Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2021

There was no turning back to the moment when smartphones became the face of technology. After that, the world was revolutionized by technology and nothing remained the same.

Smartphones have made all our lives way easier. Multiple technologies have crawled their ways into our everyday lives.
Also, the expenditure from the development of the mobile application has spiked quite high.

This phenomenon led to the materialization and emergence of even more mobile app development trends. This is a win-win for both users and app creators. Our lives have never been much easier due to these trends. Additionally, it has brought even more mechanisms into the developer’s stack.

The mobile app’s future has been looking vibrant than ever before.

In 2021, there will be plenty of innovative mobile application trends seeing daylight and simplifying our lives.

1. 5G Technology

The 5G system is many times faster than 4G. The immensely improving speed could be found all over you wherever you go and will highly affect the data-rich functionalities of mobile applications. This also includes increased credibility of highly faithful content on streaming systems.

As per predictions by industry experts, an amazing trigger in the 5G connections is expected from now till 2024. This ongoing release will eventually change the development process of mobile applications.

2. Determined Flip Phone Application

The simplest way mobile hardware developers have justified to distinguish their products is by coiling back to moving forward.

Flip phones gained traction in the 90s, however, modern ones boost significantly larger screens with great complete touch features.

One of the most exciting mobile application trends for 2021 would be to see how developers create to utilize that screen place and its special foldable nature.

3. M-Commerce

As per the prediction of Statista, by 2021, m-commerce can capture about 72.9% of the online market.

This has directly implied the statement that if you run a toy business and are not selling online, you’re losing out on a humongous market.

This means that whoever is doing that will also be competing with the leaders of the field, which includes Amazon. For standing a chance, you’ll need a highly usable and feature-rich mobile app or even an analogous alternative.

One considerable substitute of a highly scalable native mobile app might be utilizing Progress Web Apps (PWA) to build a responsive website that can be installed easily instead of on handheld devices. In consideration of all 2021 mobile application development trends, this could account for a huge one.

4. Wearable Apps

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have started gaining traction in recent times. This is going to increase in the future with the release of the 5G system in a world where people live and exercise in solidarity.

In general, Apple’s WatchOS 6 shows a ginormous chance for mobile programmers to develop amazing apps that the user can download and use on the move, straight to their hands. This turns into wearable apps and Apple ones, in particular, a great mobile application development trend in the year 2021.

5. Android Apps

Android’s Apps will equally witness improved innovation this year.

Instant Apps will allow users to test and get the demo of the Android app without downloading it in the first place. It will take a lot from the developers of the “Instant” app to turn a customer just browsing an app to change him/her into a paying user.
For a curious development, it is one of the major 2021 trends of application development trends.

6. Augmented Reality

This is also an amazing pattern in augmented reality. Zoom backgrounds and Snapchat filters are the major two examples of how AR is making its presence felt in the mobile ecosystem. They have added a delicate layer to our way of communication.
However, these systems are just a sample of such technologies. Cloud and 5G-based AR will virtually enable app developers to work in the healthcare, marketing, and also many entertainment sectors to provide ads, products, and services in many ways. This AR is one of the most promising trends for 2021 in terms of Mobile App Development.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When you hear the word artificial intelligence, there are many things such as Virtual Assistants, chatbots, etc., that may come to your mind. More recently, there are many AI-based image filtering tools such as Prisma, Face App, etc.

However, in 2021, AI will also play a more active role in our daily lives. Apart from the betterment of existing apps, many other tools like AI-based surveillance systems, audio translations, user predictions, etc. would be included in smartphones.

In complex activities like mobile application development, a fusion of AI and ML can be quite amazing in complex functions like mobile application development, iOS development, or android application development. This system can easily make out the entire development process from the earlier data, identify issues, and correct them in real-time.

This system can go to the lengths of learning our behaviors and preferences via our daily usage ways and incorporate required actions.

For example, ML can recognize our buying pattern from the previous data. Hence, when in the future, you shop online, it instantly leads you to the desired products without browsing them. This is quite effective in eCommerce app environments.

When combining AI and IoT, you don’t have to use your fingers to perform the task. While you are resting, AI will accordingly control your homes, devices, home apparatus, etc.

8. Internet of Things

Nobody could’ve anticipated that the internet would enter into our lives to this extent.

IoT is something that can control our bedroom as well as the kitchen. Suppose, while busy in your office, you realized you slipped locking your house or car. So rather than rushing back home, you can lock the house from wherever you are at the moment. All you require is an IoT-enabled lock system, a great internet connection, or an IoT application.

IoT isn’t just limited to our home or workplace, in the future, it can also monitor and take necessary actions by utilizing IoT systems.

IoT products such as Philips lighting system, Amazon Dash button, August smart lock, etc. are gaining a large number of users. Many business companies are quickly shifting to the ecosystem of the IoT. It is expected that in 2021, IoT tools will become omnipresent as smartphones.


These are some of the most upcoming and promising mobile application development trends that you are going to witness in 2021. So, if you wish to capture the global or even local market share of your business, better to hire a highly professional and pioneer mobile app development company to get the most out of it.

Mr. Natvar Mistry, the CEO of Atharva System, has nurtured the company with his technocratic and entrepreneurial expertise, and also expresses his thoughts frequently on this blog.