These Eight eBook Writing Mistakes Are Making You Look Dumb

eBook writers are on a whole other level as they dive deep into a subject, proving their point in case of educational eBooks or creating a whole new world in case of fiction. It’s not like submitting a blog post, writing a short article, a social media post, or perhaps submitting a creepy pasta.

There were roughly 42,500 professional writers in the United States in 2018 with an even lesser number of eBook writing services out there. This goes to show just how hard it is to become an eBook ghostwriter. This is perhaps also the reason why finding a dedicated eBook writer can be rather difficult.

It takes dedication, devotion, and a great deal of expertise in the field. However, when starting out, every eBook writer makes mistakes. Some are simple mistakes that can be easily corrected with some sort of editing tool, while others are nothing short of dumb.

Here are some of those mistakes and how you can avoid them.

8 Mistakes eBook Writers Make

1. Pleasing Everyone With Just One Book

When we interviewed eBook writing agencies for research, this was the first thing almost each of them said – that writers try to please everyone.

“A realistic approach goes a long way into writing the perfect eBook. Writers need to focus on pleasing the audience they have, not the audience they wish they had.”

This is what one of them had to say, and now that we think about it, we believe they’re right! Think about it this way; even McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and other such giants have trouble pleasing everyone. So what do they do? They please those they have, while trying to reach out to others.

Remember, it is much easier to retain a reader than to attract a new one – so cherish the ones you have!

2. I’ll Promote My Book AFTER It’s Published

This is something that we learned a lot about from eBook writing services. Marketing a book before it’s published builds anticipation, not to mention that it presents the author a chance to connect with audiences early on.  

Just don’t start marketing too soon.

“One of the biggest mistakes eBook writers can make is telling everyone that they’re writing a book. It’s fine, recommended even, to market your book after it’s finished but awaiting publication, but to tell everyone you’re writing before it’s complete is a disaster waiting to happen – not to mention you’ll look dumb should anything bad happen.”

Yes, many eBook writers do prefer working secretly on their books untilthey’re complete, which is the right thing to do. But don’t waste your time while the book is being edited and formatted.

3. I’ll Proofread It As I Write

Proofreading is synonymous with procrastination for eBook writers; especially if it is your first draft.

A draft is meant to be a draft. It’s where you just pour your idea with a rough shape – not a place where you start polishing it. Think of it as the gold mine, where gold is nothing but a dusty rock, filled with impurities. Mine it first, refine it, and then polish it. Similarly, write it, refine it, and then polish it.

Proofreading in the middle of your writing process interrupts the thought process along with breaking your flow. The eBook writing service told us this from experience,

“Each time you go through your eBook, you’re going to find mistakes. Each and every time, especially if it’s a fiction eBook. This is because you’re in a different state of mind each time. In fact, even after it’s published and adored by fans, you’ll still want to make changes. So do it once, twice at most.”

Making amends again and again in your eBook is a surefire way to look dumb in front of publishers and fellow eBook writers, so avoid proofreading your book until it’s done.

4. I’ll Finish the Book at My Own Pace

The world is evolving faster than ever today. The Information Age brought with itself the internet, which put the world on overdrive. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the world isn’t at a standstill thanks to the internet.

This means that the more you procrastinate, the slower you are as an eBook writer, the worst end of the deal you’ll get. This problem is faced most commonly by aspiring writers or first-timers, which leads to them never finishing their book.

“Goals aren’t goals without deadlines – they’re merely dreams.”

Instead of trying to perfect your book again and again, set a deadline for yourself and finish the draft by then. Then set a publication date for yourself. Try to set realistic deadlines, and if you’re still having trouble meeting those deadlines, try getting help from eBook ghostwriting services.

5. Planning Towards Finishing the Book, Not Publishing It

While we’re at the point of setting a publication date, another mistake that has the potential of making eBook writers seem dumb is a lack of direction. Their whole writing process revolves around finishing the book by hook or by crook.

All the dedication and planning is put towards that target and once it’s achieved, their problems begin. While they had everything in order up until now, the editing and publication is where they end up falling flat on the ground.

“As an eBook writer, you’re not JUST the writer. You’re the proofreader, the editor, the publisher, and even the marketer. What you say, goes. So plan and act accordingly.”

This doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone, just that at the end of the day, it’s your eBook and the first question anyone will ask, even eBook writing services, is going to be “how do you want to do it?”

6. Not Maintaining a Writing Schedule

eBook writers pour their souls into their eBook, and that is what makes them sell like hot cakes.It’s like their baby which they craft out of their own minds, typing away day and night. Let us tell you, again from experience, that the first two chapters, four at max, is usually the point after which your motivation to write starts to die down.

That’s where most writers get stuck and abandon their projects. To avoid this, make a schedule and stick to it. Be consistent, be regular, and most importantly, be present at the time of writing.

“That’s how you build momentum when crafting your eBook.”

If you fail to overcome your time management problems and have perhaps lost the momentum but not the will to finish, a little help can go a long way. Ask a friend to read your book and give their realistic feedback. Or you could simply ask an eBook writing service to finish the book for you.

7. Focusing on Small Errors Instead of Major Ones

Another mistake that makes eBook writers look dumb in front of everyone is pointing out minor typos when editing. Yes, it’s important to get rid of typos since it breaks that flew, but you might end up missing bigger issues.

See what we did there? We’re pretty sure a majority of you focused on the typo “flew,” which ended up messing with your concentration. However, the message is what’s important. You understood what we meant. The typo can be addressed; there are tools for that.

Instead, when going through your eBook;

“… look at it with a telescope, not a microscope. Your first go-through must be done from a birds’ eye perspective, making sure the meaning holds true and if there are any critical issues.”

The time for fixing typos will come later.

8. I Don’t Need an Editor

Speaking of typos, the human mind has the ability to make out sentences even if there is a word or two missing or spelled incorrectly – especially if you’re the one who wrote it. Yet another dumb mistake eBook writers make is thinking that they don’t need an editor.

“An editor acts as a ‘fresh perspective’, which means they can highlight problems in your eBook thoroughly compared to doing it yourself. An editor is looking at the meaning and words at the same time.”

If an editor is a luxury you can’t afford, you don’t have to go all-in. instead, just hire an editor to go through a few chapters, and that will give you an overview of the kind of mistakes you’re making. However, if you can afford it, an editor ends up paying for themselves in the long run.

When writing your eBook, make sure you avoid these mistakes and in turn being mistaken for a dumb writer. A little help can go a long way when trying to finish your eBook, and a friend versed in the art of eBook writing and editing, or an eBook writing service can be just the help you need!

If you think we missed out on anything or have something to add, feel free to get in touch by adding a comment below!

From Houston, TX. Aged 25, working as a content marketing agent for a reputable marketing firm. Secured a BBA degree from the University of Houston-Victoria.