Targeting Customers with Notification For Business

The rapid increase in mobile internet usage has led to an increase in the number of potential clients online for businesses in any industry. To meet this new trend, you need to have a marketing strategy. One of the effective marketing strategies that can be followed to target customers is by using Notifications. Accessibility of mobile internet usage has made businesses get connected with potential clients easily.

Notification is the most effective marketing strategy used by businesses to increase engagement and retain customers. Sending notifications at the right time will reap the rewards but unnecessarily sending notifications irritates potential customers as they can even opt-out from Notification. 

Advantages of using Notification 

  • Notification sent at the right time can make the users come to the application or website to use it again
  •  A cheapest and effective method to increase engagement, website visitors and retain users.
  •  Users have the option to opt-out as you cant send them a notification  
  • Redirecting users to different social media sites
  • Increases brand loyalty and build trust 
  • Sending notifications related to new arrivals, discounts, offers, coupons, subscriptions and new feature updates. 
  • Urging users to come back to the website to complete buying process from an abandoned cart 
  • Bringing new website visitors 
  • Product or services promotion using notifications

Tips to target customers with Notification

Mapping users and their actions

Mapping users is the most important practice that helps target customers for any business. Send customized notifications to multiple users according to user internet usage behaviour.

This is important as they will get to know about your business and visit the website or an app.

Sending flash sales notification

Flash sale notifications create more interest in users, and they also don’t have much time to think about it. Flash sale runs for a few hours with many bigger offers as this creates fear of missing out (FOMO) in users minds which can make users buy the product or acquire service from any business.

Creating festive based Notification

Sending festive based notifications for upcoming festivals by including them in festival sales and urging users to buy the product or service for family and friends for the festive season. Send them promo codes and coupons with discounts and offers attached to them.

Announcing special events through Notification

Sending notifications to customers regarding special events and telling them to visit a website or app to look at the offers or discounts.

Sending reminder Notification 

Sending reminder notifications about an abandoned cart helps the customer complete the buying process. This makes users feel valued as you make an effort to help complete the buying process for users. This helps in building long-lasting relationships between customers and businesses.

The Word count should be less.

It’s always better to convey a message with a few words in notifications because if it is longer it may cut off users who will not know what you are telling them. Notification with a few words will help users understand what the Notification is all about.

Personalized notifications

Sending notifications with a personalized message will make them feel that you care and are concerned about them. The best move is to send personalized notifications to each user based on gender, location, age, browsing history, and purchase records. This personalized message adds value to the users and urges them to visit a website or app.

Avoid sending more Notifications. 

Don’t make blunder mistakes by sending notifications frequently as this annoys the users and will opt-out from receiving the notifications. If the user mutes or opts out of Notification, it is tough to make the user turn back notifications again. It is better to prevent users from opting out in the first place by sending two notifications per week. It is better to send one Notification per week that add value to users like discounts and important feature update

Notification builds trust and brand loyalty. 

If users opt-in for Notification, users trust the brand and guarantee that there will be consistent traffic from particular users. For android devices, notifications are already enabled and whereas on IOS devices, users have to opt in to enable push notifications.

Sending Notification at the right time 

Sending notifications when users are free is the best practice to increase engagement, like during lunchtime or in the evening. Adjusting to time when sending notifications to users all around the world. Consider a different time zone otherwise, you end up sending a notification at midnight when users are asleep.

Adding Images and CTA to Notification

Sending notifications like discounts and offers in regional language also increases customer satisfaction. Adding images to the Notification may also entice the user to click through the Notification. Adding a call to action (CTA) button to the Notification will also get businesses to know about the customers.


Notification is the cheapest and effective marketing strategy used by all businesses around the world. It increases website visitors and targets customers to turn them into leads. Notifications are an essential tool for any application or website relating to any business sector like education, medical, banking, housing, social media, entertainment industry like video streaming business and eCommerce.

Praveen working as Video Monetization & OTT Platform Expert. VOD & OTT Solution Provider.