Top 5 Upcoming Phones in India 2018

Today, in the fast-growing smartphone market there is massive competition as there are many significant brands competing with each other in specs and quality of product that they are delivering to the market. Latest news suggests that now big names are fighting for the screen to phone size ratio, processor and in another respect too. So now people are thinking of waiting for 2018 for new phones to come so that they can explore the original specs and new design of the smartphone. Here we are listing few phones which are rumored to be launched next year and are worth waiting for. You can also read a review about the best fitness band in India.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung patent’s the Galaxy S9’s fingerprint scanner which will be placed in a circular top notch in the bottom of the display. Samsung Galaxy S8 will hit the stores earlier this season, but we are already hearing rumors of this Samsung Galaxy S9, with one report claiming the phone is currently in the first couple of phases of production. The rumors are now coming thick and fast to discover what the brand new phone will look like, especially because we have now seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 along with also the iPhone 8. Therefore we’ve rounded up the best of these here – and answering some crucial questions. The latest leaks imply the Samsung Galaxy S9 will encourage modular accessories nevertheless without a fingerprint built into the display (regrettably, still round the back). We are expecting $720, £689, AU$1,199. According to present projections, as we are expecting the Galaxy S9 to come in about precisely the same price as its predecessor. Given we are not expecting massive design changes, we uncertainty too high of a price rise. We are expecting a March 2018 launching. While the current rumors indicate the S9 will start in January, that is too premature given individuals are locked into arrangement cycles.


But this is the latest LG With a top and bottom, a top notch which appears quite similar to what exactly the iPhone X includes, the latest LG G7 concept demonstrates the way the display opens towards the sides of your device, obscuring the metallic component and also making it a genuinely edge-to-edge smartphone. This portion will certainly get consumers hooked and if you believed that the V30 proved to be a terrific Android flagship than you ought to have high hopes to the G7.

For one thing, the producer is not going to compromise the hardware, suggesting that the phone is going to be outfitted with all the Snapdragon 845. The chipset was discharged to be declared in December so that we will soon be providing you with all the details about what is important and what needs to be left on the sidelines. The optics part is something which LG nailed with the release of this V30, and this is something which we anticipate will be replicated with the initiation of the G7.

In the concept video revealed below, the same fingerprint reader and back camera glass positioning are displayed, but with just a little twist in the middle. The glass panel today comes with a mosaic-like layout which is certain to be an eye-catching edition if the true G7 come together with it. The total screen-to-body ratio continues to be decreased considerably, so here is to hoping that the maker takes a few tips in producing a terrific flagship for 2018.

MI 7

OnePlus is reportedly gearing up to start its second flagship called OnePlus 6 in late 2018. Now if current rumors are to be believed then OnePlus six will be the sole device to be launched in 2018, it is likely the Xiaomi will start the Xiaomi Mi7 first next calendar year.

Now according to the current accounts, Xiaomi might announce that the Mi 7 during the next year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) to be held in Barcelona in February, the similar manner the firm started the Mi 5 final year.

A recent report demonstrated that Xiaomi along with Qualcomm is now working to optimize the upcoming Snapdragon 845 SoC for its upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7. Even the Xiaomi Mi 7 is likely to include a large-sized OLED display with 18:9 aspect ratio made by Samsung and the smartphone will not contain an in-display fingerprint scanner. The Snapdragon 845 SoC will be produced using a 10nm Low Power Historical (LPE) FinFET procedure.


HTC is possibly the most significant titles in smartphone history. However, we understand they’ve gone through a rough time lately and has now managed to revived out of the harm with the latest launching of their HTC U11. We can find that HTC U11 has been the smartphone which brought back a victory for the brand. HTC U11 with its shiny back, slim design, and camera capabilities has now handled impress both the critics and enthusiast.

So with the achievement of this HTC U11, we strongly believe that the HTC would attempt to proceed farther with the design of upcoming HTC U12 which is likewise anticipated to function as HTC flagship of 2018. So inspired by the design of this HTC U11 They have established the concept rendering of this HTC U12, here they have gone back today to the HTC’s Classic curved back design and integrated it with all the premium bezel-less fad and added a few glistening finish from U11 along with the final product only seems amazing.

They also have integrated some new components into the design like display integrated fingerprint scanner along with rear-facing the camera, double back camera, each of that technology which is the present tendency in the smartphone marketplace.

So have a look and tell us what you think of the design. The camera section will comprise 16+16MP primary camera with the majority of the advanced image sensor from Sony, while the front camera is anticipated to 16MP itself which has now been created 30% streamlined for maximizing the Display to body ratio. Your body construction will be done with alloy and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 while the entire device will be dust and waterproof with IP68 certification.


Nokia will again come up with a new smartphone named Nokia N9. It is running on the Linux-based MeeGo “Harmattan” mobile operating system. It has been announced in June 2011 and will be released in October of this year, and it was the first and only device from Nokia with MeeGo. The phone is set up to package 64GB of internal storage that can’t be enlarged. So far as the cameras have been involved, the Nokia 9 is set up to package a 22-megapixel primary camera to the trunk plus a 12-megapixel front shot for selfies. The Nokia n9 is setup to operate Android 7.1 and also be powered using a 3800mAh nonremovable battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

So there is a great probability that the Samsung Galaxy Notice 9 will probably be announced in late August 2018, before hitting stores possibly in mid to late September. As it does, it’s guaranteed to be expensive. The Galaxy Note 8 retails for $929 / #869 / AU$1,499 and we can not watch Samsung lowering the price for its Note 9, especially today Apple has pushed smartphone prices much higher with its iPhone X. The biggest Samsung Galaxy Notice 9 rumor relates to its fingerprint scanner, which might be built into the monitor. Both the Samsung and Apple have been rumored to be working on this but failed to achieve it in time to get their latest handsets, pushing Samsung to transfer the scanner to some sub-optimal position on the back of this Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8, while Apple ditched it all together in the iPhone X. The latest rumor comes from analysts in KGI Securities, that guess the in-screen scanner will not be prepared in time to get your Samsung Galaxy S9, but will probably be done for its Note 9. A much more ambitious target for the Galaxy Notice 9 would be for it to really have a bendable display. This is something Samsung’s been working on for much longer, and now Samsung’s president of mobile has said the firm intends to establish this type of phone annually.

Moto Z

The Moto Z Android smartphone with a new name which begins at the end of the alphabet, but is really the first to pioneer modular connectivity in a stronger manner than its competitors. It’s the world’s thinnest phone at 5.19millimeters in so “thickness,” and it seems incredibly thin to hold. Nevertheless, you should not want it to remain this slim. There are already five practical, modular accessories — over we’ve observed with all the add-on-deprived LG G5 — plus they satisfyingly and firmly attach to the back of this phone with magnets. Moto Z’s “build out your smartphone” concept is enjoyable and also, importantly, its MotoMods are creative and well-designed. There is everything from a predictable (but essential) battery back, with some more wild pico projector.

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