What is Influencer Marketing: How to Develop Your Strategy

In the current digital age, People are influenced by interconnection and social networks. Certain users (people) on the Internet can influence public opinion or decision easily. Most of them are about buying a product and affecting the reputation of a brand.

Many users surf the internet in search of blogs, videos, or publications on social networks when they are doubtful about buying a product. Also, going to a restaurant or accepting other types of services that offer advice, evaluation, or review in the region of what they want to create.

In these situations, some brands decide to develop effective marketing strategies to maintain and grow relationships with people whose views and support influence some customers. These types of people are called influencers. And they can help an organization achieve marketing goals in terms of products and / or services.

Influencer marketing Jocial

We will take advantage of this post to talk about effective marketing. And how this marketing strategy can help small, medium and large companies position themselves better in digital media. This is something that we’ve been talking about a lot over the last year. Always trying to make you understand that good work needs to be successful and especially understand that sending a gift to an influencer will not be enough to create a good influencer marketing strategy.

But … What exactly is an influencer? An influencer is a person who:

  • He has a certain level of credibility in a particular subject, that is, he specializes in the field in which he goes.
  • It has a presence and influence on social networks. He uses social networks to promote his views and his words have the power to influence the decisions or opinions of users on the Internet. For example, influencing the decision to buy or not to buy a particular product.
  • He is the potential presider of a brand, he becomes the ambassador of the product or brand.
  • It can make a difference in your business, website, or blog. So that it has more visits, popularity, and visibility – although this is not always guaranteed.
  • He enjoys some popularity but doesn’t have to be a celebrity or celebrity.

How can an influencer impact the image of a brand?

Write about any kind of content related to a product, service, event, or brand through a post on your blog or social network where you have the most impact. You can share information about the brand or offer products on the social networks that affect you the most. These and other factors must be considered when selecting influencers for marketing activities.

According to Jocial an expert in digital marketing and social media strategies, blogs have many advantages over using digital influencers as brand ambassadors. Also, it establishes the types of agreements between an organization and the influencer which we express below:

How is an Influence Marketing strategy developed?

STEP 1: Set one or more specific goals and how they will develop, i.e. the action will be performed. The objectives may be:

  • Promoting a product,
  • Promoting an event,
  • To get new customers,
  • Reach more visits on the web,
  • Create more engagement on social networks etc.

And examples of actions that can be taken appear in the previous figure.

STEP 2:  Determine the type of influencer according to the intended purpose. Some features of the influencer must be clear to know who should propose the established marketing action in the first step 1:

  • His ability to create opinions and reactions among other users when he talks about a particular topic.
  • The level of difficulty of the influencer in the discussion about the set action.
  • We need the necessary materials from influential people. This will determine which blogger, YouTuber, or other types of influencers should be selected.
  • The professional and personal characteristics of our preferred influencer must be analyzed in detail. The area of personalization of the person, whether that person can influence your target audience in other ways (outgoing or not).
  • The kind of audience that follows influential people, that is, if they have a few followers, has qualities that can be attractive to the organization. Or if they have a lot of followers, their qualities as users are not taken into account. Because no matter what kind of consumer they are, our goal is to get the maximum number of impressions possible.

STEP 3: Use the services of a tool or consultant to identify this type of user. In the fashion sector, for example, there is a wide range of influential users. With many users choosing the one that is most suited to the brand’s strategy, from a variety of platforms.

STEP 4:  Once the person has been selected, perform the actions described in Step 2. For example, “Influential Instagram photos, consuming our product in positive comments, matching the URL of our corporate website.”

STEP 5:  Finally, observe, measure, and analyze the actions performed by the influencer to test whether the actions performed have reached the traditional goal. Some influential detection tools allow monitoring and analysis of impact marketing activities.

We hope that all these keys will help you to improve the strategy of Influencer Marketing. In conclusion, we hope you will be encouraged to use this promising digital marketing strategy after focusing on our various post influencers and influencer marketing. If you need more information or advice on social media marketing, branding, web analytics, or anything else, you might want to think about it! Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you with the online marketing company JOCIAL.

Thank you so much for following us on this tour to understand effective marketing. If you have any questions or would like to give us something from your experience, we are waiting for you in the comments!

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