Top 10 WordPress Themes for Entertainment Blog: Autumn trends

The entertain industry is not just massive but highly competitive. But your creativity and uniqueness will cause you to stand out from the crowd. Choosing the best WordPress theme with a purpose-oriented design that suits your niche is vital whether you are operating a music blog, video blog, celebrity gossip or news blog.

But making a choice could prove to be time-consuming and stressful because there are tons of themes out there.

So, just like rendering college homework help, we have managed to put together a compendium of top quality WordPress themes that can make your entertainment blog more visually appealing.

#1 Divi

Divi theme

To succeed as an entertainment blogger, choosing a responsive theme is imperative.  That is why a vast number of entertainment bloggers prefers themes like Divi. Divi is one of the flexible and versatile themes on the market. And it suits the style of the modern day entertainment blogging business. The theme is suitable for almost all websites and niches but designed for the entertainment niche.

Divi also has an incredible customization potential suitable for entertainment blogs or online magazines. Its unique block-based layout edition and creation capacity makes it a perfect match for such dealings. On this theme, you will have access to other custom blocks to add different features such as links, images, videos and a host of other functionalities that can make your blog more functional.

Divi has tons of features that suit the style of entertainment blogging business. And besides the vast number of professional layout, this incredible theme is also designed with superior admin tools, advanced typographical options and a long list of color iterations. Having such a theme installed on your website will enhance the look and make your site more engaging.

#2 Lush


If you are looking for a superb theme that fits a music band or musician’s blog, then go for Lush. The theme is one of the best themes for a music blog and offers tons of features that could make your entertain blog flourish. Lush is quite elegant and but simple to navigate. And you can also use it for other entertainment niches, not only music.

Lush also comes with a unique audio player that your music entertainment website will inevitably need. The theme also lets you create impressive image galleries so you can display numerous photos on your fantastic blog. Also, with the Visual Composer page builder, you can create any page design of your choice with ease.

In addition to a great interface, Lush also displays events as well as event countdown that will keep you informed on tasks and activities ahead. Overall, the theme is well built and suitable for an online entertainment business.

#3 Music Pro

music pro

Transform your music into something more engaging blog with Music Pro, one of the most exceptional music-oriented themes on the market. Besides the impressive visual appeal of this theme, the fact that it is highly responsive makes it suitable for the music entertainment blogging business. So, if you are looking for an appropriate theme for your music blog, get Music Pro without thinking twice about it.

Using this theme, you can change the behavior of your website at will. It comes with superior admin options that let you perform changes with ease. Another thing that makes Music Pro stand out is the optimization option. It is designed to be SEO-friendly, so you don’t need to do much regarding on-page optimization on your blog. The theme also comes with an incredible inbuilt jPlayer to give visitors the privilege of listening to songs whenever they visit your website.

If you are also looking to sell songs online, Music Pro is one of the ideal themes to install on your website. And, in addition to offering this feature, the theme also displays dates of upcoming events and shows.

#4 Slimvideo


Slimvideo is an incredible theme for an entertainment blog. It has tons of entertainment blog-friendly features that can make running a blog very easy for beginners. Also, if you a music artist or events manager, you will find the design elements and features of this theme useful for your online business.

One thing you will like about this theme is the design. It has a highly sophisticated and bold design that comes customized with pristine topography menu and sharp effect. The theme also features events calendar to keep you and your visitors informed of upcoming events and dates.

Slimvideo has highly responsive sliders and a host of other features such as header layouts, and a demo data. So if you are planning to get a theme that matches more than one entertainment blog niche, you will surely find this theme useful. But have in mind that it is more suitable for video entertainment blogs.

#5 Innovation


As the name implies, Innovation is one of the advanced themes that will make your entertainment blog look professional and attractive. It also comes with features that are suitable for a website designed for an online magazine, multi-concept news blog and other entertainment niches.

Innovation is one of the best and most popular themes for entertainment blogs. The theme is designed with several concept homepages, as well as layouts. And with fast loading speed that the team offers, you can be sure that ranking higher is one thing you will enjoy throughout the existence of your blog. You will also not only receive more visitors but have a higher chance of turning them into clients.

Innovation is one of the perfect themes for starters without any coding or technical skills. It does contain tons of features, but the good thing is that you do not require any coding skills to make use of them. The social sharing tool is also a great addition to this theme.

#6 DeVoe

DeVoe is one of the entertainment themes that should be on your list for many reasons. There is a possibility that you may like the design choices this theme offers, including a significant number of tools that will make blogging a breeze for you.

DeVoe also comes with an extensive collection of skins suitable for not only entertainment but fashion blogs. So there will be no need for you to bother about designing one yourself. But if you have the knowledge and would like to create something unique, you can use the drag and drop feature and available widgets to do so.

Another incredible thing about DeVoe is the SEO-friendly design. The theme is SEO-friendly and could help you achieve better rankings in no time.


If you are running an entertainment blog, understand that your choice of theme is crucial to the survival of your blog. Your website should be unique to outshine your competitors. That is why themes many entertainment bloggers prefer the FWRD.

With the FWRD theme, you will enjoy incredible web development experience. You will get the chance to customize your site to something that is unique. It also comes with tons of innovative features that will benefit your online entertainment business such as excellent design and highly responsive layout.

FWRD also has a Visual Composer plugin that makes customization a breeze. It comes with 13 superior widgets and also makes use of the Drag and Drop Technology to offer users unlimited powers to create whatever they wish. Another innovative addition is the Slider Revolution plugin which helps to showcase contents in a simple but highly attractive format.

#8 Tana

Tana is one of the most sorted after movies and music magazine themes for WordPress sites. The theme is highly resourceful and easy for beginners to utilize. It was put together by designers and web developers to give webmasters the opportunity to run their entertainment blog effortlessly. Irrespective of your technical knowledge, you can use this theme comfortably.

Tana is a feature-rich theme that suits the style of the modern-day entertainment blogging niches. You can have it installed on your fashion, music, newspaper, and movie websites with ease. If you are planning to cover diverse entertainment niches in one blog, this theme is an ideal option.

Tana Magazine also comes with a superior version of the famous premium Visual Composer page builder. And with this tool, you can configure custom layouts, style your sections and modules and a host of other things.

#9 Clubber

If you are looking for incredible events and music WordPress theme then, Clubber should be on your list. The theme has a significant number of tools you will certainly need to take your music entertainment blog forward.

Unlike most themes out there, Clubber is simple but engaging. If you are a beginner, you will also enjoy having it on your entertainment blog. Clubber has a built-in audio player that allows you to play any song of choice on your blog.

Make your site more attractive by creating and displaying image galleries on your site. The good thing is that you can perform this task on your own without any help. Also, if you like to change the theme settings, you can do so with ease.

#10 Blogging

Blogging is one of the best entertainment themes out there. And the fact that it is dynamic and straightforward makes it an excellent theme for webmasters of any skill level. If your website is one that manages with a significant number of visual contents then, Blogging is the theme for you.

Blogging is visually appealing and designed to keep visitors glued to your content for an extended period. Plus, you can monetize your blog with ease by attaching Adsense and other advertising networks.

If you want to take your celebrity blog, tour blog, band blog, artist blog and gossip columns to the next level then, you might as well consider Blogging. The theme features a highly responsive layout that is mobile-friendly and optimized for lower server loads and quick loading speed.


By now, you must have already seen how competitive the online entertainment business is. But the good thing is that you can still make it despite the saturation. However, the theme you have on your site can have a massive impact on the success of your online business. So, invest in the best entertainment theme to take your business to a whole new level.

Rick Klade is a passionate entertainment blogger who enjoys gossiping about celebrities from around the world. Ever since he opened the doors to college writing jobs, Rick has never stopped writing.