Simplify Phone Systems in Your Business

The bigger your company grows, the easier it is to run into problems with intra-company communication. When you’re organizing hundreds of people and fielding calls from outside partners and customers, it’s hard to find a phone system that works ideally for all your needs. 

Many companies find themselves battling issues with scaling up their systems after sudden growth. Whether it’s dealing with high cellular data fees or trying to find a land-line system that works for a fast-growing system, it can slow communications for a business to a crawl and disrupt business. 

The best way to uncomplicate your business is to uncomplicate your communications systems. Fortunately, many communications companies are catering to the fast-changing world and introducing new systems.

Here are some ways you can simplify your phone system and reap the benefits of a smoother workflow

Streamline Your Communication Systems

Many companies fall prey to the temptation of sticking with an old system or going for the simplest model, but this can backfire. It’s important to have your communication systems as streamlined and centralized as possible to avoid time-wasting delays and hiccups in your customer service. This is why many people are switching to shared lines. The shared lines feature uses the internet to power a shared line and bring all communication formats under a single platform. 

There are many advantages to a shared line for your business, starting with the fact that your communications are all powered by and tracked by the same system. This means that no matter whether you’re contacting someone through the phone, instant messaging, or e-mail, you should be able to access the records at a later time. Additionally, internet-based solutions are ideal for large businesses, as you won’t be billed individually for each conversation or message.

You’ll be able to manage the communications from a single hub while having the freedom to conduct business from any location. With a virtual phone number, you can re-route phone calls to your cell phone while out of the office and keep up on business in real-time. This is an ideal system for any company where a critical employee is going on vacation and is becoming increasingly popular as more companies are transitioning to remote work, either part-time or full-time.

Route Calls Based on Teams

Many offices lose money simply because they’re burning time and energy on phone calls that go to the wrong location. It can take days for messages to get to the inbox of the person who needs to approve the next stage of the project, and until then, an in-demand team is left twiddling their thumbs. This is also a major problem for customer service teams when they have to transfer customers to the right office and often encounter busy signals or full inboxes. 

Shared lines eliminate this problem because it becomes possible to re-route calls to the right team in seconds through a computer portal rather than taking your chances transferring a call. Wasted time on phone calls is wasted money.

Implement Automation

Much of the wasted time and money in businesses comes from skilled workers doing jobs that don’t require much thought. That’s why many businesses are taking advantage of VoIP features that automate repetitive tasks and ensure accuracy. This is especially common for companies that field a large number of calls, eliminating the need for a voice on the other end with a menu answering common questions.

Another area where automation can help is in transcription, automatically taking down the text of a conversation for records without relying on a fast typist. These systems will usually have someone supervising them while working, with the option to notify them if assistance is needed on a call. While not all tasks can be automated, the ones that can free up a lot of time and resources to focus on high-level tasks. 

Maximize Your Resources

The difference between struggling businesses and successful ones is how they use their resources. Your best asset is your team, and streamlined systems free them up to work effectively. A smoother, more modern communication system is a great way to start.

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