Is Salesforce Software Good To Use In Your Business?

The backbone of any business is its relation with the customers. Many business software tries their hard to maintain that relationship. However, Salesforce Software has another story.

Maintaining customers and their needs is a big task when you are into a business. Hence, you always need a supporting hand that understands our business and guides you well for the future.

Therefore, in today’s digital world, we believe more in software and technical systems. Our capacity to think and forecast the business as per leads and sales is based upon mathematical calculations.

What Is Salesforce Software?


Salesforce has been the world’s leading cloud-based CRM software! Furthermore, it streamlines and grows your business effectively and efficiently across all bases of companies and organizations.

Why Choose Salesforce Software?

It is in the market since 90’s! And has evolved in one of the top-notch, most innovative, user-friendly, and comprehensive CRM solutions.

CRM solutions make customer interaction, contact management, and lead finding easy. Additionally, it focuses more on creating a long-lasting relationship between business, clients, and customers.

It is the world’s largest cloud-based platform and dominates the market. As a result, millions of users now use Salesforce in their business. Also, this is the reason why there are many established salesforce development companies in USA.

If you are exploring the market to get the best CRM, then salesforce is the best option!

Who Launched Salesforce?, INC first launched a CRM on the cloud! Later on, many new salesforce companies launched their own CRM solutions.

However, no other CRM solution could defeat salesforce software. We have collected 10 significant reasons which properly tells about its functionalities.

Most CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM, SugarCRM, and NetSuite gives you the basic functionality to manage customer records. But, when these CRMs are customized to your businesses, they are pretty expensive and non-integrable.

Also, if you expand these CRM solutions, beyond the lead management, then multiple functionalities decrease efficiency and effectiveness.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Salesforce Software

One major factor that calls Salesforce a #1 CRM solutions is its modesty in keeping data safe forever. On the other hand, it’s an undeniable truth that paramount importance to Data Security is given in CRM.

The attention to security is a top reason why a few CRMs are successful among thousands of available CRM software. On the other hand, Salesforce precision and complexity in security features is a strong one!

Therefore, salesforce can quickly be assisted by a multitude of external tools and add-ons. Moreover, salesforce software solutions focus on building strong relationships with customers, clients, and business.

Five significant benefits of Salesforce

  • Improves the quality and quantity of data or so-called information.
  • With the increase in web traffic, salesforce software increases the leads and their conversions.
  • In addition, being highly customizable, flexible, and accessible, salesforce software services put their all to increase productivity and work efficiency.
  • Salesforce software development services in USA then the other companies use advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and many more.
  • Finally, software services of Salesforce CRM forecast the next-day business in advance and keep the business planning at your fingertips.
benefits of salesforce software
Why use salesforce software?

5 Major Reasons To Choose Salesforce Software In Business

Mobile Integration Is Easy

Suppose if you are using a low-functional and less expensive CRM to manage your customer accounts. But, now you want a mobile app to implement marketing automation. In that case, salesforce software is your best option.

Moreover, if you go for developing a CRM app, then it can cost you $20,000+. This can be more expensive in enabling marketing solutions. But, Salesforce CRM solution can maintain multiple systems that too in less cost.

Improves Sales and Marketing

Salesforce’s PaaS capabilities let you build many apps; additionally, streamline different processes like expense management, project management, sales planning, and electronic documentation.

While maintaining massive data, it reduces your headache of regular maintenance. Additionally, it gives you a 360-degree view of opportunities and performances in your business.

Uses Cloud Functions Well

Salesforce not only extends the CRM beyond customer services, engagement but also helps in sales and marketing. By accurately using the sales cloud, it forecast the workflow and process of business. Sometimes, it also helps in designing the strategy to maximize the salesforce functionality.

Therefore, every custom software development company in USA fundamentally takes its full advantages in their reports and analytics.

Cloud-based PaaS Model

Salesforce launched its first cloud-based CRM on PaaS (Platform as a Service) to support businesses models. Moreover, with zero capital expense in the setup, Salesforce software charges are based upon the user licenses.

Subsequently, Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, with its four Editions, gives you unlimited functions. Four editions of Salesforce are SalesforceIQ Starter, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited.

AppExchange Feature

Salesforce software understands how useful are apps in enhancing customer engagement. Therefore, with its CRM application, salesforce software introduced and termed AppExchange.

AppExchange is an app store dedicated to business with 2800+ apps. Moreover, it includes integrations with AdobeSign, MailChimp, Quickbooks, Xero, DocuSign, and many more. These are well-used in small, medium, and enterprise businesses and companies.


Therefore, with salesforce continous improvement and innovation, tracking customer lifecycle becomes easy. Thus, improving product functionality and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce is diligently working for the last 17 years! Thus, it has built a brand name by successfully retaining customers. Also, by increasing the leads it helps to generate more effective business.

If you are a Salesforce software user, then tell us your experience and how did it excite you!

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