Simple Ways to Increase the Security of Your WordPress Website

When you say “content management system,” people are usually going to think of WordPress first. There are about 30% of websites that make use of this. As more and more websites are starting to use WordPress, a lot of hackers are also making an effort to know how they can go through the security of the available websites. 

If you do not take some safety precautions, expect that your website will get hacked. Now is the right time to look for a Vue JS developer to improve your website’s security. You do not have to worry too much about your website’s security when you know that there are people who can help keep your site secure.

Some WordPress Security Basics

WordPress usually gets a bad reputation when it comes to its security. If you think about it, it is not because of WordPress itself but because of the decisions that website owners make. To keep your website secure, make sure that you will do these basic things:

  • Make sure that your system administration is proper.
  • You need to hire Vue JS developers who are very knowledgeable about web and security.
  • Always update your version of WordPress.

Do you know that even big companies have problems with their website’s security at times? You cannot expect that because your website worked before, it is going to work for a long time. The right developers that can maintain your website’s security will be essential.

How to Prevent Login Attacks and Brute Force?

You may be familiar with a login attack. It is the type of attack wherein other people would try to enter your website using your login credentials. Developers will usually know how to counter this type of attack. They need to be familiar with Vue js developer tools so that they can increase your website’s security.

A brute force attack is going to be different. This is the simplest hacking method that can be used. There may be an infinite number of attacks before the right username and password combination will be figured out. You can usually figure out if you are dealing with a brute force attack when you receive notifications of login attempts.

How to Increase the Security of Your Website?

You know that there are different ways that you can improve the security of your website. Knowing the right Vue JS framework will help. This is something that can be given attention by the right developer that you will hire. Other ways that you can improve the security of your website are the following:

  • You need to make sure that you will invest in secure WordPress hosting. The right hosting site will lessen the security problems that you might encounter.
  • The PHP version of your website is going to be important. Choose the latest version too and reduce the chances that your website’s security will be compromised.
  • Always use usernames and passwords that will make sense to you but will not make sense to other people. This means that it will be harder for your password to get hacked. The right combinations will matter a lot too. Do not choose popular passwords as you will be increasing the chances of your website getting hacked.
  • Make sure that the different plugins that you are using are also updated. If you are using some plugins that are not constantly updated, you can look for some that are similar to what you need. The more outdated plugins are, the more that you are increasing your chances to experience some security vulnerabilities and issues. Choosing the right plugins will be important. If you need the help of a developer to make decisions, then do it.
  • Limit the login attempts that can be made. You may think that this is going to be problematic for you. Yet, you need to remember that as long as you know your password, this should not be an issue. You can look for a plugin that will record the IP address and the timestamp of the failed login attempts.

What is the Role of the Vue JS Developer in Your Website’s Security?

Vue JS is a type of front-end building platform that some developers are familiar with. Vue JS developers who specialize in this will have the ability to create single-page applications. This means that the data that can be found in the app will be constant. It will not be manipulated by other people.

One of the greatest things about using this type of platform is it is reactive. What does this mean? When something is done to improve the application, the whole application will react and change depending on what is needed. There will be no friction with the other resources available because they can be used with different tools.

The cost for Vue JS  developer hiring can change depending on various things. For example, hiring someone who is from the United States will prove to be more expensive. The cost of living there will be much higher which means that people will also require higher prices for their services. You can consider the following:

  • Try to hire developers coming from other countries. They may offer the same services for lower prices.
  • You can also consider if you would rather hire remote developers instead of on-site developers. The cost will also be cheaper that way.
  • Always be aware of the skills that the developer can offer. More senior developers will cost more as compared to those who are still starting.


A lot of companies right now are hiring Vue JS developers for their different applications. At the same time, using this can also improve the overall security of their website. This is one of the fastest-growing frameworks today. 

Finding the right developers this early can be a worthy investment especially since they can also improve the security of your WordPress-powered website. Take note that you should also consider all of the tips that are mentioned above to improve the overall security of your website.

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