Which Front-end Technology will dominate in 2022?

With the world still reeling from the epidemic and WFH culture, the importance of digitization and internet activities has grown. Software solutions have gained traction, and front-end technologies are the technologies that fuel the success of all software solutions. Of course, back-end technologies are as vital, but the front-end is the essential product that users will see and appreciate immediately. However, Front-end technologies are being introduced at a rapid pace, making it hard to choose which one to use. Almost every React js web development company offers hundreds of front-end technologies to the clients in their services. Before we go into the list of front-end technologies, let’s take a brief look at some of the highlights of front-end development.

What Is Front-End Development?

The part of web development that is visible to the end-user is called front-end development. As a result, front-end developers are primarily responsible for creating UIs that users can interact with. In fact, the data of the application is handled by the back-end. Together, front-end and back-end programmers can design an application that is both transparent and functional. Overall, the page layout, visuals, and content are the front-end which draws from the back-end, resulting in the final image on our phones’ or displays’ screens.

Key Advantages:
  • Debugging and code optimization
  • Templates and reusable components
  • Task automation and prototyping
  • Productivity gains and user-driven output
  • Programming in real-time
  • Simple to understand and use
  • Responsive design 

List of Best Front-end Technologies to Use in 2022

There is a vast umbrella of technologies, and many front-end technologies on the web and mobile are anticipated to shine brightly in 2022. Therefore, here is a list of front-end technologies that will be dominant in 2022.


Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the most used scripting languages on the Internet. In addition to this, it is most renowned for using its dynamic competencies to revolutionize the web. It was interactive in nature, with features such as clicking, scrolling, pop-ups, advertisements, and asynchronous calls, among others. So, many front-end frameworks rely on it to provide life to web pages on the client-side. 

  • Lightweight and interpretable
  • Single-threaded prototype-based
  • Support for object-oriented programming
  • Imperative and declarative

React Js:

React, often known as React JS, is a popular front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces and related components. It employs the MVC architecture, which separates the presentation and data availability layers. The Virtual DOM and how it manages document access and manipulation is one of its USPs. The DOM works well with HTML and XML documents, transforming them into a tree structure and treating each HTML element as an object.

  • Fast and reusable code
  • Platform-specific languages and native languages
  • Community friendly
  • Easy to write with JSX

No doubt, it is easy to use and write with JSX. Still, you need to take help from React js web development company which can help you create your web application.

Vue Js:

Vue.js is a progressive, modern MVVM framework that makes the most of gradual adoption. Moreover, Vue.js has been producing interactive UI elements that are easy to adjust and lightweight in nature as one of the top JavaScript frameworks. It has a flexible and easy API for data-reactive elements. Also, it is simple to complete minor projects and then expand up to immense requirements.

  • Faster Implementing a virtual DOM
  • Simple data binding in both directions
  • Updates and manufacturing are done quickly.
  • Declarative Rendering 

Angular Js:

AngularJS is a TypeScript-based web application framework. Moreover, it is part of the MEAN technology stack. The business logic layer is separated from the graphical user interface layer using the MVVM design pattern. It includes templates to assist developers in quickly creating UI views. Despite this, it provides faster loading and less navigating, resulting in a more efficient user experience. Faster prototyping is a desirable characteristic that improves server performance.

Key Features:
  • High Server performance
  • Data Binding
  • Architecture and directives
  • Deep linking and responsiveness

But we will recommend you go for React js because Angular js creates errors while migration, also, it has slow page rendering. So, get React js development services from a notable web development agency.


Microsoft’s TypeScript is Microsoft’s most popular programming language. Its trans compiles JavaScript and intend to develop huge applications. However, it is a JavaScript superset that keeps adding optional static typing components. Further, its semantics are shared with JS because it is an open-source language. TypeScript-based apps are scalable and responsive. It supports static typing and works well on both the server and client sides.

  • Support JavaScript libraries
  • Predictability and readability
  • Static typing is optional.
  • Improved IDE assistance


jQuery is a multi-functional JavaScript library that is compact and fast. It improves web development by simplifying HTML page viewing, event handling, operations, and Ajax interactions. Moreover, web parsing says that jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library.

In fact, jQuery is used to improve a website’s interaction and functionality by manipulating the DOM and CSS on the front end. Furthermore, this framework is user-friendly and compatible with the browsers you like. Moreover, many world’s well-known agencies use jquery.

Key features:
  • Development in motion;
  • The learning curve is short;
  • Outstanding community support;
  • Broad compatibility

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the front-end is a very sophisticated environment. Each of the programming languages listed above has its own set of benefits and features and some drawbacks. When selecting the appropriate language, you should carefully consider all of the languages’ characteristics and try to fit them into your product. Although, if you are looking for a web app, we recommend you to go with React js technology. On the whole, you can engage with React js web development company to create your PWA app.

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