Sneak Peak into Record Linkage Software

Organizations from any genre dwell on client and vendor database, which grows at an exponential rate. This is a boon to the industries as it helps form a stable platform to design strategic marketing policies.

To cope with the elevating demands of the people, companies have become inclined towards establishing an online presence along with numerous physical outlets. This helps exhibit the products and services of your firm to a maximum number of people, locally and globally. As a result of this advancement, sales points have elevated rapidly, resulting in accumulation of data from numerous sources. How does this data collection prove to be prosperous to an industry?

Data Management: Necessity or Extravagance?

Even if you are bombarded with limitless data from countless sources, a business will never witness a positive outcome if database is not managed properly. You may come across various companies that don’t regard the quality management of data as an important activity. They diminish the expenses of their industry by cutting down data management programs. However, if proper calculation of the losses due to the mismanagement of database is executed, you will definitely see some raised eyebrows.

Initiating Data Management Process

Records are scattered across the entire database that leads to confusion and duplicate information. The technology named record linkage software successfully identifies specific information from the entire sets of records from diversified sources. It helps combine data when common identifiers like ID number, is missing. It accumulates the possible matches, accurate matches, and false matches of an entity under a particular column to obtain an integrated database, free of error.

Why Choose Record Linkage Software?

Comparing millions of records of an industry from web page as well as database is a challenge. Hence, an expert technology associated with data management can come to your rescue, offering elevated outcomes.

Though record linkage software needs expert guidance for proper execution, it presents an integrated formulation of database free of discrepancies and redundancies. It also preserves data security making the process less susceptible to malicious attacks.

Objectives of Record Linkage Software

Data is often scattered in various destinations as it is procured from diversified points. However, if the manpower of your firm seeks for a particular individual, they will only be able to see partial data, resulting in insufficient service. With the proper implementation of this innovative technology, the effort and time associated with data searching deplete significantly.

Strategies Associated with Data Linkage Software

There are numerous strategies to streamline data with the help of record linkage software. Let us have a look at those:

  • Preprocessing of Database– A firm relies on a well-structured database for seamless functioning of its activities. Hence, data is aligned as per the rules and standardizations to initiate the process of data linking.
  • Entity Resolution– This technique is implemented in the firms that seek to connect data sources with matching entities. This effectively reveals fraudulence as well as risks associated with the administration of a corporate firm.
  • Data Matching– Sources of data is susceptible to errors with passing time and elevated inputs. It tends to get duplicated, irrelevant, and obsolete, leading to poor outcomes and customer dissatisfaction. Data matching incorporates complicated algorithm in the system to extract enriched data that is free of redundancies and disputed information.
  • Accurate Data Linkage- This is the easiest record linkage technique that involves identification of information based on the identifiers. It quickly identifies specific data that reveals an accurate match.
  • Possible Data Linkage- It is also known as fuzzy matching that searches the entire database with the help of certain identifiers. It evaluates individual identifier and concludes the matching on priority basis, which leads to an accurate linkage.

The aforementioned techniques ensure similar information is linked in order to offer a seamless access of abundant database.

Benefits of Record Linkage Software

Record linkage software offers enormous benefits, which are listed below:

  • Identifies and links pieces of information that are found in the diversified datasets.
  • Implements fuzzy matching algorithm which is customizable as per the requirement of the specified industry.
  • Utilizes the technique of phonetic matching and fuzzy matching to detect appropriate data without any exception.
  • Abbreviations, nicknames, short forms and more are identified with an advanced method of recognition for an enhanced cleaning of data.
  • Exports and imports data from MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Access, Excel, ODBC, text file, etc.
  • Appropriate parsing tools are implemented to parse addresses and email IDs.
  • Produces graphical reports on the linkages found on database. This helps understand the potential linking records.
  • Unified view of data is created that helps in establishing fruitful contact with the customers.

Seeking Help from an Expert

As mentioned above, data linkage software offers splendid advantages that make data management fruitful as well as seamless. However, there is a huge gap between knowledge of software and implementing it in the appropriate space.

This is where a proficient service provider of record linking software plays an important role. It accomplishes the activity associated with data linking and fuzzy matching without engaging a single manpower from your firm. However, it offers a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

Before searching for such an organization, visit Data Ladder that has been proving its potential since its onset. The versed manpower understands your needs and helps extract appropriate information from the sets of records. It even compares the previous record with the new database which enables you to understand the views of the customers in a better way.


The substantial growth of data demands acute observation and undivided attention to obtain a flawless database. Record linkage software implements an array of identifiers in order to search for the similar records for formulating a well-structured database. This promotes enhanced productivity, performance, and efficiency of the manpower driving the firm towards the path of inevitable success.

The simple investment fetches multiple advantages that help incorporate tailored solutions to establish your company as unique. This leads to an enhanced revenue generation and a strong base of customer data, which is the backbone of a flourishing industry.

Mohd Sohel Ather is a Senior Principal Software Engineer. Also a writer and enjoys exploring the latest software development technologies and taking on new challenges.