Reflection: How Technology Is Impacting Our Daily Lives


Would you like to see an immediate effect of the technology it has done to our daily lives? Pause for a second and look around. How many screens do you see right now? Only yours or another one or thousands of them (in case you are currently sitting in the office). And wait, have you counted the wifi devices around you and your smartphone lying just beside you? You must have seen your place or your office in a whole new light today and this is what technology has done to us.

I am not against the exponential growth of technology but there is no escaping from the fact that technology has changed our lives for sure. I will provide you with a reflection of how the technology is changing our daily lives. Right from the ways of imparting education to the ways we communicate today, the impact of technology can easily be experienced in the innovative ways we use today.

Let’s Have a Sneak Peek At The Ways Technology Is Impacting Our Daily Lives

Digitization of Our Professional Lives

Nearly 79% of employees work on virtual teams be it over the emails, collaboration through video conferences, chats, emails or a combination of any of the above. And, the count of job holders using the internet for completion of their everyday work is increasing like never before.

Big corporations or small business, companies that work in the suburb or the ones operating in rural areas are using similar ways of connecting to their clients. This clearly depicts the ever-rising impact of technology in our lives that has for sure changed and become much faster than it was a few years ago.

Our Tech-enabled Personal Lives

We don’t leave the tech behind at our workplaces only. In fact, our personal lives have become more tech-enabled than our professional lives. The telephone sets our forefathers had are now replaced by smartphones, every one of us owns a laptop that has almost replaced the need for television sets.

And games that Nintendo develops have almost replaced the video games we had in our childhood. The ongoing usages of the technology have also changed the way we perceive our lives, the way we use to date, and learn to socialize are just a few examples of tech enabling our personal lives.  

It’s A Whole New Generation Of Digital Natives Today

Anyone born before the advent of technology is considered a digital immigrant. And the ones born after in this millennium are the digital natives. The immigrants have now shifted from non-techies to the ones who are aware of the usage of technology. And, the count of such immigrants is rising every single day with a prominent count.

Be it our work or the daily life, we are using the technology like never before. Moreover, the digital natives are getting so used to the technology that they cannot imagine their lives without it.

New Addiction Owing To Technology

Our habits and the addiction are not similar as they used to be a few years ago. Playing in grounds has already been swiped by playing PlayStations. Today, reading stories is a thing of the past. For newer generation, it is their MacBook,iPads, tabs, and the smartphones that matter more than everything else today. There is artificial intelligence enabled personal assistance too available at our disposal that reacts with just a click at the mouse.

This has led to an excessive addiction to keep accessing the AI enabled devices like Microsoft Cortana and Apple Siri. There are AI and machine learning enabled applications that keep users busy all day long.

Social Media Addiction

Social media channels like Facebook needs no introduction today. It is true that these channels have made it easier for us to connect to the acquaintances globally, the technology is also depriving the newer generation of knowing the importance of social gatherings.

Right from people to the products, everything is available to the users at just a click and for the same reason, no one is interested in in-person talking. It is true that everyone is connected to the other irrespective of the geographical distances but the fact that we are getting more used to technology cannot be ignored.

The Bottom Line

Technology is so much integrated into our daily lives that going without it may cause severe anxiety for a number of people. And, it is not hard to see why. While the expanding technology has undoubtedly helped us in a number of ways we are being continuously benefited with the advantages coming along the way.

Without technology, our world seems monotonous and the ways of accomplishing a piece of the job get a bit difficult. However, the technology is growing helping us create some of the best innovation for today’s generation. And, we, being the receivers must enjoy the perks of the same.  

Writing comes to Neha as a passion that she is pursuing as a career. Being the senior technical writer at MobileAppDaily, she loves jotting down the ideas about the latest technology to offer insightful information to the readers about everything that breaks the internet.