Utility of Aptitude Testing In Hiring

The current trend and standard practice in all sectors is to use aptitude tests for screening job applicants. Hence they have become an integral part of the hiring process.

Nowadays, all job vacancies are likely to draw a vast pool of potential applicants. By pre-screening the applicants, you can reduce these large numbers to a manageable size who can proceed to more rigorous process of hiring.


Aptitude tests help companies to make more informed decisions regarding hiring. Making comparisons   has become more relevant with the large number of applicants. These aptitude assessments online make accurate assessments of candidates based on what is pertinent to the job. For instance, the prowess of candidate to reason, think and write coherently, for inter- personal skills and to problem solve will be judged.

Along with interview, aptitude tests provide an accurate picture of the potential of a candidate to achieve success in the job role. Various aptitude tests test various qualities of a candidate but all throw valuable light on the potential of candidates. But the tests must be designed as per needs of the job role; otherwise its results will be inaccurate.

Types of Aptitude Tests

Care must be taken regarding content and delivery of aptitude tests. They must be designed keeping in mind time and cost as well as suitability to the job on offer.

Types of tests include:

  • Knowledge tests: They measure how much the candidate knows about job on offer. Such tests must be designed on topics that suit the job role such that candidates can be tested on relevant knowledge.
  • Skill tests: These are usually simple skills relevant to the job like data entry and keyboard/ typing skills.
  • Ability tests: These tests typically measure mental or cognitive ability. They are related to levels of performance, based on providing candidates with workplace scenarios and testing what they would do in a particular situation.
  • Personality tests: There are many kinds but the most common measure- 1) extroversion 2) openness to experience 3) conscientiousness 4) emotional stability and 5) agreeableness. These tests are used typically for sales jobs.

Some qualities assessed by aptitude tests are:

  • Abstract reasoning
  • Spatial visualization
  • Manual dexterity
  • Numerical aptitude
  • Literary skills
  • Creative skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Speed and accuracy of perception
  • Spelling
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Scientific skills.

Aptitude assessment tests are often conducted on premises of employees or a testing center provided and administered by a third party. The traditional mode is either via pen and pencil mode or a PC. But today, more and more companies are relying on the internet to conductsuch tests.

The advantages of online aptitude tests are:

  • Ability to test large number of candidates at the same time
  • Speedy assessment and real time reporting of results


  • As per studies, aptitude tests are quite accurate in predicting the success of a candidate in a job role.
  • They can be used to find the right person for the job.
  • They are accurate in evaluating weaknesses and strengths of a candidate. Interviews are not sufficient and aptitude tests are more revealing of potential of candidate.

These are some aspects about aptitude tests.


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