Tips for Creating an SEO Strategy That Will Get You Noticed

When trying to attain your online business goals, the aim is to get the top position on the SERPs, increase organic traffic, and improve organic revenue. And an SEO strategy is the roadmap you need to achieve those business goals. A good SEO agency in India looks at the bigger picture regarding where you are and want to be. So, if you are aiming to create an SEO strategy that gets you to the top, here are the five tips to help you out. 

Assess the present SEO performance of your site 

If you are not sure about your site’s current performance, you will find it almost impossible to form a plan that takes you forward. So, an SEO agency starts its strategy by outlining the present performance of your site. There are three factors to pay attention to in this regard: 

  • Keyword rankings 
  • Organic visibility 
  • Non-branded vs Branded traffic split 

Assess the SEO strategies of your competitors 

Your SEO agency will also benchmark the performance of your competitors. In addition, they will take time to assess the performance of your competitors to know where they are winning and the significant drawbacks they have.  

Thus, the second step of the process is to create a list of competitors you have. Your business must have already done pretty broad competitor research. So, use that here to gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Set proper goals and check the KPIs 

When you aim to have a plan of action in sight, your chosen SEO agency will set the right goals and KPIs to move forward effectively. But before that, you need to understand the difference between goals and KPIs. 

  • Goals: The results you plan to achieve 
  • KPIs: The metrics that measure how close you’re to those goals 

Though many people use these terms interchangeably, you need to understand the difference when setting an SEO strategy. 

Keyword research for defining primary keywords 

After an SEO agency sets aside your KPIs and goals, they will drive straight into in-depth keyword research. At this stage, it is about defining the primary keywords that you would target.  

It would help if you used topic clusters because they aid you in focusing on topic clusters for which specific keywords work. It is not the same as concentrating on single key phrases. It’s a proven method to establish topical relevance for parts of the site. 

Auditing the existing content of the site 

Whether you hire an SEO agency or do it yourself, you will have to reassess your content. It helps to fill your site with relevant and fresh content. Also, make sure to either delete thin content or edit the content that can do better. 

The bottom line 

The fact remains that your SEO strategy will not work overnight. However, it will show results within a week if you have used the right strategy. The tips mentioned here will be helpful to you in that regard.

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