Techniques to boost your website ranking

There are literally millions of tricks and techniques which can help you boost your ranking in search engine results. Having a vast knowledge of which techniques will suit your ranking is the true SEO. Avoid techniques that are short-term and can harm your page, for example, Blackhat techniques. The audience is the key and quality is the way to get it.

Let us see a few techniques which are helpful:

#1 Content is king

Content is king

Content is the most important thing on your website. Having quality content means more backlinks, more quality traffic, Search engine love, Natural backlink profiles, Big site’s showing interest in your blog, Pass of link juice. Producing quality content is highly important, it must be original and unique and helpful.

Google algorithms love originality and hate plagiarized content. Plagiarized content is instantly penalized and your site might never ever appear on the results again. Having good content written on research-based and facts is always helpful. Using visual aid along with the written content will let your audience have more interest in your blog.

Hiring a quality writer or use online plagiarism checker tools are also helpful in completing quality. Content between 2000 – 2500 words is considered quality. Stay to the point, do not write an essay but write it like a story and you will see a vast difference in the traffic coming towards your page.

#2 Loading speed

page Load speed

One of the most important step to check your loading speed of the site. If your site is slow and takes ages to open, then even if it’s providing quality won’t matter. A user usually waits for 5, 6 seconds for a site to open and if it’s loading slowly, they will instantly leave to somewhere else.

So having a site which is quick loading and presenting the quality will definitely let the users stay there for a while and read it. We can perform a couple of tweaks like Image optimization, removing excess codes, removing heavy comments from source code, cropping the images, Use designs and templates that take less memory and look more attractive.

This will help your site load quickly. Just remember that first step of site ranking is always to take care of your audience because the audience is mainly the only reason that will bring your site up.

#3 Back-Links

SEO backlinks

Backlinks are extremely important in a sense to have your site gain exposure in the deep world of web. Backlinks are simply providing links which lead back to your page on different sites and blogs with high DA.

Remember that, sites with high domain authority will pass link juice which will affect your site’s authority as well. It’s a great way to get the ranking. Users will click those backlinks with trust because they know they are coming from quality sites.

But, throwing your backlinks on low DA site or low ranked sites can affect your site negatively as well, It will eventually lower down your ranking or even end up penalizing it for the spamming or unreliable source. Google algorithms work in a way to keep the quality on top, So bringing quality backlinks is a must for every user.

Perform a survey before you actually start it. Research and share.


Kash Pals is a founder and content manager at She writes articles for different categories such as food, travel, lifestyle, business, technology, etc.