Top 10 Fleet Monitoring Software- Manage your Fleet Business with Ease

When it comes to fleet monitoring, there is a lot that goes into it. However, with the best fleet monitoring software, the procedure looks a lot simpler, more effective, and more affordable. This tool may assist you in staying on top of the most crucial tasks for the vehicles, trucks, and vans in your fleet, from planned maintenance and component inventories to real-time position tracking and document storage. However, choosing the best software for fleet monitoring is quite a task.

According to the Markets and Markets report, the fleet monitoring software market size was $28.6 billion in 2023 and is set to read $55.6 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 14.2%. If you are looking for fleet management software, you’ve come to the perfect site. We have listed the top 10 fleet monitoring software that you can choose to invest in. Additionally, a summary of their benefits and features will be given in this piece.

What is Fleet Monitoring Software?

Fleet monitoring software is a GPS-integrated tool installed in vehicles and performs a wide range of responsibilities related to every vehicle your business owns or operates. It can assist in maintaining cost management, holding drivers accountable, and generally assisting businesses in understanding how their vehicles fit into the overall operations of their organization. 

Companies of all shapes and sizes use fleet management software since cars such as automobiles, trucks, and other fleets are essential to the delivery of goods across all industries.

The majority of fleet tracking software is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which means that the vendor hosts the program on the cloud, and all that’s required for deployment in your company is creating the requisite number of accounts.

How Does Fleet Monitoring Software Help?

Fleet managers have to keep an eye on multiple fleets, and tracking each can be a daunting task. Therefore, investing in fleet monitoring software is the best deal you can do. Some of the ways it can help are-

a.) Vehicle Tracking

Having a large number of cars and drivers in the field implies that you have thousands, if not millions, of dollars worth of assets in the open, vulnerable to many issues. You’re in luck if you want to be able to check in on drivers and cars at any time. Most fleet monitoring software allows you to track the movement of your vehicles in real-time via a map view of your fleet.

The tool can be used to track several aspects of a vehicle, including its location, speed, and direction. Still, it is unable to automatically monitor specific details like the condition of the engine, odometer, or battery.

b.) Monitoring Vehicle Health

Maintaining an eye on your fleet’s general condition is another crucial aspect of fleet management. This entails monitoring regular upkeep, being conscious of wear and tear, and resolving engine issues as they arise.

A diagnostic device tracker, as previously noted, can automatically record this data for you. The tool allows you to establish reminders for your staff to check on these things, and if they are willing, they can enter the data manually. A desktop or mobile app can then be used to enter the results into the system.

c.) Cost-Effective

To put it mildly, hiring drivers and purchasing cars are costly endeavors. Finding and resolving fleet inefficiencies is essential to maintaining the profitability of your company. Each fleet management software has some kind of report feature that provides you with a summary of all the expenses related to your fleet.

For managers who desire complete tracking control, the increased expense is justified by the ability to capture and track this information automatically.

Different Types of Fleet Monitoring Software

There are numerous options for fleet monitoring software to suit the various requirements of various operations and industries. Every kind of solution addresses different needs and difficulties by providing special features and capabilities. Making an informed choice requires an understanding of the various fleet monitoring systems.

  • Telematics Systems: These systems provide useful information on the location, performance, and driving habits of vehicles in real-time. They are primarily focused on tracking and monitoring automobiles.
  • Software for Routing and Dispatch: This program is made to maximize scheduling, dispatching, and route planning to save fuel and increase operational effectiveness.
  • Maintenance Management Solutions: To guarantee the dependability and security of fleet vehicles, these solutions expedite maintenance procedures, such as scheduling, tracking, and reporting.
  • Platforms for Asset and Inventory Management: By facilitating effective fleet asset, and procurement management, these platforms help save costs and maximize resource use.
  • Compliance and Safety Solutions: These services assist fleets in managing driver safety, complying with industry norms and laws, and adhering to regulatory obligations.

List of Top 10 Fleet Monitoring Software

Let us now check the list of the top 10 Fleet Monitoring Software to choose from.

1. Fleet Stack

Fleet Stack is the most preferred fleet monitoring software by fleet managers. It includes a sophisticated GPS tracking application designed to make fleet management simpler. This program runs on its server.

The platform is highly adaptable, supports a wide range of sectors, and provides extensive insights to improve fleet performance. Fleet Stack simplifies every facet of fleet management, including maintenance planning and vehicle tracking, with its intuitive interface and broad feature set.

GPS tracking is one of the most important features that lets you keep an eye on the whereabouts and condition of any car in your fleet from any place. This makes it possible for efficient routing, timely deliveries, and higher total productivity.

Key Features

  • Total Control Over Data: You have complete control over your data while using Fleet Stack. Protect your sensitive data within your infrastructure to ensure maximum confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Personalization: It offers unparalleled customization options. You can design a product that exactly fits your requirements, down to personalized workflows, reporting, and user interfaces.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Integrating the program into your existing infrastructure is simple, thanks to its user-friendly interface and straightforward setup procedure.
  • Tracking in Real Time: To cut costs, boost fleet efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and make use of features like geofencing, thorough reporting, driver behavior monitoring, and real-time tracking.

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2. OpenGTS

OpenGTS is the first open-source GPS fleet monitoring software offering real-time tracking. This flexible platform is useful for people and businesses looking for a customized approach to keep an eye on people, property, and vehicles. OpenGTS is renowned for its versatility, allowing for extensive customization to satisfy the particular needs of numerous industries, including fleet management and logistics.

Key Features

  • Event Notification Rules Engine: OpenGTS offers a lite variant of the Event Notification Rules Engine (ENRE) that lets users set up alerts based on specific variables. This functionality helps you monitor occurrences and respond promptly.
  • Custom Geofencing: Under observation, users can erect virtual walls, or “geofences,” around their fleets. When a device enters or exits these designated zones, the system sends out warnings, which enable effective tracking of mobility and utilization.
  • Extensive reporting: This feature provided by OpenGTS enables users to generate logs and analytics detailing the routes and other attributes of their vehicles in great detail. These insights have the potential to increase output and simplify procedures.

3. Samsara

Samsara is our top pick for the finest GPS fleet management system for companies interested in sustainability because it gives managers and decision-makers the information, tools, and analysis they need to start converting to electric and hybrid vehicles. Samsara offers GPS tracking system software that is fully functional, easy to use, and intuitive. It can track hybrid and electric vehicles as well as those with internal combustion engines (ICEs).

This tool prioritizes productivity, safety, and compliance while adapting to the ever-changing needs of modern fleets, from delivery services to logistics and transportation and all points in between.

Key Features

  • Auto Diagnostics: Samsara offers an auto diagnostic feature where the fleet manager can promptly ascertain whether your fleets have been damaged or detect abrupt braking. With Samsara, it is feasible. You get instant access to your fleet’s health with Samsara. You know when to have your car serviced and when it requires maintenance.
  • Compliance Management: Make sure your fleet conforms with industry standards and legal requirements to maintain regulatory compliance. Remember to renew your license and track the necessary paperwork, so use automated tracking.
  • Safety and Security: Better security features, such as geofencing and speed alerts, keep an eye out for risky activity and unauthorized vehicle use, help protect property, and ensure driver safety.

4. GPS Gateway

GPS Gateway is the best fleet monitoring software carrying GPS features, which allows you to track your cars in a matter of minutes. The software provides real-time vehicle locations along with SMS and email alerts. It offers the ability to stop via server communication remotely and uses graphs and activity reports to track the speed of the car. You can use the track of vehicle movement to maintain log records and automate corporate processes. It supports both iOS and Android Mobile.

Key Features

  • On-Time Alerts: Notifications about assets entering or leaving designated zones can be promptly received using geofencing, which enhances security and facilitates efficient asset management.
  • Historical Data and Reports: Access certain historical tracking data and generate comprehensive reports to examine trends and enhance operations.
  • Multi-Platform Support: GPS Gateway offers apps for iOS and Android smartphones, enabling access from any location at any time.
  • Customized Notifications: The system allows you to modify the alert setting for asset protection, maintenance reminders, or operational updates.

5. Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is a leading platform offering fleet monitoring for fleet managers. It comes with multiple features that make it handy to use. With this tool, you will feel confident that your fleet complies with all legal requirements and that your workers are safe thanks to real-time alerts, streamlined processes, automated logging, and comprehensive reporting. Acquire all the necessary resources to optimize compliance management, allowing you to concentrate on managing your enterprise.

You can create a driver safety program that gauges risk and promotes defensive driving throughout your fleet. With this tool, you can create customized training plans, track driver performance and benchmarking with automated scorecards, make sure your fleet is properly maintained, and have total visibility with Smart Dashcams.

Key Features

  • Custom Geofencing: User has the freedom to build geofencing when their fleets are being watched. Through the system’s notification of devices when they enter or exit these pre-designated zones, movement, and usage can be efficiently tracked.
  • Extensive Reporting: With a multitude of reporting options, users may generate logs and analytics that offer precise details on the routes, stops, and other features of their vehicle. These insights could improve output and simplify procedures.
  • Fleet Maintenance: By using this tool, you can ensure that vehicle maintenance is performed when it’s most needed, which will help to keep your fleet running. Users can customize or define custom maintenance intervals with the calendaring tool, and quick maintenance alerts ensure that even little fixes aren’t overlooked.

6. Rastrac

For decades, Rastrac has been the leading fleet monitoring software with telematics solutions to help businesses, governments, and other organizations achieve their objectives. Our fleet management software offers a range of add-ons and services that go beyond simple “dots on a map,” making it easy to customize to your company’s specific needs.

Rastrac has been simplifying the integration of GPS tracking solutions with daily operations by providing a specialized support team, online tools, and a range of configurable fleet monitoring devices and software.

Key Features

  • Reduced Fuel Consumption: Using the software, the fleet manager can optimize the route and prevent unauthorized vehicle use, which will also cut costs.
  • Improved Maintenance: You can avoid over-or-under maintenance of the fleet by tracking the user data and monitoring its diagnostic codes.
  • Customized notifications: Users can opt to receive notifications for certain events, such as deviating from a path or entering an area that is restricted, to increase security and compliance.

7. Azuga

Popular fleet monitoring software, Azuga, monitors, evaluates, and incentivizes drivers. Azuga is very satisfied with prioritizing the safety of its teams. It makes the case that fleet management software ought to be affordable, straightforward to set up and use, and shouldn’t give drivers the impression that Big Brother is watching them. Additionally, it captures data to increase drivers’ productivity and safety at work.

Azuga serves commercial, industrial, insurance, and government clients with sophisticated statistical modeling and predictive analytics. Azuga’s monitoring software is utilized by some of the biggest corporations and government organizations in the United States.

Key Features

  • Minimize Distractions: The DriveSafe add-on helps you avoid being distracted by your smartphone. It forbids making calls, sending texts, or using distracting apps while driving.
  • Utilise Diagnostics: Your fleet tracking software gathers diagnostic information that you may use to maximize output, cut costs, and identify and adhere to safe driving standards.
  • Speed Alerts: Set up your Speeding Alert to receive notifications when vehicles surpass a predetermined speed restriction.

8. TrackMe

With its many capabilities, TrackMe is an easy-to-use fleet monitoring software that is focused on business. The TrackMe App has all of the features needed for asset tracking. The best thing is you can monitor many devices simultaneously on one screen and magnify each to view its details. TrackMe monitors everything you own in real-time online, including people, vehicles, and pets. The software provides several features, such as KPI management, cost control, fuel management, and notifications.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Tracking: The tool comes with real-time tracking features, allowing you to get information about speed, coordinates, address, sensor parameters, the ability to change map type, and much more.
  • Routes: With routes, you can make a virtual path and receive alerts indicating whether or not a specific vehicle stays on it. Monitoring a vehicle’s reliance on the road is made possible by this function.
  • Modes for Saving Power: There are four sleep modes available for vehicles to conserve battery life: GPS sleep, Deep sleep, Online Deep sleep, and Ultra Deep sleep mode. When the device is in STOP mode, the sleep mode timeout begins to count down. The gadget enters sleep mode when the timeout is reached, and all requirements for GPS sleep mode are satisfied.

9. GoMotive

GoMotive is a fleet monitoring software with a focus on improving vehicle safety, maintenance, and driver behavior. It offers a wide range of services that meet the needs of fleet managers, car dealers, and vehicle owners using cutting-edge GPS technology. With real-time visibility into vehicle operations, fleet managers may save fuel expenditures, optimize routes, and ensure on-time deliveries. 

When regular and unforeseen maintenance is managed effectively, you can increase the lifeline of the fleet. Keep an eye on everything, including reporting and reminders, to avoid expensive mistakes.

Key Features

  • Maintenance Reminders: To keep vehicles in top condition, the program automatically alerts users when planned maintenance is needed.
  • Theft Protection: GoMotive offers an extra degree of security against theft, which includes real-time vehicle position tracking and prompt alerts in case of unauthorized vehicle movement.
  • Route Tracking: Gain from current traffic and weather overlays, real-time GPS updates, and historical activity tracking to ensure accurate route planning and increased client confidence.

10. Geotab

Geotab is one of the biggest telematics companies globally and is the pioneer in surpassing two million linked cars constructed on an open platform. Currently, more than 4 million automobiles from more than 47,000 businesses use their product.

Geotab provides a variety of fleet tracking options, such as MyGeotab software and Go real-time tracking devices that are simple to install and plug and play. These solutions give companies the data they require to increase productivity, adhere to local laws, and improve driver safety.

Key Features

  • Fleet Fuel Management: Keep an eye on and manage the fuel and performance of your fleet. To enhance routing and control speeding and idle time, set up rules and notifications. Develop fuel-efficient driving habits by using driver education tools and reports.
  • Fleet Maintenance: With integrated fleet maintenance and automatic reminders, stay ahead of the curve. Early on, maintenance jobs can be quickly identified and prioritized to assist in preventing vehicle wear and minimize downtime.
  • Benchmarking of fleets: With the help of our fleet benchmarking tools, you can use your data to your advantage and provide quantifiable outcomes for your company. By comparing your fleet, you can spot gaps, discover new efficiencies, and receive fleet-specific advice.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Fleet Monitoring Software

When looking for fleet monitoring software, there are certain things to consider. Some of these are-

  • Features related to driver performance: Most fleet tracking systems only include text or voice chat for direct connection with drivers. However, some offer extensive features to monitor and improve driver performance.
  • Fuel card integration: If you utilize a fleet petrol card, be sure the fleet management software can handle it. With a fuel card connection, you may track expenses and petrol costs in real-time. The scope of this feature may be limited based on the area(s) in which your fleet services are provided. Vendors should be notified directly about this matter.
  • Mobile Availability: Having access to fleet tracking software on a mobile platform can significantly improve communication between businesses and their drivers.
  • Budget: Fleet monitoring software helps in managing the budget through running costs, especially with the fuel tracking tools provided by our top recommendations. However, reduced initial prices sometimes translate into better value.


Investing in fleet monitoring software will provide a strong return on investment for small businesses with many locations for their fleets. As you can see, a fleet tracking system streamlines logistics by delivering real-time visibility, optimizing routes, increasing fuel efficiency, and providing additional functionality. Invest now and make your fleet business worth it.

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