What Every Business Needs to Know About a Knowledge Base

By now, you ought to have noticed that quite a few customers prefer to look for information on their own rather than rely on the customer support that does not necessarily respond in time.

Businesses are starting to realize just how much of an impact a good knowledge base can have, especially if you are looking to develop something that will last for many years and bring you profit.

If you were to look at this knowledge base example list by HeroThemes, you would realize how companies have made it work for them and elevated their businesses to new heights.

Defining it

So what is a knowledge base? Well, to put it in easy terms, it is a library that provides information to both employees and customers. A good knowledge base helps immensely to both parties and it would be hard to come up with a reason why you would refrain from developing something like that yourself.

Types of Knowledge Bases

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As expected, different people prefer to do things in a different way. Thus, it is natural that there are plenty of variations as far as knowledge bases go.

An FAQ page is the best example and one you should be the most familiar with as it has been around for quite a long time now. Despite the fact that it may seem like something outdated, businesses continue to emphasize its importance and update their pages all the time. After all, it is something that average internet surfers expect to find.

Infographics, articles, guides, video tutorials on social media and YouTube are probably the go-to options. Most websites have articles already anyway, and it helps with more than just providing more information to everyone. A well-written article improves search engine optimization. As for videos on different platforms, it is a good source for more traffic, not to mention the fact that it is the best alternative if you are dealing with something that requires technical knowledge.

Communities that develop on their own are also quite popular. Forums are a good example. So is Discord servers or groups on social media. It is especially great if you want to connect with your customers directly. Have someone from the company moderate the group and keep track of everything that your customers are talking about.


Those who have doubts should think about all the advantages that a well-established knowledge base offers. After you are done reading them, any doubts you might have had will most certainly disappear.

Available for Free

Like already mentioned, you could create a server or a group on either of the platforms and it would not cost you anything. And if you are looking to put everything on the website, well, the same thing applies here as well as there are plenty of free alternatives to all that expensive knowledge base software you might find.

Consistency in Service

Consistency can be all over the place. Or rather, it could be missing entirely in your company. Unless everyone is on the same page on all matters, there is bound to be trouble.

That is what a knowledge base is for. It is a rulebook that applies to everyone, from top to bottom. And if all your cogs are functioning properly, customers and employees will be happy.

Saving Time


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Having a quick search on the website should give you an answer immediately. You will not have to wait for an email response or even bother making a phone call. Let us be honest. Not everyone likes doing that in the first place and would much rather prefer taking care of things without speaking with someone via phone.

Professional Look

It is something to be proud of, especially if you do a great job. Make yourself stand out, appear to be smart, professional, and up to contemporary standards.


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Employees will be able to train themselves and make fewer mistakes if all the information is easily accessible. You will not have to spend ridiculous amounts on employee training and save money that would be lost due to their errors.

What You Need to Remember When Developing a Knowledge Base

Since this will likely be your first time creating a knowledge base, there are quite a few things to keep track of.

First and foremost, study the examples you can find and determine what makes those particular knowledge bases great.

Content needs to be in the same place and easily accessible. Include different pages but stay consistent in both how you locate them and the voice you use coming up with the content, be it in written or video form. Keep the information relevant and update it consistently to ensure that even the most trivial of problems can be solved if the person is actively looking for the answer on the website.

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