Tips on Improving Your Work From Home Situation

Working from home is here to stay. Working from home allows employees everywhere to save hours in their day by cutting out their commute, it also offers a better work/life balance. Employees are enjoying more time with their family in the comfort of their home and have more opportunities to multi-task by tackling small chores during the dead times of the day. 

Of course, not everyone enjoys working from home, but more often than not, this is because your home environment is not suitable for the WFH revolution. To improve your working from home situation, you should address your home situation and use these tips to improve it: 

You Need a Dedicated Working Space 

If you currently work here and there throughout your home and feel claustrophobic because of it, then a good way forward is to create a dedicated space to work from home. This could mean converting the spare room, but for most, it should mean looking for new opportunities to expand your home’s use (and value). If you have an unfinished basement or an attic, then these can be two excellent spaces to convert. You don’t have to put your office in either, but you can reconfigure your home’s layout with the extra room. You could put a bedroom in the attic and convert the smallest bedroom into your office instead, for example. 

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Improve Lighting 

Lighting plays a massive part in how productive and positive we feel. A sunny day can completely change our mood around, and similarly, the right lighting setup in a home office can drastically improve our productivity. 

Position your desk as close to a natural light source as you can. Sunshine triggers a serotonin response in the body, which in turn can help us feel calmer and happier. Even with sunshine itself, the blue-white light of daylight has been known to alter our circadian rhythm. 

Mimic the benefits of sunshine by getting color changing lights. These lights change from blue white to warm white. The goal is to help you wake up more naturally and feel more productive throughout your workday. 

Make Organization a Priority 

Organization is key to a smooth workflow, especially at home. You need both improved physical and digital storage. If you are converting or upgrading your home office, then look into building in integrated or smarter storage solutions to get the most out of your space. Having the framework, however, is just the start. You also need the right structure. From filing alphabetically and then by the date, you can keep track of all that you need. You can track your documents better by tagging and using a smart folder system on your computer or cloud. 

How to Improve Connection and Avoid Tech Hiccups 

Test your connection and if it isn’t enough to quickly and comfortably work from home, then upgrade it. This could mean upgrading your bandwidth or getting a WIFI booster, or a new ethernet cable hooked up to your office. If you do not have a strong cell connection, then consider getting a home phone. 

Work with Your Brain 

We all have our own workflows. Those with ADHD and other conditions may find it even more difficult to stay on task in a WFH environment. Knowing how your brain works and what can be done specifically to help you work better will make a huge difference. Fidget toys are a popular option. Creating a firm routine or even trying to race yourself through everyday admin tasks is another tip. At the end of the day, what works will depend entirely on you. 

Be Clearer with Your Boundaries 

One final recommendation that might help improve your work/life balance is to be clearer with your boundaries. Stick to deadlines, but be clear that you are not available to work or be contacted after your work hours unless you are paid overtime. This can be difficult to do, but by being consistent, you can set the right expectations from the start. 

Boundaries also apply from the other side. Try to keep your personal life separate so that you can commit to either work or your personal life more fully (rather than try to juggle it all at once). This could mean making rules for your kids that they need to knock or that they cannot play in your office while you are working. 

Creating boundaries is how you can keep your workspace productive without overloading your own plate. When it comes to working from home, it is one of the best tips to bring home with you.

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