Waiting for next Google Pixel 3 smartphone is worth?

Last year’s smartphones line Pixel differ in the size of displays and prices, now everything is more complicated. At the heart of the second generation Google smartphone are the same System on chip, cameras, operating system and memory, but the displays have not only differed in the diagonal of the screens. The development of Pixel 2 was handled by HTC, and it turned out to be closer to the first-borns.

The creation of Pixel 2 XL was attracted by LG, which affected the design of the phone – outwardly it resembles the LG V30. The user will need to choose what he likes more: a classic in the person of Pixel 2 or fashion trends embodied in Pixel 2 XL. And, if both phones doesn’t belong to you then you should wait for the next Google Pixel 3.


The ruler Pixel is oriented to the wealthy fans. They are wealthy people who want to receive all the best. The cost of smartphones for them does not play a determining role, most importantly, what’s inside.

Features of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Both phones received the same hardware. This processor Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM. There is a model on the market and with a large amount of RAM, but 4 GB is enough for a year and a half of stable operation. With built-in memory, things are not that simple.

Google traditionally does not equip its devices with memory cards, offering a choice of models with a drive of 64 or 128 GB. If you take a lot of pictures, use a smartphone to store music and video collections, the amount of memory may not be enough.

The company offers to use unlimited cloud storage for storing photos. You can store photos for free within 3 years. Before the launch of the device, it was expected Google will launch something comparable to the Galaxy S8, however, Google is lagging in the race, and now we hope Google will cop up once the Google Pixel 3 is revealed to the market.

Both devices show high performance. The interface simply flies, any games go at maximum settings. In benchmarks, the models showed results at the level of other flagships but lost to the iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Chinese devices with powerful batteries have spoiled us. Against this background, Pixel 2 with a battery capacity of 2700 mAh and 2 XL with a battery at 3520 mAh look very modest. The large screen consumes more energy, so the autonomy of the phones is about the same. Both calmly live until evening in the active mode. With the display enabled, the Pixel 2 XL works for 9 hours, the younger model – just over 8 hours.

The devices support fast charging technology, but they were not able to charge without wires, which is strange – the glass panel of the case allows it. What drives the manufacturer, depriving consumers of useful features, is unclear.


The second generation of the Pixel line has received stereo speakers, but the headphones do not come bundled. There is no usual audio jack. Following the example of other companies, Google got rid of the headphone jack. As usual, there is no rational explanation for this. To listen to music, headphones need to be connected via an adapter (it’s included in the kit) or to purchase a brand-new wireless headset – just for $ 159 (sarcasm!).

The stereo speakers themselves are loud, the sound is clear.

Smartphones listen to what’s going on around and react to voice commands while on standby. If a number of music is playing, a track with a title is displayed on the screen. Background melodies devices can not recognize, for this you need to be near the source of music.

No doubt, the competition is eating Google, and if Google doesn’t come with really interesting device, then we are sorry as it is a bull market of smartphone, only the top-end will survive. Pixel 2 is already an expensive smartphone, and in the same price there are other good options. So, we might need solid content in the next Google Pixel 3.

Sam loves to explore about latest technology happenings and new tech devices coming to the market.