Six digital marketing trends worth paying attention to in 2018

Technology is becoming advance every day. 2018 is all about digital media and growing technology. Here we have six digital marketing trends worth paying attention to in 2018. Have a look:

#1 Video advertising

Of course, video advertising has become a very standard technique for marketing nowadays but the thing that needs to be focused on as time progresses is creative video marketing. Video and photography are just old tools, but the method of using these tools is changing.

Your marketing videos should not only be focused on the sale instead they should be creative, unique and entertaining so that they can attract the attention of the customers. Marketing videos should be like any other video people watch on social media. It can be disguised as a funny clip or informative video etc. so that people watch it without even realizing that they are watching an advertisement.

#2 Facebook ads

Facebook is still one of the most rapidly growing social networks, and it can convey the message of your business to millions and millions of people. If paired with previously mentioned creative videos the exposure your products or services receive can be quite astonishing.

So in 2018, you will have to consider expanding your advertising and marketing strategies and increase your Facebook advertisement budget to reach a better marketing potential.

#3 Automated sales funnels

The trend of using automated sales pitches is growing quite rapidly in the marketing world. In this trend, automated processes are used for advertisements which are triggered by different methods such as downloading a file or playing a video.

These automated techniques a becoming more and more popular every day and soon enough not using this method will make you lag behind your competition. Also, this process saves your business the trouble of hiring extra employees and can also save valuable time.

#4 Instagram engagement

Instagram is, in fact, the best social channel for consistent customer engagement on the web. According to a study conducted by Yopto, the engagement rate of customers on Instagram is in fact 45% higher than Facebook, and it is 40% higher than Twitter. This means that people are more likely to respond to your advertising on Instagram as compared to any other medium.

#5 Optimize for mobile

Any business that is not optimized for mobile devices will be left behind in the future. Two-thirds of the world population is connected to mobile devices. People are more actively using mobile devices instead of desktops. According to statistics, 36 percent of Google searches were submitted through desktop while the remainder 63.54 percent was submitted through mobile devices.

The conclusion is that mobile optimization is essential for your marketing strategy.

#6 Augmented reality

Augmented reality is one of the lasted and most innovative marketing methods which will become very popular in 2018. Many companies including major automobile companies like Porsche are starting to use augmented reality in their marketing strategies to check the effects. The use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality is going to be the future of marketing, and you should consider using these futuristic trends in your marketing strategies.

Shawn Marshall is a parent of two little girls. He is a digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. He regularly shares her bright ideas on hi website