products.
  • This platform comes with the robust extension system which is based on WordPress plugin format.
  • This enables your store to pick almost every payment processors you want, the extensions are used.
  • It combines with the dozens of free and premium themes.

Merits & Demerits of Magento –

Here listing the merits of the platform –

  • This platform is built for scalability. This should have no problems while handling the large stores, as long as your host can manage them all well.
  • Shoppers are enabled to check out faster through a streamlined process. Additionally, the guest checkout is turned on by default.
  • This integrates with various payment platforms like PayPal and all.

The Demerits of Magento are mentioned below –

  • Magento acts like more geared towards the developers than users.
  • Its Enterprise Edition is quite costly, but that is somehow obvious as their target market.

Merits & Demerits of WooCommerce –

Here listing the merits of the platform –

  • WooCommerce lets you set up an online store is free, aside from the web hosting costs.
  • It is quite easy to pick up if you are having any experience with WordPress.
  • There is extensive and proper documentation is available for the users. Apart from this, if you are having any query, contact the team.
  • This integrates with Google Analytics using an extension.
  • It includes SSL support, but what you need to do is just to obtain your own certificate.

The Demerits of WooCommerce are mentioned below –

  • If you are not very friendly with WordPress, you need to learn two new and through different platforms
  • Premium themes and the extension costs can add up quickly.

Magento – Cost of Development and Maintenance –

Magento comes in two editions – one is community edition and the other is Magento Commerce which includes paid plans with cloud hosting included. The Custom Magento Development Company serves the need of creating a proper online shop with multiple functions.

The paid plans for Magento platform are quite expensive as they offer various plans that consist of cloud hosting. Although the pricing plans are not listed on the Magento website, the plan as the small business is available as monthly subscription along with a revenue-based license cost.

The core software Magento can be downloaded for free, but you have to attain at least a VPS hosting plan or a proper cloud host to run it. If you purchase the paid extensions, themes, or you are hiring any developer to work for your Magento store, then all these are going to increase your costs significantly.

The cost of starting a WooCommerce store is literally much lower than the Magento community edition. There are plenty of choices that are available for WooCommerce hosting plans, which helps you choose a plan that fits your budget.

Although WooCommerce is available as free software to avail the people to download and install, the hosting and themes using paid extensions for WooCommerce will affect your costs.

You will have to a domain name, SSL certificate, and a WordPress hosting account to start your WooCommerce online store. You can easily find free WooCommerce plugins as alternatives to paid extensions. There are tons of free WooCommerce themes that one can use to further reduce your costs.

There are various specialized WooCommerce hosting companies that are even offering discounted hosting plans which further reduce the starting cost significantly.

The affordable hosting plans and the abundance of low-cost free extensions and themes, WooCommerce is undoubtedly less costly than the other one.

Magento vs WooCommerce – Which one is for your business?

Both platforms, Magento and WooCommerce, are open source software, that can be extended with extensions, and utilize the templates for design. However, they both have different pros and cons which make them unique.

As far as the beginners are concerned, the choice is very simple that we recommend WooCommerce over the Magento.

It is not only easy to use and but also cheap to set up. This makes the platform perfect for small operations that require getting off the ground quickly. It enables the users to set up almost every kind of online store.

Actually, Magento is indeed a fantastic e-commerce solution. This shines when it comes to scalability, therefore this stands as the ideal choice for the existing companies. It serves amazingly with e-commerce platforms; only the high price tag is the barrier still the enterprises can afford.

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